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complete set

without bedding

New! Complete Furniture Set scaled for miniature dolls

Now petite miniature dolls have the comforts

of home, too! Beautiful, dainty furniture and

accessories designed just for a tiny family or

collection. Dolly sleeps in bed just 9% in.

long; dress her at her own vanity with its real

mirror. She sits in her rocker or entertains a

friend, sitting at her table set with two per–

fectly scaled place settings. She has tiny cook–

ing accessories and modern appliances to help

her. Furniture finished in smart, modern

mahogany. All pieces of high-impact plastic.

bunks only

Tiny Bunk Beds convert to twins

Miniature dolls are comfy in double

decker or twin beds. Firm hardwood

construction. 9%x4%x6% in. high

when used as double bunk. 7%-in. lad–

der to top bunk. Bedding not included.

It's just what every little girl wants for

her miniature dolls--order below.

49 N 9233-Shipping weight 1 pound ...


Bedding Set for Bunk Bed. Includes bed–

spread, matching pillow case, plastic

mattress, plastic pillow,


blanket, 2 sheets. Set complete for 1 bunk.

49 N 9268-Shipping weight 3 oz....



Set includes bed


in. high; vanity

table with mirror; vanity stool; rocker


in. high; table 8)4x6x4)4 in. high with ex–

tension leaf; 2 chairs 5)4 in. high. 2 each

plate, cup, saucer, glass, knife, fork, spoon.

Bread board, waffle iron, radio, toaster,

mixer. Proportioned. Dolls, bedding not incl.

49N 9254-Shipping weight 2 lbs. 14 oz... . .$4.98

Bedding set for above. Bed spread, pillowcase,



sheets, plastic mattress and pillow.

49N 9268-Shipping weight 3 ounces ..... . .. 98c

Wardrobe and Trunk for petite clothes


New Miniature Wood Wardrobe holds

clothes for dolls about


in. tall. Two

doors open to show off dolly's dresses on

hanger rod, hats and accessories on shelf.

Made of strong hardwood. Size 10


As in.



in. wide, 4



in. deep.


N 9273-Shipping weight 2 lbs. 13 oz.. .. .. $2.89


New Miniature Trunk for tiny doll's travel-

ing clothes. Sturdy metal over wood con–

struction. Pastel blue with black trim; at–

tractive starburst liner. Two metal hinges,

metal hasp. Drawer, ribbon tie inside.



tic hangers, travel stickers. 6x5%

x9~ ~-high.

49 N 9263-Shipping weight 2 lbs. 3 oz.... ...


New 8-in. Walking Miniatures prized by collectors. Vinyl head, rooted

Dyne! hair to comb, brush and set, lashed go-to-sleep eyes. Beauti–

fully detailed costumes with snap fastener.


Pretty Bride. Lace trim flower print rayon brocade on white

rayon satin gown. Nylon tulle veil, white panties. Bouquet.


N 3008-Shoes, socks included I Shipping weight 14 ounces .. ... .. . .. $2.87


Billowy Evening Gown for lovely brunette. Blue rayon tulle over

sky blue rayon taffeta skirt. Blue and gold color top, net stole.

49N 3011-Panties, shoes, socks to motch. Shpg. wt. 14 oz. ... ...... .. $2.87


Riding Ha bit. Redhead wears red cotton felt riding coat, white

riding pants; yellow and white check ascot tie, red derby.

49 N 3012-Patent leather boots incl. Shipping weight 14 ounces ....... $2.87


[ill .'










Favorite 7ll2-in. Miniature Dolls of sturdy plastic .. heads and arms that move .. go-to-sleep eyes


Miss Christmas, lovely

and gay


her shim–

mery red rayon satin gown

and hooded cape. Rich

white fur-effect trim and

muff. Curly mohair wig.

Panties and crinoline half

slip. She stands alone.

49N 3105-Wt. 12 oz.. $1.79


Realistic Nun in black

rayon taffeta habit,

soft black veil . . . set off

by snowy white collar and

headpiece. Metal crucifix;

imported Italian rosary

beads. Panties, crinoline

half slip. Stands alone.

49N 3106-Wt. 12 oz.. $1.79

Orde; regularly


receive Sears Catalogs regularly


Blushing Bride is radiantly

lovely in her white rayon

satin gown with



ous full skirt. Lace trim on

skirt, net veil. A"rtificial rose–

bud bouquet. Curly mohair

wig; panties, crinoline half

slip. She stands alone.


N 3101-Shpg. wt. 12 oz. $1.79


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Bridegroom. Molded high



trousers, "tails."

White tie, vest. Stands alone.

49N3102-Shpg. wt. 12 oz. $1.69


Revolving Swiss Music Box

Stand for dolls F, G, H,


Plastic 4 l4-in. diam. base.



March, Happy

Birthday or Anniv. Waltz.

49N 3094-Shpg. wt. 8 oz.. $1.98