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Men's Wallets with Money Clip, Pass Case

Features .. Exclusive at Sears


Our Finest Money Clip. Made of the finest alligator

leather obtainable. Will give years of service. Ap–

pearance improves with wear as leather acquires a more

lustrous finish. Combination 4-window pass case, money

bar (see small views above). Gold-color tab closure,

money clip, and decorative bar. 3Y.x4Y. in. closed. Boxed.

83 N 3197E-8'°wn. Shipping weight each 5 oz........ Each $14.95


Smooth Top-grain Calfskin Money Clip. Money bar

and detachable pass case with 4 swing windows (see

small views above). Embossed design. Snap bar closure,

money bar and decorative bar are gold-color metal.

State color,

brown or black. 3Y.x4Y. in. closed.

83N 3187E-Stote color. 8oxed. Shpg. wt. each 5 oz.. .. Each $3.95


California Saddle Leather. Money bar and detachable

pass case with 4 windows (see views above). 2 card

pockets. Gold-color bar closure.

Tan or dark blue.


83 N 3060E-Slole color. 3\12X4Y2 in. closed. Wt. ea. 5 oz. Each $2 .98


Key case


95 eo. $2.50 eo.


~ ~~





The New "Continental" Style

Designed Exclusively for Sears

They're real beauties! Subdued shades of brown

and wine color are softly blended to give the tex–

ture of this top-grain Florentine style cowhide un–

usual eye-appeal. Choice of 4 "Continental" mo–


State color

from beJm,-

Wallets. 4-window detachable pass case. Card,

stamp pockets. Secret, open bill pockets. 2 key slots.

IOI 83 N 3101 ME-ENGLAND. Medium brown or dork brown.

IEI 83N 3103ME-ITALY. Dork brown or wine.

IFl 83 N 31 OSME-FRANCE. Mediumbrown or wine.

IGJ 83 N 3106ME-SPAIN. Medium brown or wine.

3\ln4\12 in. closed. Boxed. S'1pg.


eo. 5 oz....Eoch $4.95

Key Cases. Match wallets above. 2-side zipper. 6

detachable key hooks.

State color from above.




IGJ 83 N 3111 ME-SPAIN

About 2\12X3\12 in. Boxed. Shpg


eo. 3 oz. .Each $2 .50



95 each

Key case


98 each





Matching leatherwore in Modern Design

Another Sears Exclusive

As modern as tomorrow! Matching wallet, key

case, pocket secretary. Select Florentine style cow–

hide with beautiful fine-grain texture. Gold-color

and light gray design in dramatic contrast with

rich, deep-brown leather. Expert craftsmanship.


Wallet. Detachable 4-window pass case with

Hmagic" device for easily interchanging win–

dows. Silk moire lined open and secret bill pockets.

2 spare key slots. Card and stamp pockets.

83N3107ME-Wt. 5oz. 3\12X4\12 in. closed. Boxed. Each $3 .95


Key Case. 3-side zipper. 6 detachable tem-

pered steel hooks (has special locking rod to

assure complete security). Pocket for license, cards.

83 N 3109ME- Wt. 3 oz. 2\12x3\12 in. Boxed .. .Each $1 .98


Pocket Secretary. Gold-color mechanical pencil;

note pad; 2 bill pockets; card, stamp pockets.

83N 3108ME-Wt. 6 oz. 4x7 in. closed. Boxed .. Each $3.95

(L), (M) and


are matching items made

from top-grain cowhide leather.

State color.


Wallet. Has detachable pass case with 4


Top-grain Cowhide Wallet. Detachable swing window pass case with

gold-color snap closure. Zipper, open bill pockets. Coin pocket.

83 N 2862E-State co/or brown or block.

3Y2 x4V2

in. closed. Wt.


oz. Each $2.98


"Accordion" Style Wallet in Top-grain

Cowhide. 6-window pass case unfolds like

an accordion to show 12 easy views . . no

fuss, no fumbling .. a quick glance will find

what you're looking for. Thin, Jight-....·eight,

removable bill holder carries bills securely

. . can be kept in any pocket of suit or

trousers without unsightly bulging. Open

and secret bill pockets. 2 card pockets.

swing windows (8 views) and gold-color

snap closure. Open and secret bill pockets, card

pocket, key slots.


mahogany or black.

83 N 3048ME-3\12X4\12 in. closed. Wt. 5 oz. Each $2.98


Key Case. Has 2-side zipper, 6 detachable

key hooks.


mahogany or black.

83 N 2914ME-About 2\12X3 \12 in. Wt. 3 az.. Eoch $1.50


Pocket Secretory. Zipper pocket, 2 other

pockets. Note pad, pencil. Shpg. wt. 6 oz.

83 N 2887ME-Mahogony or black. 4x7 in... Eoch $2 .98


Embossed Steerhide Wallet. Detachable 4-window pass case. Se–

cret and open bill pockets. Carel pocket, 2 key slots. Boxed.

83 N 3046E-Col0< shaded brown. 3


in. closed. Wt. 5 oz..... Each $2 .98


Junior Pocket Secretory in Top-grain Cowhide. Miniature size

makes it convenient to carry at all times .. without pocket bulg–

ing. Small gold-color pencil. Note pad. 2 card or bill pockets.

83 N 2888E-Stafe color brown or block. 2:Y.x4!4 in. closed. Wt. 6 oz. Each $2.98


Genuine Morocco Leather Billfold. Open, zipper bill pockets.

Coin pocket with gold-color snap closure. Identification window.

83 N 2805E-Stole color brown or block. 3\12x4\12in. closed. Wt. 5 oz.. Each $2.98

Please state color

brown or black. Shipping

weight 5 ounces. 3Y.x47\l in. closed.

83 N 3042E-Boxed.. . . . . . .......... Each $2 .98



1/3 .