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Men who love leather will

settle for nothing les.s

than these quilt-lined

supple-toned beauties


Fieldmaster Nylon-lined Leather

Surcoat. Finest front-quarter horse–

hide we've seen .. scuff resistant and

glove pliant. Rich toned, beautifully

grained skins hand selected for per–

fect match. Lined with sturdy nylon

quilted over a fleecy nylon innerlin–

ing. Wind-defying knit inner wrist–

lets .. made of 1003 nylon for lasting

shape and resiliency. Seams stitched

with nylon. Collar is double-thick ..

resists curling. 3-piece belt is stitched

down in back, has detachable front

sections. Easy·action sleeves.

Average length 31 inches.

State even


36 to 46 inches. Shipping weight

6 pounds. .

:11N3815-Cordovan brown.....



Toll Men's Sizes. Average length 33

inches. Proportioned sleeves.

State even


38 to 48 inches. Shipping weight

6 pounds.

$4.00 down.

41 N 3816-Cordovon brown. Cosh



Fieldmaster Quilt-lined A-2 Flight

Jacket. Top grade steerhide. Lined

with rayon quilted over warm 1003

reprocessed wool innerliniJg.

Average length 26 in.

State even


34 to 46 inches. Shipping weight

4 pounds 8 ounces.

41N352()-Deep brown . . . .... .. $19.50

Save money on cleaning bills

with this amazing hand wash–

able fabric in our newest

Wash-Wear Jacket





Wash and Wear



Jacket. Noted for its "miracle ac-

tion" in water. New and tailored from

a remarkable hand washable fabric

comprised of Orlon• and Viscose

rayon fibers. Excellent wrinkle-resist–

ance. Body is lined with warm 10-oz.

nylon fleece; sleeves are warmly lined

with nylon quilted to a fluffy nylon

innerlining. Plain front and back.

Elastic side waist inserts. 2-button

adj. cuffs. Full length zipper front.

Padded shoulders. "Handwarmer"


Add one to your gift list today.

Average length 25 inches. Hand


State even chest

36 to 46 in–

ches. Shipping weight 4 pounds.

41 N 4532-Brown with maize lining

41 N 4533-Groy with red lining

41N4534-Red with white lining . . . $17.95

•DuPont. Reg. T.:M. acrylic fiber


Presenting the finest in man-made fibers, rich

leathers and warm wools for Christmas giving


Fieldmaster Wool-Nylon Reversible

Jacket. Warm 853 wool, 153

nylon side reverses to lustrous combed

cotton sheen gabardine. Plain front

and back styling. Wool knit side waist

inserts. 2-button adjustable cuffs.

Sheen side has slash pockets; wool

side has upper flap pockets. Buy as a

gift with double-duty advantages.

Average length 24


inches. Hand


State even chest

36 to 46

inches. Shpg. wt. 2 lbs. 1 oz.

41 N 6193-Groy plaid to dork gray

41 N 6192-Blue plaid to navy blue

41N6191-Brown plaid to ton ....




Fieldnioster Fleece-lined Nylon

Jacket. Popular blouse style. Lined

with soft, fluffy white nylon fleece.

Outer fabric repels water. Completely

hand washable. Light in weight yet

warm. Slash pockets, zipper front,

adjustable cuffs.

Average length 25 inches. Hand


State even chest

36 to 46

inches. Shipping weight 3 pounds.


41 N 4222-Blue

41 N 4223-Red

41 N 4225-White

41N422()-Chorcool ldorkl gray.. $12.50


Fieldmaster Sheen Gabardine Mid.

weight Jacket. Tailored of nylon–

fortified rayon sheen gabardine in a

weight th!tt's right 3 seasons a year.

Milium insulated rayon lining.

Average length 24 inches. Dry


State even chest

36 to 46 inches.

Shipping weight 2 lbs. 4 oz.

41 N 647C>-Brown

41 N 6472-Novy ldarkl blue

41 N 6473-Dorlt groy

41 N 6476-Slote blue. .

. .... $8.75


Fieldmaster All-weather Cotton

Parka® Poplin Jackets. Washable.

Zelan treated to repel water.

Average length 25 in.

State chest

small (36-38); medium (40-42); large

(44-46); extra large (48) in.


Stale chest siz;es as above.

Shpg. wt. 1 lb. 8 oz.

41 N 4069-lt. blue

41 N 4068-Dk. gray

41 N 4061-Dk. green

41N4064- Dk. blue

41 N 4059-Ton

41 N 4060-lt. gray $3.88

Lined. Cotton flannel lining.

State chest

siz;es as /isud above.

Shpg. wt. 2 lbs.

41 N 4135-lt. blue

41 N 4139-Dk. gray

41 N 4134-Dk. green

41 N 4136'-Dk. blue

41N4132-Ton 41N4133-lt. gray.






Watch the compliments fly when he opens his Fie/dmaster Christmas gift. Add a ;acket to your Easy Terms order


see details


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