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, Washable Jointed Honey Bear Loves to Pose!

Like a performing circus bear, this funny fellow makes you

giggle with his tricks. Move his jointed arms and legs, make

him look like he's walking, marching or somersaulting.

Honey Bear loves to play, but when he's dirty he takes a

bath like a good boy. Cotton-backed rayon plush stays fluffy.

Shredded-foam plastic filling dries fast, resists mildew and

odors. Locked-in glassene eyes.

49N 413:>-15 inches high. Shipping weight I pound........ $2.87

49N 4149-18 V2 inches high. Shipping weight 1lb.8 oz.. .. . . . 4.83








Washable Panda.Cotton-backed rayon plush;

fast-drying shredded-foam plastic 'filling.

Vinyl nose. Locked-in glassene eyes. Bow.

49N 4317- 12

inches high. Shpg. wt. 12 oz.. . $1.89

49 N 4318- 15V2 inches high. Shpg. wt. 1 lb.... . 2.79


New I Meet Marmaduke, that funny fido of

the comics who gets in the dog-gondest

positions with his long, flippity-floppity legs.

It's fun to put him in all sorts of silly poses.

Tykes like to cuddle this big fellow. 17 in. long

and 22 in. tall overall. Light brown rayon

plush; cotton filled. Felt eyes. Bow.

49N 4107-Shipping weight 2 pounds........




Sociable Skunk with a poofy wired tail you

can put in pretty positions. Demure hand–

painted features on her vinyl face. Cotton–

backed rayon plush. Plump, huggable body

stuffed with cotton. 9 inches high. Felt paws.

49 N 4158-Shipping weight 1 pound...... . .. . $2.79


Washable Teddy Bear. Cotton-backed rayon

plush. Quick-drying shredded-foam plastic

filling. Vinyl nose. Locked-in glassene .eyes.

49N 4315-12 inches high. Shpg. wt. 12 oz... $1.89

49 N 4316-15


inches high. Shpg. wt. 1 lb..... 2.79

ffil .



New I Lazy Tiger. This big, 20-inch long

jungle dweller is so tame he just wants to

curl up on your bed to sleep. Realistic in every

detail with silk-screened stripes, long whiskers,

droopy tail and pad marks on his paws. Pettable

rayon plush. Shredded-foam plastic filling

makes him cuddly.'Locked-in glassene eyes.

49N 4181-Shipping weight 4 pounds. ....... $.10.98


Cheery Chimp squeaks when you squeeze his

arm. Comic vinyl plastic face, ears, hands.

Curly cotton-backed rayon plush; cotton stuffed.

Cotton corduroy suit. 16 in. tall. Felt hat.

49 N 4088-Shipping weight I pound........ . . $6.49


New I Walking Panda toddles along looking

for fun. Little wheels under his paws roll

smoothly, quietly. Washable rayon plush; cot–

ton filling. 8Yz inches high. 9 inches long.

49N 4106-Shipping weight 1 lb. 8 oz........




Musical Teddy Bear. Teddy wasso hungry he

swallowed a Swiss music box! Now his

tubby tummy tinkles gayly to lull tots to dream–

land. Cotton-backed rayon plush; cotton

stuffed. 12 inches high. Locked-in glassene eyes.

49 N 4157-Shipping weight 1 pound.. . ....... $3.89

Musica I Kitty Turns Somersaults


Brand new! Beautiful! Wind her fluffy tail,

see it push her over and over in joyous somer–

saults while Swiss music box tinkles a merry

melody. She keeps tumbling and tinkling un–

til your sleepy-head reaches slumberland. She

has a long pettable coat of white rabbit fur, a

tiny embroidered nose, locked-in glasseneeyes,

felt ears, and a perky bow. Cotton stuffed.



in. long, 6o/.l in. high.

49N 4109-Shipping weight 1 pound..... ..