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Smart Santos put toys

on their Easy Terms

orders, see page 373

WHAT'S COOKING? Lots of fun when little moms

bake, wash dishes and play house in their own kitchens


New Bake Tobie with Uten-

sils. Natural finish wood

table has large flat work sur–

face with big pegboard back,

shelves. Back is enameled

black and white. 6-inch skirt.

Wood rolling pin, aluminum

bowl, bread pan, cookie

sheet, muffin pan, 2 spoons,

6 cookie cutters and wooden

"pretend" salt and pepper

shakers. Size


inches high. Not assembled.

Mailable. Order early.

79 N 01295- Wt. 11 lbs.. . $6.49


Double Oven Ploy Stove.

Non-electric appliance

for your little lady. Double

oven. Doors open and close.

Lithographed top shows

three "electric" burners and

cooking well-just like a real

stove. 8 multicolor "con–

trols" at back of top, push

"on and off". 12-piece plas–

tic utensil set, scaled to fit

tiny hands. Steel construc–

tion, white enamel finish.

14x7x15 inches high.


Toy Electric Range really

49 N 1132-Wt. 6 lbs... . $3.79

bakes I Fiberglas insu–

lated oven and thermostat

maintain baking tempera–

ture. Oven has glasswindow,

rack. 4 burners. Simulated

controls. Metal sauce pan

with cover, cookie sheet, pie

pan, cake pan, 3 cookie cut–

ters, and recipe booklet in–




high. White enameled steel;

colorful dials, handles. UL

appr.; 110-120v, 60c AC.

49N 1110-Wt. 9 lbs... . $8.49

New Electric Range Really Bakes, Has lights! $12.49

Our best toy stove really bakes, has top lights that illuminate the

working surface. The two lamps arc enclosed for added safety. Fiber–

glas insulated oven confines heat for better baking; thermostat

maintains baking temperature for those junior-size pies and cakes.

Simulated clock under light, divided burner top. Center oven has

glass door, oven rack. Simulated dials on stove front. Included are

sauce pan and cover, cookie sheet, 3 cookie cutters, pie pan, cake

pan, recipe book. White enameled steel stove, coppertone light and

handles, red dials. UL approved-110-120 volt, 60 cycle AC.

49N ll 13-15x7x13% inches high. Shipping weight 12 lbs. 8 oz.. ... .. $12.49





Steel Sink. Turn spout, water flows into basin that has

adjustable stopper. Reservoir tank at back; hinged door

in base. Enameled white. 11J-2x7x10 inches high.

49N 1130-Shipping weight 3 pounds 4 ounces . ..... .. .... . .$2.19


Non-Electric Toy Stove. Play timer, plastic buttons push

in. Hinged oven door. 6 plastic utensils. White enameled

steel; red trim. 1l x6).2x12 inches high.

49 N 11 28-Shipping weight 3 pounds 8 ounces.. ............ $2.19


2-Door Toy Refrigerator." Freezer" door and compartment

above, food "cooler" below. 3 shelves, removable plastic

ice cube tray, 6 miniature food packages. Doors open and

latch. White enameled steel. 8x13).2x5).2 inches deep. Non–


49 N 1129-Shipping weight 3 pounds 12 ounces . . . .. ... . .. .. $2.19

79 N 01131-3-pc. Set, D, E, F above. Shpg. wt. 11 lbs. . . . . . . . 6.19




New I Battery-Operated Toy Drink Mixer really works,

mixes goodies. Make your own malted milks! Slide

aluminum cup under switch; remove cup to turn off.

Aluminum enameled red and white. Base 5%x5%x9 in.

49 N 1253-Shpg. wt. 1 lb. 8 oz. Battery included . . ... ... . $3.69


Toy Food Mixer. Really works just like Mother's mixer.

Operates on 2 standard flashlight batteries (included).

Two-blade beater actually mixes, yet will not cut little

fingers. Mixer unit can be detached from stand, used any–

where. All steel construction, beater removes for clean–

ing; self-lubricating bearing. Mixer can be tilted. Alumi–

num mixing bowl, plastic spoon. White enameled steel.

49N 1296-Base

7Vax4 V2

in. 10 in. high. Wt. 2 lbs.


oz... $3.89


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