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She's as lovable and lifelike as baby sister! Big wet tears well up in her eyes

and roll dmvn her cheeks. She cries, closes her thick lashed glassene eyes at nap

time, drinks her bottle, wets her diaper, blows bubbles .. even comforts herself

with her pacifier. And she loves to be bathed in neck high water. Pretty head is

molded of hard-to-break plastic. Jointed body of so[t molded rubber. Dressed

in embossed cotton romper suit. Layette has cotton dress, panties, bonnet, bottle

and nipple, Kleenex, diaper, pins, sponge, soap, bubble pipe, washcloth,

pacifier and instruction booklet.

Tiny Tears with Saran Hair, Suitcase and big

Layette. She loves to have her curls brushed,

washed and set. They're firmly rooted in her

pretty head. She's a well equipped young lady

with layette as described above plus bath–

robe. 11)1-inch size has bootees- 13)1 and

16-inch sizes have shoes and socks. She's

ready to go in her leatherette-effect fiberboard

suitcase with snap lock, plastic handle.

11 Y2-inch size

49 N 3035

Shpg. wt. 3 lbs.


13Y2-inch size

49 N 3036



4 lbs.


16-inch size

49 N 3038

Shpg. wt. 6 lbs.



36 ••




Tiny Tears with Molded Hair that

looks like real curls. (Not shown).

She's pert and pretty as can be–

exactly as described above.

Keeps little mom busy bathing

her, changing diapers, drying

tears, playing games. Layette as

listed above, plus knit bootees.

In colorful display box.

13Y2-inch size

49N 3031

Shpg. wt. 3 lbs.




49 N 3033



4 lbs.



Our Biggest Tiny Tears now

comes with her own Playroom

Equipment. 20-inch Tiny Tears

plays happily all day in her new

18-inch square plastic playpen.

Take her out to change her diaper

and she cries real tears. Playpen

has quilted pad. She has a pail and

shovel to play with. Little moms

can't resist her, they make her

blow bubbles, bathe her, comfort

her with her pacifier. They'll

brush, wash and set her pretty

rooted Saran hair. Cuddly body of

soft molded rubber. Head molded

of hard-to-break plastic, in life–

like detail. Glassene go-to-sleep

eyes. Cotton romper suit, dress,

panties, bonnet; shoes, socks, nip–

ple bottle, Kleenex, diaper, clothes

pins, sponge, soap, bubble pipe,

cloth, pacifier. Instructions.

79 N 03045L-Shpg. wt. 9 lbs... . $19.45


ll 'h-in. Tiny Tears with Ding

Dong School Bath. She cries

tears, wets, blows bubbles. 20x

12x29-in. tub holds water, has

drain hose with shut-off. Fold–

away vinyl dressing table with

aluminum legs, shelf, pockets, rub–

ber-tipped legs. Tiny Tears has

go-to-sleep glassene eyes, molded

hair, hard plastic head, molded

rubber body. Layette: nipple bot–

tle, Kleenex, diaper, sponge, soap,

bubble pipe, washcloth, bootees,

pacifier, instruction booklet.


asst. cotton rompers.

79 N T3087l-Shpg. wt. 7 lbs....

$9 .98

Layette for 11 'h-in. Tiny Tears. (Not

shown.) Embroidered cotton dress,

bonnet, panties, lacy rayon taffeta

jacket, diaper, knit bootees, paci–

fier, bubble pipe, nipple bottle.


N 3450-Shpg. wt. 1 lb ...... $2.79