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and add to the


of his leisuretime h ours



New Two-lone, '!4-length Lounging Jacket.

Fashion-inspired, distinctive lounging

length. Perfectly tailored for the man who

wants to relax about the house. Ideal for watch–

ing TV, reading, most leisuretime hobbies:

Fashioned of luxurious Chromespun acetate.

The handsome two-tone brocade pattern is

highlighted with harmonizing faille (acetate

and rayon) trim. Convenient, non-slip, snap–

on sash is always neatly in place. Three large

pockets. Wide sleeve cuffs. Dry clean. Boxed

for gift giving.

State size

small, medium, large.

33 N 8243-Wine

.33 N 8242-Blue

Shipping weight 1 pound 9 ounces. .... .... .Each $9.95


Washable Flannel Robe; 85% wool, 15% nylon.

Amazing Sanforlan® fabric that washes

beautifully, will not shrink out of fit. (No dry

cleaning.) An outstanding lounging favorite,

and so luxuriously soft. Smartly styled notch

collar. Concealed tab closure keeps robe closed

when lounging. Non-slip, snap-on sash stays

neatly in place. Wide tailored cuffs. 3 large

pockets. Boxed, ready for your gift wrapping.

State size

small, medium, large, extra large.

33 N 8274-Novy

33 N 8276-Charcool gray

33 N 8275-Moroon. Shpg.


2 lbs. 14 oz.. Ea. $16.95


Two-lone Brocade in Chromspun Acetate.

Elegant two-tone paisley pattern highlights

this smoothly tailored lounging robe. Smartly.

harmonizing solid color sash, collar, and cuffs

in a _silk-like faille (acetate and rayon) fabric.

So smooth to lounge in, this handsome brocade

robe is a gift sure to please on Christmas Day.

Button tab lounging closure. Non-slip, snap–

on sash. Three large pockets. Wide cuffa.

Boxed for gift giving. Dry clean.

State size


medium, large, extra large. Shpg. wt. 1 lb. 8 oz.

33N 8247-Wine 33N 8246-Blue ......Each $9.95


All Wool Plaid Lounging Robe. LU!'uriously

soft, warm and comfortable. A robe that

offers more wearing comfort as he lounges

about the home. Wide sleeve cuffs. Concealed

button tab closure keeps robe closed. Non-slip,

snap-on sash. Three large pockets. Fashion–

smart plaid pattern . . . so flattering for hours of

leisuretime wear. Dry clean for best results.

Robe is boxed for gift wrapping.

State size


medium, large, extra large. Wt. 2 lbs. 6 oz.

33 N 8269-Red plaid

33 N 826B-Blue plaid. Ea. $14.95




Collar_Cotton Flannel.

Washfast heavyweight robe rn a fancy-check

pattern, highlighted by a harmonizing solid

color trim and sash. Distinctively tailored

notch collar has shape-retaining lining. Con–

venient non-slip, snap-on sash stays in place.

Cuffed sleeves. Three large pockets. Sanforized

- maximum shrinkage only 13. Boxed.



small, medium, large. Wt. 1 lb. 11 oz.

33 N B317-Red 33 N 8316-Royol Blue...Each $6.95


Best! Lined Satin Brocade (acetate-viscose

rayon). Superbly styled with more man–

flattering features. For the man who merits

the finest ... here is the most handsome gift

robe we've ever offered. Expertly tailored ,.;th

full acetate satin lining, shaped padded shoul–

ders; three custom tailored, set-in pockets.

Richly styled gold or silver color medallion

pattern; harmonizing faille trim. Fringed

(non-slip, snap-on} sash. Button tab lounging

closure. Wide tailored cuffs. Boxed. Dry clean.

Stale size

small, med., large, extra large.

33N8257-Gold medallion

33N8256-Silver medallion

Shipping weight 2 pounds 13 eunces. .. ....Each $19.95


Woven Plaid in Washable Rayon-Acetate.

Crease resistant, year-around robe. An ex–

cellent gift for the man who likes to lounge in

fashion. Washable rayon and acetate is so easy

to care for, requires no dry cleaning. Maximum

shrinkage 2-33. Lined, shape-retaining collar

stays neatly in place. Button tab



sure keeps robe closed when lounging. Con–

venient non-slip, snap-on sash. 3 large pockets.

Wide sleeve cuffs. Boxed.

Stale size

small, medi–

um, large, extra large. Shpg. wt. 1 lb. 15 oz.

33 N 8227-Red plaid

33 N 8226-Blue plaid. Ea. $9.95


Washable, No-iron Cotton Terry Plaid Robe.

New-this-season, gay plaid colors now make

this cotton terry a lounge-time favorite. Per–

fect also for after-shower and cold morning

wear. Washable year-around robe that he can

wear without ironing. You eliminate costly dry

cleaning bills, too. Lined, shape-retaining

shawl collar for neat-looking fashion fit. Wide

sleeve cuffs. Washable colors.


roomy pockets.

Boxed for gift wrapping.

Statt size

small, medi–

um, large, extra large. Shpg.


2 lbs. 10 oz.

33NB348-Blue ploid 33N8349-Moroon plaid. Ea. $9.95


New-for-Christmas! Woshable Rayon Chellis.

So smart looking, so easy to care for. This

year-around robe makes an excellent gift

choice. Handsome all-over pattern in two pop–

ular colors. Crease-resistant rayon challis main–

tains its neat, good-looking appearance. Wash–

able, too. Maximum fabric shrinkage 2-33.

Non-slip, snap-on sash stays firmly in place.

Three large pockets. Cuffed sleeves.

State size

small, medium, large, extra large.

33N8228--Blue 33N8229-Red. Wt. I lb. 12 oz. Ea. $7.95


Wash-and-wear Heavyweight Cotton Flannel.

Handsome gift robe for the man who

lounges or travels. Easy care, wash-and-wear

fabric will not shrink out of size; needs little or

no ironing. Maximum shrinkage 23. Smart

plaid pattern in choice of washfast colors. Lined,

shape-retaining collar. Nan-slip, snap-on sash.

Three pockets. Boxed.

State size

small, medi–

um, large, extra large. Shpg. wt. 1 lb. 11 oz.

33 N 8312-Blue plaid 33 N 8313-Red


. $6.95


Measure number of inches around chest, over shirt with tape measure. Keep tape

well up under


and over shoulder blades


the back.


between two sizes, order the larger.


measure is,., ..... ·

1· ... .

36-38 in...... /.....40-42 in.. . . .. ·

1· ..

.44-46 in.....



48-50 in.

Order size................ .Small..... ..

I.. ...

Medium............ large...... .. Extra


WashaBle and Sanforized

Heavyweight Cotton Flannels

• Choice of plaid or duotone patterns

• Plaid pattern in regular and tall sizes

Warm heavyweight cotton flannel robes.

Lined, shape-retaining collar styling.

Fashioned with cuffed sleeves, 3 roomy

pockets. Non-slip, snap-on sash. Wash–

fast colors. Sanforized, max. fabric

shrinkage only 13.

State size

small, medi–

um, large, extra large. Use chart above.


Plaid Pattern. Shpg. wt. · lb. 5 oz.

33N8304-Blue 33NB305-/11oroon.. . Ea. $5.95

TALL S1zE. For men 6 ft. or taller. Med–

ium (40-42-in.) chest size. Wt. 1 lb.



33 N 8306-Blue 33 N 8307-,-Moroon. Eo.$6.49


Duotone Pattern. Shp1'

~ wt.

1 lb. 5 oz.



... Ea. $5.95

Budget-priced, Medi51m-heavyweight

Cotton Flannel. Sirnill'lr to M.

Stale size

small, med., large. Shpj;. wt. 1 lb. 4 oz.

33 N 8300- Blue

33NS:fl/1- Red. Each $4.95

Washable Viscose Rayon

Gabardine Robe

Solid colors with harmonizing

piping. Non-slip, snap-on sash;

button tab. 3 pockets. Max.

shrinkage 2- 33.

Stale _size

small, med., large, extra large.

33 N 8207-Royal blue


Wt. lib.

33 N 8208-Maroon

9 oz.

33_N;8209-Chor. grey ea. $7.95


Size. For men 6 ft. or taller

with med. (40-42-in.) chest.

33N8210-Royol blue·


wt. 1 lb. 11 oz.

33NB211-Moroon , Eoch $8.49

Popular Solid Color

Worm Flannel Robe

753 virgin wool, 253 rayon

robe-ideal for chilly morn–

ings. Solid color styling with

harmonizing cord trin;i. Ha.s 3

large pockets, non-slip, snap–

on sash. Button tab robe clo-

. sure. Wide sleeve cuffs. Dry

clean. Boxed, all ready for gift


State size


medium, large.

33N8266--Dk. blue 33N8267-Moroon


For the Active Mon

Washable Travel Robe

A gift robe that folds com–

pactly for business or vaca–

tion-time travel. flandsome,

viscose rayon travel robe

with a smooth, silk-like fin–

ish. Lined shape-retaining

collar. Non-slip, snap-on

sash. 3 pockets; cuffed

sleeves. vVashable colors.

State size

small, med., large.

33N8234-Novy 33N8235-Moroon

Shpg. wt. 14 oz...... ,Each $6.95

Beacon Blanket Robe





Estron acetate, cotton blend

in gay ombre pattern. Pi·o–

vides the extra warmth

needed for chilly weather.

Inside robe seams are tape

reinforced. Double thick col–

lar; strong cord girdle. Has

three large pockets; cuffed


Stale size

small, me–

dium, large, extra large.

33NB290-Blue 33N8291-Moroon

Shpg. wt. 2 lbs. 3 oz.. .Each $7.50

Washable No-Iron Cotton Terry Robe

So popular the year around.

Just the robe for his after–

shower, early morning wear.

Double-thick shawl collar,

three large pockets. So easy

to care for-just wash and

wear. Cuffed sleeves. Choice

of three •washable, solid


State siu

small, me–

dium, large, extra large.

33N8344-Med.bluel Shpg. wt.

33N8345- White


1 lb. 15 oz.


Each $7.95

For Your 6-footer

Tall size cotton terry robe.

For men 6 feet or taller with

medium (40-42-inch) chest.

Shpg. wt. 2 lbs. 1 oz.


33 N 8347- Med. blue.. , ..$8.95


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