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with these exciti ng s ets

Featu ri ng o ur biggest Happi-Time Farm Set ever .. 174 p ieces f o r active fun

Big Steel Born, Shed and Silo with 17 realistic

born accessories for life-like forming fun

New Pig Pen .. Chicken House and all the livestock

and produce needed to keep young formers busy

New farm Tractor with friction-drive motor .. pulls 7 forll'

implements-all hove moving ports-all are metal


Our biggest Farm Set ever with new friction-drive tractor and fenced-in pig

pen. He'll have the time of his life raising pigs, feeding livestock, caring for

poultry and keeping up with all the chores of his big modern farm. "Acres" of fun

for his playroom .. putting up fencing, loading hay, harrowing, raking and plow–

ing. All the color, interest and


of life down on the farm for him to

enjoy in his own home.

A total of 101 animals to keep the farm busy and active all day long. Horses are

2,J.-8 inches high, other livestock in proportion. Detailed molded plastic Produce.

24 separate vegetable plants to help keep the farmer's family and animals "in

food." Cabbage heads, tomato plants, pole beans, corn stalks.

Form People. A farmer to hoe, a farmer to milk the cows and another with a

shovel. The farmer's wife, boy with pail and a scarecrow to protect the crops.

Big hip-roofed steel Born with attached Shed and Silo. Haylift hoists plastic

bales of hay. Back is open to make it easy to put animals in the barn. Lithographed

metal in realistic detail with plastic ventilators on the roof. Lithographed inside

and out. Strong sheet steel construction with all edges, windows turned for safety.

Measures 25 in. long, 9


in. wide, 11 in. high overall. Silo has plastic roof.

New Friction-drive Form Tractor. Lithographed metal. Watch it pull the 7

farm implements to do the toughest farm jobs with ease. Implements have moving

parts, attach to tractor .. spreader, conveyor, plow, harrow, rake, moving ma–

chine and wagon.

New Pig Pen with fence attached. Colorfully lithographed sheet metal. Big enough

for several pigs, it measures 3Y,x5x1


inches high. Chicken House with typical

broken-span type roof. Lithographed steel with safety-rolled edges. Measures


Y,x3Ux3Y, inches high. 3-dimensional finely molded plastic Livestock. Standing

horses and cows, grazing cows, colts, calves, hound dogs, lambs, pigs, kids, goats,

roosters, pecking hens, ducks, chicks, birds.

Plastic Farm accessories and extras. No real farmer would be without his feed

bags and trough, feedbox, bales of hay, garbage can, shovel, pail, stool, pitchfork.

And every farm should have a cowstall, milk pickup platform and a litter carrier

that slides along on an overhead rail. To make sure that the animals don't stray

there's enough plastic fencing to surround the farm. Smaller fences for the chicken

house. Fencing interlocks. 4 plastic shade trees complete the picture.

79 N 05970-Shipping weight 12 pounds........................ . ............... . ..


Hoppi-time Form Set . . 110 pieces of farmyard fun for junior formers


Realistic, modern farm set with large hip-roofed barn

and chicken house. There's always something to do

on this little farm. Young farmers won't have time to

think before there's another task waiting tq be done.

Steel Barn. Open at back so that animals can be put

in barn and hay in loft. Haylift that lifts bales of plas–

hay. Litter carrier that slides on wire rail. Meas-


13;}1ix9J;4x1 l


in. high. Sheet steel witl1 turned


_s for safety. Plastic ventilators on roof. Separate

Silo i• 9U in. high, has new plastic dome; lithograph–

ed sheet steel construction.

Form equipment. Plastic tractor with hitching–

hook for plastic implements. Planter, plow, stone

boat, harrow, tractor scoop, \·vagon, tractor scraper.

Plastic barn accessories include feed bags and box,

bales of hay, garbage can, shovel, fork, pail, milking

stool ... everything a young farmer needs.

Chicken house with broken-span type roof. Litho–

graphed steel, plastic fence. 7Y,x3Ux3Y, in. high.

Form Livestock. Accurate molded plastic


popular farm animals in natural poses. Horses, cows,

colts, dogs, Jambs, kids, goats, pigs, roosters, hens,

ducks, chicks, birds . . 76 in all. Animals are kept in

farmyard by 8 ..ections of interlocking white fence.

For more fun order extra sets of farm animals below.

79 N 05950-Shipping weight 6 pounds. . ... . ... . .....



There may be a slight variation in play pieces included in sets on this


but you


receive the total quantity stated

A Figure Set Collection brings life's adventures to a playroom

3-dimensional plastic play figures add extra thrills to play sets. Buy several sets at this low

price and start a collection. Journey to the land of make-believe with favorite figures of past

and present. All figures carefully detailed; in various action poses. Strong vinyl plastic. Sizes

up to 3 inches tall. Shipping weight each set 10 ounces.


49 N 5972G-23

pieces. Horse, cows, dog, pigs,

lambs, hens, ducks, other favorites









action poses,

sheriff, deputy, guns, horses, others.





pieces. 14


Indians, dancer,


totem pole,

canoe, horse.


49 N 5990G- 10


George Washington,


drummer, minute man, 7 others.


49 N 5992G-12 pieces. Gen.




49 N 5994G-10


Gen. Patton, men.

49 N 5991G-10


Com. Perry, sailors,

Not shown.

49 N 5993G- 12


Col. Teddy


9 men,



~ 597~G-.14

pieces. 4 horses, Western saddles,

2 horses.

Not shown.



and bridles, 2 calves.

49 N 5955G-14 pieces. 10 dogs, 2 cots.

Not shown.

Sets Abov.e.

State catalog number, quanfity .

.•...... . . ..........•........•....

Each set

93c; 2

sets $1.75






23-pc. Horses, cows,

other favorites

14-pc. 4



calves, equipment

Roy Rogers Ra nch.with Nellybelle Jeep


Here's Roy's own ranch and all the buckaroos in

a 55-piece set. Dale, Roy, Bullet, Pat Brady and

8 bronco-busting cowboys ready to put on a rodeo

just for you. All figures and animals are 3-dimension–

al, made of bright flexible plastic. Authentically re–

produced Nellybelle measures 4Y,x2x2 in. high to

top of wire tumble bar. Easy rolling wheels. 4 horses,

steer, dog, in true-to-life detail and action poses. 5

sets of removable saddles and reins so that young

buckaroos can bridle and saddle the horses. Brightly

lithographed steel bunkhouse 11x7x6 in. high. Real–

istic plastic rodeo chute gates actually swing open,

are 9Y,x5x4


in. high. Hitching rail, grinding

stone, anvil, buckboard wheel and other ranch equip–

ment. 10 sections of interlocking log fence. Double

R Bar archway. Standing figures about 2}8 in. high.

For more fun order extra sets shown below.


N 5911-Shipping weight 3 pounds............... ..


New! Giant 99-piece


Apache Set


Famous Fort Apache with Indian Camp, Fron-

tiersmen, Indians and historical figures .. packed

with all the thrills and action that boy's dreams are

made of. Hold a pow-wciw with General Custer and

renowned Indian chief Sitting Bull. Help the 30

frontiersmen in their fight to hold the fort against 30

attacking Indians. Ride away on one of the 4 horses

or man the plastic shell-shooting cannon. Guard the

plastic stockade walls. Each of the 11 sections inter–

locks, measures 5y.\'x4)-i in. high. Open or snap close

the 2 gates that swing on the log-type archway. Put

men in the 11x7x6-in. high, lithographed steel log

cabin. Wall sections are double-rolled for extra

strength. Plastic accessories include axe and chopping

block, anvil, log pile, well, powder kegs, churn, fire

with kettle, flagpole, flag. 2 blockhouses rest on walls

at stockade corners. Big enough to hold several of the

2)4-in. high 3-dimensional plastic figures. Plastic

tepee 4Yzx4Ysx6 in. high, 572-in. canoe.


N 5958- Shipping weight 6 lbs.... ..... .. .........


For more fun order extra figure sets below.

22-pc. 8 cowboys,


others, horses


·10-pc. Revolutionary 12-pc. Gen. Custer,

war heroes


18-pc. Fighting




10-pc. World War II