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Intriguing Play Projects and Games to entrance small fry


New I Snippy Electric Scissors Set.

Kiddies, cut with scissors that are

safe as can be. Simply plug Snippy

into outlet, press button with thumb

and guide blades into paper. Cuts

paper and light cardboard. Nine

3-D cutouts and two practice sheets


UL approved.

For 110- 120 volt,

60-cycle AC only.

49 N 1735-Shpg. wt. l lb. 8 oz.....$3.59


New I Magic Slate Drawing Boord

with Masonite Presdwood back

and heavy gauge steel frame that

locks automatically. Plastic binding

holds ten 43'2x18-in. copy cards con–

taining educational and drawing

features. T-square, triangle, and

curve incl. Draw with attached sty–

lus, lift film to erase. 17x18x10 in.

49 N 1763-Shpg. wt. 3 lbs. 8 oz....$2.79


Big Water Color Paint Pen

Set. 12 plastic paint pens

with 12 colors in different cap–

sules. Dissolve color with water

added to pen. 36 color tablets

on palette. Pictures: three

15%;x10Ys; six 10x8 in. Nine

small pictures for painting and

number guides. Paint refills.

49 N 1820-Shpg.


l lb....$1.85


New! Games in Clay ..•con-

.tains die-cut clay cowboy,

horses, dog, house, accordion.

5 story sheets with game in–

structions for 1 to 6 children. 2

wood modeling tools, 272 lbs.

of non-hardening clay in 5

non-toxic colors, 7-in. pliable

wire form.

49Nl 826-Shpg. wt. 2 lbs. 8 oz..$1.89

New Companion Blackboard and Pla_y Table Set


Doubfe Fun!

Two kiddies will have twice as much fun playing and working together with ingenious double

desk. "Slide-off" composition top on each desk is reversible with blackboard on one side

and white crayon board on the other. Blackboard bas alphabet and numbers printed on sides.

Inside of each desk containsyegboard, provides storage space for accessories: 2 mallets, 2

boxes of chalk, 2 boxes ofcrayons, 2 sets of pegs, 2 wood erasers, 2 Celotex boards,-2 sets of art–

wood pieces. Made ofselected wood with two built-in benches. Enameled black and red. Desk

surface 16xl 1


overall size


in. high. Comes unassembled ... easy to set up_


N Ol 790l-Shipping weight 13 pounds.. .. .. .. .......... ... , ......................... . ..$6.49


Roy Rogers Cloy Set. Kiddies can create their

own figures or use tin molds. Set contains 4 clay

slabs in assorted colors, molds, stencils, sculpture

tools, mold and sculpture pictures, wood roller.


Two-sided Mop Puzzle. Colorful, accurate map of

the U.S. on one side; the world on the other.

49 N 1799-Shipping weight 4 pounds.... ...........$1.89


Roy Rogers Oil Paint-by-Number Set. 12 plastic

vials of oil paint, two mounted 9x12-in. num–

bered pictures, 2 brushes, pan, palette, turpentine.

49 N 1718- Shipping weight I lb. 10 oz..............$1.89

Durable Tekwood (3-ply fiberboard, wood center).

Die-cut pieces are interlocking. 20xl4 in.

49 N 406-Shipping weight I pound 8 ounces..... ... .$1.39


New I Plastic Phonograph has good reproduction.

Plays all standard children's records of any

speed. Hand crank with governor. Record not incl.

49 N 4654- 6xl0x8 in. Shpg. wt. l lb. 4 oz.. .........$1.85



Christmas gifts


Sears Easy Terms. See page 373 for details