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13-inch Babee-Bee with Layette, Ca rrying Case


18-inch "Bannister Baby''® dri"ks, wets, cries


She drinks, wets, cries, blows bubbles. Soft vinyl body; go-to-sleep eyes. She's as

winsome as a baby can


has jointed arms, legs, turning head. Her'layette includes

dainty ninon dress with lace trim, knit bootees, steel weighing scales, soap, plastic

nursing bottle, teething ring, bubble pipe, Q -Tips, Kleenex .. all in her own

assorted gay colored carrying case with three metal snap fasteners, plastic handle.

H er pert little features are delicately molded in baby-soft vinyl. Her wavy molded

hair and peaches-'n'-cream complexion can


sponged clean with a damp cloth.

She cries when squeezed, has thick-lashed glassene eyes that close at naptime.

D ressed in cotton flannel kimono and panties.


adorable and cute as any baby you've seen .. inspired by Constance Ban–

nister, famous baby photographer. Baby-soft ll}Oided vinyl plastic head, deli–

cately tinted in almost unbelievable prettiness. She has such a wide-eyed

appealing look in her thick lashed, go-to-sleep, glassene eyes that you can't

resist hugging her.cuddly soft viqyl body. She drinks,.wets, cries, blows bubbles,

turns her head and loves a tubbing. Has jointed arms and legs. Wardrobe in–

cludes lace-trimmed ninon dress, rayon slip, bootees, knit cotton panties, cotton

flannelette robe. Comes with polyethylene nursing bottle, plastic bubble pipe.

49 N 3712-Populor


size has cotton


N 3719-Shipping. weight 5 pounds........

. ...•.•.. . •.. .. .. $9 .79

49 N 3564-Deluxe


size illustrated.

Shipping weight 4 lbs... . . . . . . . . .$9.49

slip. Shipping weight 2 lbs ..........


13-in. Gerber Baby with Feeding Set


You'll have so much fun at feeding time with Ger–

ber Baby, 'cause she brings along all her equip–

ment . . 3 polyethylene bottles with wire rack,

plastic funnel, spoon, metal cereal ·bowl and bottle

brush. She'll drink and she'll wet. Squeeze her

soft molded rubber body and she'll cry. She blows

bubbles. Soft vinyl head with go--to-sleep eyes,

jointed arms, legs. She's tubbable, has bib, panties,

bootees, diaper, bubble pipe.

49 N 3718-Shipping weight 2 lbs....... : .... . ... $4.98




18-inch All Vinyl Doll with Saran hair


She's everything that little mothers dream of in baby

dolls. Her head turns and she has j ointed arms and

legs. She loves to be bathed and haxe her lustrous

rooted Saran baby curls combed, brushed and set. ,

She d rinks, wets, cries and blows bubbles. Her head

and body are soft, smooth, molded vinyl. Thick–

lashed glassene eyes close at naptime. Dressed in

cotton panties and cotton flannel baby j acket. Printed

cotton flannel jacket and diaper soaker, bootees,

bubble pipe, polyethylene nipple bottle. A beautiful

baby-put her under your Christmas tree.

49N 371 7-Shipping weight 3 pounds......•.. . .. . . $9.39

12-in. Betty Bows


Lovable Betty has a

bow in her molded

, hair. Turnable vinyl

head, molded rubber

body, jointed arms, legs.

Drinks, wets, cries, sleeps,

blows bubbles, is tubba–

ble. Go-to-sleep eyes.

Wears rompers. Bubble

pipe, polyethylene bot–


Order yours now.


N 3505- Wt. I lb. $2.79

JO-in. Tiny So-Wee


So-Wee was made

especially for the

tiniest doll mommies.

Loves to splash in the

tub, drink from her

bottle. Cries when

squeezed. Molded en–

tirely from rubber, set–

in plastic eyes. Wears

cotton diaper. Poly–

ethylene bottle.

49N 3514-Wt.1 lb. $1.85