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w ith tiny furnitu re to he r taste



Our Biggest Ha ppi-Time Metal Doll House. The doorbell rings,

the front door opens at a touch, flick a switch to flood the living

room with brilliant light! Look in on 7 spacious rooms, play-packed

with furniture scaled to size. There is a real stairway to the second

floor, lithographed in true-to-life detail. Breezeway leads to a play–

room; rooftop patio for "outdoor" play. An extra-large house, 38x

15,72x9 in. deep. Furnished with more than 45 piecesofplasticfurniture,

plus 3 plastic "occupants" and a miniature broom that really sweeps.

Strong, long-lasting metal construction . . . all windows, edges

safety-turned. Floor sections ribbed, walls double turned to add more

strength. Finely lithographed brick and clapboard exterior has bright

painted shutters, flower boxes. Interior brilliantly decorated in modern

colors with beautifully_Jithographed draperies and paintings.

Break-resistant finely molded plastic furniture includes: LIVING

ROOM: Club sofa, club chair, barrel chair, coffee table, end table,

floor lamp, TV set; DINING AREA: Dining table, 4 chairs, hutch

cabinet, buffet server; BEDROOM: Double bed, vanity dresser,

bench, chest-on-chest, night table, boudoir chair; KITCHEN: Sink,

refrigerator, stove, table, 4 chairs; BATHROOM: Bathtub, toilet, wash–

stand, hamper; CHILD'S ROOM: Crib, play pen, chest, potty chair ;

DEN-PLAYROOM: Piano and bench, round table, ping pong table, 2

side chairs, TV set; PATIO: 2 modern sun deck chairs. UTILITY

ROOM: sink, washer, ironer. Easy to assemble.

Baltery not included.

79 N 01411-Shipping weight 8 pounds. .•....... .. ..


.......... . ... $6.39

34 N 4650-Standard flashlight battery. Shpg. wt. 8 oz. for two . ....... .2 for 27c


5-Room Metal Doll House with Awnings- Completely Furnished.

Gay red and white striped metal awnings add a cool, crisp look to

realistic colonial styling. 36 pieces of furniture molded in break–

resistant plastic, scaled to room size. Lithographed rugs and wall pic–

tures, "see-through" cut out windows. Lithographed white brick

and blue clapboard exterior. Metal construction with safety turned

windows and edges. 19yzxl 5,72x9 inches deep. Shipped flat. Easy to


49 N 1407-House and furniture. Shipping weight


pounds... . ...........$3.69


4-Room Colonial Doll House ofdecorated white hardboard. Safe, firm

wood; reinforced construction. 2 complete floors designed for scaled

down true-to-life play. White plastic windows. 17yzx1072x27 inches

long. Shipped flat. Easy assembly. Furniture not included, order below,

79 N 01406-House only. Shipping weight 12 pounds...•.............. . .$7.49

10-pc. Wood Furniture Sets Scaled to Size, each


living room Set. 2 end tables,

couch, table, 2 table lamps, floor

lamp, coffee table, TV set, chair.

49 N 1236-Shipping wt. I lb . . .$1.85

Bathroom Set. Tub, toilet, wash–

bowl, 2 towel racks, waste basket,

scale, heater, stool, hamper.

49 N 1238-Shipping wt. 1 lb . • . .$1.85

Bedroom Set. 2 single beds,

dressing table, cedar chest, table,

2 lamps, chair, clock, bench.

49 N 1237-Shipping wt. 1 lb.$1.85

Kitchen Set. Stove, sink, refriger–

ator, table, 4 chairs, bowl and

radio. Order for Christmas.

49 N 1239-Shipping wt. I lb..$1.85