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"Magic Lips" moves her lips as she "talks"

and "kisses'.' you. Press her back, she closes

her lips;


pressure and she opens her

mouth and co"l' softly. Comb, brush and set her

rooted Saran !;>air. Finely detailed vinyl head,

arms and legs. Vinyl-coated body is cotton

stuffed. She wears a iacy nylon dress, rayon

half slip, panties, socks and vinyl shoes. 24 inches

tall. She comes with a tiny tooth brush for her

3 pretty teeth. Her lashed eyes close for sleep.



03358-Shipping weight




New 20-inch Little Miss. A glamorous young

lady with a slim. full-formed figure of life–

like vinyl. With her "Superflex" legs and jointed

shoulders and elbows she can sit, kneel and pose

in all sorts of pretty ways. She's dressed for a

party in a swishy formal of rayon taffeta, lace

and velvet, a crinoline, nylon hose, high-heeled

shoes and lace-trimmed panties. Saran pony tail

to brush and style. Lashed go-to-sleep eyes.


N 3690-Shipping weight 3 pounds 6 ounces....$9.79


19-inch "Star of the Ballet." Flexible knees,

ankles and jointed waist-she can pose in

real ballet positions. Saran hair. Vinyl head,

arms. Molded plastic body, legs. Go-to-sleep

eyes. Has velvet and net tutu, hose, Ballet slip–

pers, extra street dress, shoes. Practice bar.


N 3755-Shpg. wt. 2 lbs. 8 oz ......... . . ..... $8.79


Draft Dodger. Bend her "Superflex" arms and

legs, pose her 101 ways ... kneeling, sitting,



ing. Rooted Saran hair to comb, brush and

set. All vinyl; cotton-stuffed. Lashed go-to-sleep

eyes. Coos. Wears striped cotton flannel sleeper

and night cap. 15 inches tall.


N 3132-Shipping weight 2 pounds ...... .... ..$4.79



Baby Brother and Sister. Vinyl plastic

heads, molded hair. Lashed go-to-sleep

glassene eyes. One-piece latex bodies; cotton

stuffed. Coo voices. 15


in. tall. Assorted style

cotton outfits, shoes. Economically priced.



N 3601-Brother. Shpg. wt. 2 lbs ...........$2.89



N 3602-Sister. Shpg. wt. 2 lbs............. 2.89

Smart Santas buy all their Christmas presents on Sears Easy Terms


see page 313

See her kneel, hear

her say her prayers I





New! Meet "Melodie," the doll that walks,

talks and sings! She's as much fun as a real

live playmate. Just press her magic button, hear

her recite rhymes, sing nursery ditties and pray.

Take her by the arm and she'll walk along with

you. She'll sit on a bench with you, too; her

knees and legs are specially jointed so she can

kneel, sit and pose in life-like ways. Before she

goes to bed, clean her pert vinyl face and comb,

brush and set her rooted Saran hair. Then she'll

kneel by the bed to say her prayers. "Melodie"

is a big girl, 30 inches tall with a sturdy body of

hard-to-break plastic. She comes dressed in a

fine quality printed organdy dress, lace-trimmed

rayon taffeta half-slip, panties, rayon socks and

patent leather shoes. A perky straw bonnet tops

her curls. 2 batteries, 3 changeable records for

Melodie's voice included; easy to operate, noth–

ing to wind. A song sheet for her owner is in–

cluded so she can sing along with "Melodie."


N 03799-Shipping weight 7 pounds........... $28.79


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