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Tots love these colorful, action-packed toys-


large Disneyland Alphabet Blocks

Beautifully finished blocks embossed with Disney

characters and alphabet letters, printed with num–

erals and animal pictures. Brightly colored wood in

non-toxic colors. Rounded


and corners.


49 N 4737-30 1'/to-in. blocks. Shpg. wt. 1 lb. 6 oz.• . . ..95c

49 N 4739-30 1¥.-in. blocks. Shpg. wt. 2 lbs. 12 oz... .$1.89

49 N 4731-48 1¥.-In. blocks. Shpg. wt. 4 lbs. 4 oz... . •.. 2.79

Cribside Toys for Baby's Christmas


Nursery Birds float, flutter over crib. Sponge-

rubber filled, 472-in. long plastic birds . are

washable. Clamps to crib, buggy or play yard.

49 N 4482- 20 in. high. Shipping weight 2 lbs. . ........$2.89


Baby Crib Exerciser helps strengthen young

muscles. Spring-suspended hardwood bar and

trapeze, bright plastic rings, wood balls. Adjust–

able plastic strap, 11 72-in. long bar.


New I Happy Train rolls in from Sweden to have

fun with you. The red-nosed engine wears a big


a perky cap-he looks like a merry little man.

His arms and legs drive the shafts of the smooth–

rolling train wheels. Two funny-face box cars make

everybody giggle; you can remove their tops to

tote other toys. So beautifully detailed it looks

hand-painted with gleaming, non-toxic lacquer fin–

ish in cheery choo-choo colors. Hardwood construc–

tion. 2372 inches long. A sturdy, well-made toy.

49 N 5445-Shipping weight 3 pounds.............




New! Here come the Gabby Goofies, the fun-

niest family you've ever seen. Daddy Goofy

chatters happily as he leads his kiddies out to play.

See their heads turn and their wings whirl as they

wobble across the floor. In circus-bright colors.

Turned hardwood; steel connectors. 13 inches


49 N 5455-Shipping weight 1 pound ...............$1.89


New] Slinky Dog. Pull him along, his head

s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-s way out in front, then zip, his

back legs carch up all at once! High-impact plastic

with famous Slinky Spring. Yellow with black.

Stretches to about 20 in. A thrifty Christmas gift.

49 N 5463-Shipping weight 1 pound 4 ounces. .......$1.79


Krozy Krowler will worm his way right into your

tot's heart with his antics. He waddles, squirms,

moves amusingly behind his master on off-center

wheels. Squeeze his,head, he squeaks! Flexible

vinyl plastic. 16 inches long over all.

49 N 5462-Shipping weight I pound... . .... . ... . .. $1.89


New I Molly Moo-Moo. Moos like a real bossy

cow as she


her head. She swishes her

tail, whirls her ears. Wood. 10)4'. inches long.


N5420-Shipping weight 2 pounds.•.......... ..$2.79


Fido Zilo. Arms move up, down and across 4

nickel-plated keys ..• pounding away with

wooden mallets. Melody changes as platform

turns. Wood. 9 in. long. Order now.


N 5453-Shipping weight 12 ounces.. . ....... . ...$1.89


New 21-inch Long Dump Truck.

Body raises,

dumps loads on "construction jobs." Fun to

push or pull. Created by Swedish craftsmen of

durable hardwood; smoothly sanded so there are

no sharp edges. Gleaming red, yellow and green

:QC>n-toxic lacquer finish. Imported from Sweden.

49 N 5442-Shipping weight 4 pounds 12 o_unces . .. .. .$5.98


Big Rider Locomotive. Your toddling trainman

can really ride it! Clang-clang go the wheels

as it scoots across the floor. Metal bell. Wide seat

is 9 inches from floor; easy to get off and on.

Flashy, choo-choo bright colors lithographed on

wood; metal wheels. 20 inches long over all.


N5464-Shipping weight 4 lbs.... . .......... ... .$2.98


Roy Rogers Hobby


Authentic Roy Roger's

Trigger palomino horse head mounted on two–

piece hardwood dowel. Wood head. Steel wheels.

Plastic reins. Jingle bells. 3172 inches over all.


N 5467-Shipping weight 1 pound 10 ounces.... . ..$1.39


New I Roller Chime. Your tot can lead the parade

and provide the music. Beautiful chime sounds

as clapper strikes bright-finish steel xylophone

bars. Solid wood wheels. 7






in. diameter wheels, 1672-inch handle.

49 N5428-Shipping weight 3 pounds 4 ounces . ... . . .$3.25


New I Pop 'N Ring Push Chime. Unique pop, pop,

pop action; alternating ding, dong, ding sounds.

New experience in musical play for your tot. Bright

colors. Shiny nickeled bells, metal and wood con–

struction. 8


in. wide, 7


in. high, 20-in. handle.

49 N5418-Shipping weight 2 pounds... .. . . .. . . .. ..$2.35


Newl 3-Piece Toy Assortment. (1) Queen Buzzy

Bee. Realistic buzz, wings whirl. Wood body,

wheels. 6x4)4'.x6 in. wide. (2) Chuggy Pop-Up.

Engineer pops up and down as engine "chug–

chugs" along. Fiber, metal and wood. 7x3%x5%

inches high. (3) Nosey Pup. Nose goes in and out;

makes "sniff-sniff" noise. 6x4x4 inches high. Wood.

49 N 5461-Shipping weight 2 pounds 8 ounces . . . .. ..$2.35


Donald Duck. "Quack-quack" ... here comes

that famous wise-quacker. Swings his arms and

struts across the nursery floor. Dressed like a dandy


a saucy sailor hat and flashy jacket lithograph–

ed on his wooden body.

49 N 5466-Shipping weight 1 pound 2 ounces. ... .... $1.35


New1 Mickey Mouse Safety Patrol. Mickey the

Motorcycle Cop swings hands up, down. One

reads "GO", the other "STOP". Siren sounds

"weeeee"; roomy rear truck. Wood construction.

9% in. long, 7 in. high, 4% inches wide.

49 N 5417-Shipping weight 1 pound 4 ounces.. . . ....$1.89


Ding Dong School Jumbo Coloring, Cutting Set.

For pre-school, kindergarten kiddies. 18 jumbo

crayons, large jar paste and brush, 8 sheets colored

paper, 40 sheets 872x1072-in. paper with Ding

Dong School insignia, pair scissors, picture of Miss

Frances. A thrifty gift.

49 N 1741-Shipping weight 2 pounds 8 ounces... . ... $1.89


New! Ding Dong School Mr. Bumps Set.


your own dolls, toys, party favors. Reuseable

pliable stems in colorful chenille rayon and colorful

Styrofoam® blanks. Instructions .for 40 projects.

49 N 1817-Shipping weight 1 pound 4 ounces... . . . ..$1.85


New! Ding Dong School Finger Point Sets. Larger

set: 8 plastic, shatter-proof jars of paint; 12

sheets of treated finger paint paper; 4 wooden

finger paint spatulas, instruction booklet.


49 N 181 5-Shpg.


3 lbs. .......................$1.85

Smaller set: four 2-oz. jars of paint, 6 sheets finger

paint paper; 2 wood spatulas, instruction booklet.

49 N 1803- INot shown.I Shipping weight I lb. 8 oz.. . ..95c


New Ding Dong School Pointstiks. Paint in

stick form; no mess, washes out of clothes.

12 paintstiks, water tray, roll of art paper.

49 N 1768-Shipping weight 1 pound . ... .. .........$1.85

49 N 4472-Shlpping weight I pound......... .•. . . . .$1.89

Dine Done Bobool-A NationiJ Bro11.dca1tina:


Inc•• Servioe lllld Trademark,

Train and Track Set for Playtime Railroaders •• $4.98

Endless hours of railroading fun for


engineers. About 14 feet of

plastic track. Easy working, interlocking end joints for making many

different track layouts. Set consists of 15 curved sections, 4 straight track

sections, 1 yoke, 1 switch, 4 wood


1 bumper, 1 "male" lead-in,

one 3-piece tunnel, 2 bridges and a 4-piece hardwood train ro spin around

the track. Packed in 14xlSx6-inch box.

49 N 4661 -Shipping w.eight 2 pounds 8 ounces.......... . ......·..........$4.98

3-Piece Train and Track Set (not shown). Consists of 15 sections of curved and

straight track (about 128 inches of track), ·1 bridge, 1 tunnel, 3-piece hard–

wood train in bright colors that children love.

49 N 4784-Shlpping weigh! I pound 12 ounces.. .. . . .... . ...... ...... .......$2.98

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