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loving tots


Huggable 18-inch all-vinyl

Baby Doll. She's so soft to

touch, so easy to keep clean.

Beautiful complexion and pert

little features .. all perfectly

molded in life-like detail.

Jointed arms and legs, turn–

able head, so you can pose her.

Sparkling glassene eyes that

close when she sleeps. Pretty

molded hair. Adorable in her

knitted shirt, panties. Layette

includes cotton romper, match–

ing.bonnet, socks, shoes.


N 3082-Shpg. wt. 3 lbs. $7.98

Low-priced Baby Doll


She's a cuddly 14!/z-

inch baby doll with

cotton-stuffed 1-piecelatex

rubber body. Coos when

squeezed, closes her eyes.

High-impact plastic head,

molded curls. Dressed in

ninon dress and bonnet

trimmed with embroid–

ery, lace. Cotton slip, pan–

ties. Shoes, socks.

49N311 5-Wt. 1 lb.



$1 .99


Adorable Baby Big Eyes

has the sweetest expres–

sion you've ever seen. Her

big go-to-sleep glassene eyes

look up at you from her cher–

ubic soft molded vinyl head

in such a winning way. She

has rooted Saran hair to

comb, brush, set. Molded

vinyl arms, legs; cuddly

vinyl-coated, cotton-stuffed

body; crying voice. In cot–

ton flannel sleeper. Cotton

blanket. 23 in. tall. Curlers.

49N 3261-Shpg. wt.


lbs. $9.79


Big 25-inch Snowsuit Baby.

A bundle ofcharms, soft,

cotton-Stuffed vinyl skin

body. Molded vinyl head,

molded curls. Tiny mouth



baby teeth, pert

tongue. Jointed arms have

lifelike fingers. She closes

her eyes at naptime, coos

when cuddled. She wears

rich rayon and cotton fleecy

bonnet, snowsuit, rayon un–

dies, socks, suede-like fabric

shoes.Big and cuddly as baby.

79N03774-Shpg. wt. 6 lbs. $12.98

Christening Doll


Curly Top

16-inch Latex Doll



cute little baby doll

looking for a new mom.


18-in. Baby Doll in 20-

in. christening dress,

looking pretty as can be

for the big day. Vinyl plas–

tic head, molded hair, go–

to-sleep glassene eyes. 1-

pc. latex rubber body, cot–

ton stuffed. Turning head.

Ninon dress, lace trim. Coo

voice. Cotton slip, knit

bootees, panties.

49N3658-Wt. 2 lbs. 8 oz.



Her cute curls and

bangs are made of

rooted Saran


brush, set

them over and over. One–

piece latex rubber body

feels like a real baby. Go–

to-sleep glassene eyes; coo

voice. Ninon and em–

bossed cotton dress, lace

and flower spray trimmed ;

cotton slip, knit panties.

49 N 3235-Wt. 2 lbs.. $3.79

Delicate features and curls

molded in skin-soft vinyl

plastic head that turns. Go–

to-sleep glassene eyes, coo

voice. She has a one-piece

late::< rubber body, cotton

stuffed. Lace-trimmed cot–

ton dress, bonnet. Panties,

shoes, socks.


N 3623-Wt. 2 lbs.. . $2.99

New low-priced Happi-Time Baby Doll


This big 23-inch Baby Doll offers exception-

al value. She has glossy, rooted Saran hair

that stays lovely through countless brushings

and settings. Soft, squeezy 1-piece, cotton stuffed

latex rubber-skin body. Realistically detailed

soft vinyl head. Glassene eyes that close at nap–

time. Coo voice. Dressed in ninon dress with



sewed-in cotton halfslip, knit panties,

vinyl shoes. 2 curlers.

49 N 3186- Shipping weight 3 lbs. 8