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For comfort-filled leisure living-New Colorful Plaid SHIRT JACKET

of wonderful, easily washable wool-plus-nylon AND New Midweight

CORDUROY PUTTER PAN1!3 of the "cloth of kings" that drapes,

that wears, that keeps its sh pe and color through wash after wash





Watch that man in your house make friends with LoAFIN' MATES-new Field–

master Casual Set of wonderful 85% wool ShirtJacket, new Corduroy Slacks.

High schooler, collegian, husband, father, uncle, brother . . where there's

a man relaxing he'll need LoAFIN' MATES- a go-together Set for every age.


fabrics men like because

they wear well, are ruggedly durable and shed wrinkles fast.


fabrics women like because

they wash in a wink, look good without ironing and keep their neat good looks.


modern living fabrics de–

signed to please every up-to-date man and woman of today.

Ma'am, we know. you're the color-expert so we've color-paired LOAFIN'

MATES for your selection.

As a wise buyer,

you'll like the strict attention to

detail reflec;ted in these Sets.

As a practical shopper,

you'll appreciate their

durable long-life and washability.

As a careful budgeter,

you'll love the extra

savings you make


buying the Set.

Shirt Jacket and Pants Sets. Ch0ice of any of the six listed below. Shipping weight

3 pounds.

Whm you order, be sure to state correct sizes for both. jacket and pa11ts.

Loafin' Mate Shirt Jacket. 85% wool for pleasant warmth, 15% nylon for wrinkle-recov–

ery, abrasion-resistance. T hree-button front, patch pockets, shirt-type one-button cuffs.

Average length 31 inches. Hand washable.

State even chest

36 to 46 inches. Shipping

weight 1 lb. 8 oz.

Order the colorsyou prefer by number below.

Loafin' Mate Corduroy Putter Pants. No, you haven't seen many corduroys like these.

Just look at these outstanding features: the remarkable MIDWEIGHT that's a cr.oss

between light pinwale and heavy thickset and combines the best features of both .. beau–

tiful drape plus hard-wearing ruggedness. Next news is the Everglaze®fabric, seldom

if ever found before in corduroy- its advantages: wrinkle and non-oily spot resistance,

mildew resistance, lasting crispness and lasting washfastness


and it's rain resistant.

Corduroy self belt, elastic side waist inserts. Hollywood-style pleated front and dropped

belt loops. Zipper fly, cuffs.

State even waist

30 to 40 inches;


30, 32, 34 inches;


which is waist.

Shipping weight 1 lb. 8 oz.

It's Easy to Take the Measure of a Man- His Shirt Jacket size is exactly the same

as that of his suit coat or sport coat .. simply the number of inches around his

chest with his shirt on. His Pants size requires TWO measurements- his waist

and his inseam. For the waist 1neasurement, just measure around the waistband

of a pail- of pants he looks good in. For the inseam measurement, lay the pants

on a fiat surface and measure the seam on the inside of the leg.


ake sure you

state both. waist a11d iaseam and don't forget to tell which is waist.


Choirborne. Vital red and gray plaid Shirt

Jacket with solid pearl gray corduroy Putter



as listed above.

41 N 7990-Jocket and Pants Set. . . .

. ......




41 N 4690-Red and gray Shirt Jacket.. .. . . . . . . 12.50

41 N 7890-Peorl gray Corduroy Pants........



Solid Comfort. Striking green and copper plaid

Shirt Jacket with charcoal green corduroy

Putter Pants.

State sizes as listed above.

41 N 7988-Jocket and Pants Set. ...

41 N 4688-<>reen and copper Shirt Jacket.

. $17.50



41 N 7888-Chorcoal green Corduroy




Lord "n" Moster.· Brisk brown and tan plaid

Shirt Jacket with buckskin tan corduroy

Putter Pants.

State sizes as listed above.

41 N 7989- Jocket and Pants Set. . . .......... . $17.50

41 N 4689- Brown and ton Shirt Jacket... . . . . . . 12.50

41 N 7889-Buckskin ton Corduroy Pants. .. . .... 6.50


Pipe Dream. Crisp blue and gray in lile plaid

ShirtJacket, skipper (dark) blue in the cordu–

roy Putter Pants.

State sizes as listed above.

41N7987-Jocket and Pants Set. ............. $17.50

41 N 4687-Blue and gray Shirt Jacket. . . . . . . . . 12.50

41 N 7887- Skipper blue Corduroy Pants....... 6.50


Mon "n" Boy. Fashion-toned brown and yellow

Shirt Jacket with charcoal brown corduroy

Putter Pants.

State sizes as listed above.

41 N 7986-Jocket and Pants Set. . .... ....•... $17.50

41 N 4686--Brown and yellow Shirt Jacket.. . . . . 12.50

41 N 7886--Chorcool brown Corduroy Pants. .. .



Easy Does It. Relaxed gray-with-a-dash-of-red

plaid Shirt Jacket. Charcoal gray corduroy

Putter Pants.

State sizes as listed above.

41N7985-Jocket and Pants Set. ............. $17.50

41 N 4685-Groy-with-red Shirt Jacket . . . . . . . . . 12.50

41 N 7885-Charcool gray Corduroy Pants.. . .. 6.50

Christmas Style Set: Fresh, color-bright Corduroy Blazer, Sheen Pants

Blaze; ond Putter Pants Sets. Items descrif?ed below. Shpg. wt. 2 lbs. 14 oz.

Buy Set, save $7.50.

41 N 796o-Blozer ,;ith ton Pants

41 N 7961- Blozer with gray Pants.............. . ... .• ....... ..... $13.50


Pinwole Corduroy Blazer. Dry clean. Average length 31 in.

State eum chest

36 to 46 in.

41N4662- Brown, gray and blue striped Blazer. Shipping weight 1 pound 11 ounces....... . ........ · ; ..



Polished Combed Cotton Putter Panis. Self-belt, elastic side waist inserts, zipper fly, cuffed bottoms.

Stale even waist

30 to 40 inches;


30, 32, 34 inches;

tell which is waist.

41 N 7260-Tan 41 N 7261- Chorcoal gray.


weight I pound 3 ounces...... .. . ... ..... •..... $5.50