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Thick, glossy Saran hair


comb, b rus h , set . .

r ealistically molded in life-like detai l ·


Lively Happi-Time Walker with jointed knees, rooted hair and a soft

vinyl plastic head. She walks, she sits, she kneels to pray, she has big

go-to-sleep eyes and cries too-she's as peppy as her young mother. She

can strike almost any pose a little girl thinks of. She seems alive as she

toddles through toytown turning her pretty head from side to side, flash–

ing her thick-lashed shiny eyes flirtatiously. She's no trouble at bedtime–

as soon as you put her pretty little head on the pillow, her eyes close and

she's asleep. You'll love playing beauty shop with her. Her rooted Saran

hair seems almost real.


won't fall out and stays lustrous. Brush it, coinb

it, wave it and set it and she'll look as pretty as a picture. Molded of very

strong plastic, she doesn't mind the rough and tumble,of the playroom

floor. She's all dressed up ready to greet Iler new mom, and make a good

impression. An embossed cotton dress with sewed-in panties, cotton gab–

ardine coat trimmed with rich, thick (Jile, imitation fur, with hat to

match, socks and vinyl plastic shoes.

Deluxe 24-inch Doll.

17-inch little Sister.


N 03274..:..Shipping weight


lbs..$1 1



N 3258-Shipping weight 3 lbs....$8.98


Happi-Time Walking Wardrobe Doll with a Big Steel Trunk. Enough

clothes in her trunk for a trip around the play world, or a fashion show

all on her 'own. You can see in her walk just how very proud she is as she

daintily trips along. Her little head turns from side to side to catch

those admiring looks you'll give her. To please her, comb, brush and set

her shiny rooted Saran Jocks in your favorite style. She's very active be–

cause her arms and legs are jointed. Tumbles on the floor don't bother

her for she's made of very strong plastic. Her eyes close when she sleeps.

When she arrives you'll find her wearing a bonny Scotch plaid rayon dress

frosted with lace, rayon underskirt and panties, socks, vinyf plastic shoes.

Open up her trunk and you'll be thrilled with her fluffy net trimmed rayon

taffeta formal with panties, a denim coat and hat, 2-piece cotton pajamas,

cotton housecoat, embossed cotton print play dress, comb, brush, mirror,

sun glasses, 6 plastic hangers, extra pair of socks and vinyl plastic shoes.

All steel trunk with steel reinforced corners, hinges and snap lock.

20-inch Toddler with 3-d rower Trunk.

20\4 xl Jxll inches. Shipping weight 14 lbs.

79N 03722..

. .. . . ... .$19.95

16-inch Doll with one-drawer Trunk 16114 x

9x9 inches. Shipping weight 8 lbs.


N 3721...



Rooted Pony-tailed Walking Playmate will be a real "pal" to her new

mom. She walks along, turning her head from side to side with the

sweetest expression on her cute little face. She's jointed at hips and shoulders

so she's always very active. Her long pony tail is made of lustrous rooted

Saran and is just as pretty as a real little girl's. You'll brush and comb it

and set it in perfect style for all the dolly parties. Her head is of soft, cuddly

vinyl plastic and her body of strong hard plastic that wipes clean in a wink.

She closes her eyes when she goes to sleep. Dressed in lacy rayon dress

(assorted styles), rayon slip and panties, shoes. 2 curlers included.

49N 3701-16-inch Doll.

49N 3702-19-inch Doll.

Shipping weight 2 lbs..

. ..... $5.69

Shipping weight 2 lbs. 10 oz.. ...... .$6.99


Adorable Fashion-Plate in her three-piece ensemble. She can sit, kneel,

and bend her legs into life-like positions because they are wire-cored

with "Superflex". Baby-soft vinyl plastic from head to toe, she's a

"pinchy" cuddlesome tyke. She has go-to-sleep eyes and a soft coo voice.

Rooted Saran curls to comb, brush· and set over and over. Expensive-look–

ing cotton coat with matching bonnet, lacy ninon dress, rayon half slip,

panties, socks and molded vinyl plastic shoes.

49 N 3679-17 inches tall. One-piece body.

Shipping weight 3 pounds.. .. . . ... .$5.98

49 N 3680-De luxe


with jointed arms

for more poses. Shpg. wt.


lbs.. . .$7.98


Pert Pony Tails, a lovable 18-inch all vinyl plastic bundle of joy at a

low price. Her shimmering rooted Saran pony tail accents her delicate

little girl features. You can play for hours waving, brushing and combing

her hair over and over again. She's a happy little girl, she coos and turns

her head to see where her little mom is. Put her to bed and she closes her

eyes. She's cuddly all vinyl plastic from head to toes, her body is soft cotton–

stuffed. With a damp cloth you can wipe her clean in· seconds. Lace–

trimmed ninon dress in bon-bon pastels, rayon half slip, panties, socks,

shoes. 2 curlers included.


N 3239-Shipping weight 2 pounds 8 ounces. ...... . ......................



Demure Baby Doll looks so pretty in her Sunday best. She's all dressed

up to be taken out in her lace-trimmed organdy and embossed-cotton

dress with matching bonnet. Her long Saran locks are rooted in: you can

comb, brush and set them over and over again in many styles. Cuddle

her up close and feel her soft vinyl plastic head and skin-it's almost as

soft as a real baby's. Squeeze her and she coos. At bedtime she'll close her

thick-lashed, pleading eyes and go to sleep. Cotton lace-trimmed panties

and slip, socks, plastic shoes. A lovable companion for any little girl.


N 3224-17 Inches tall.


N 3246-21 inches tall.

Shipping weight 3 pounds. .........$4.98

Shipping weight 4 pounds .........



See our big selection of doll furniture and buggies in this section

Her Highness, the Walking Princess


Her Highness the Princess is an exqui-

site picture of grace and elegance

dressed for the ball in her beautiful gown.

Exquisite rayon brocade with sweeping

nylon tulle overskirt and a rose garland

around the waist draw admiration from

all as she proudly walks along turning her

head. Lustrous, rooted Saran hair to set,

comb, style. Soft vinyl plastic head, hard

plastic body. Jointed arms and legs. Go–

to-sleep glassene eyes. Half slip, panties,

ball slippers. 19 inches tall. Order now.


N 3749-Shpg. wt.


lbs. ............ $9.89

8athe her in

neck-high water

Saran hair to

wash, brush, set


cries tears, wets, drinks

New !This dearlittle dolly looks and

feels like a real baby. She cries, sheds

real tears, wets her diaper and drinks.

She's soft and cuddly vinyl plastic,



soft baby pink just as if

she were alive. Delicate, detailed

features and thick-lashed go-to-sleep

glassene eyes make her the most lov–

able dolly you've ever seen. She's so

kissable-from her pert nose to cute

little separate toes and fingers. She's

dimpled like baby too-in all the

same places• You'll love to bathe

her, powder and lotion her. Wash,

brush and set her rooted Saran curls

over and over; it always stays beau–

tiful. Her arms and legs are jointed.

Pretty cotton romper suit and match–

ing bonnet. With her she brings a

plastic diaper bag with zipper, bot–

tle, comb, brush, mirror, bottle

brush, bib, shower cap.

49N3069-13Y2 in. tall. Wt. 1lb. 10 oz..$8.59

49N3070-16 in. tall. Wt. 2 lbs. 4 oz.... 11.69

79N03072-20 in. tall. Wt.


lbs...... 14.95

Avoid the rvsh, lhe commotion of

Christmas crowds. Shop the easy,



catalog way

17-in. Little Sister


A young


with rooted

poodle-cut hair and big bow.

Dressed in lace-trimmed ninon

frock, rayon slip, panties. Knit socks,

plastic shoes. Comb, brush, set her

rooted Saran hair. Coo voice. Latex

skin; one-piece cotton-stuffed body.

Go-to-sleep eyes.


49 N 3621-Shipping weight 2 lbs....$3.98



239 ..