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New! Pretty Penny Poodle-Cut completely outfitted



for a trip in her wardrobe trunk

She's a lovable bundle of charm in any one of her 6 outfits.

Pert and pretty soft vinyl plastic face, beautifully framed by

rooted Saran hair that can be brushed, combed, curled. Cotton

stuffed all vinyl plastic body. 15 inches tall. She coos turns her

head, sits, closes her appealing go-to-sleep glassene eyes. Fiber–

board trunk 12x.5%.x15%. in.,


hinges and fastener, plastic

handle. Comes m her damty mnon dress with lace trim lace–

trimmed cotton slip and panties, rayon socks, vinyl plastic'shoes.

Wardrobe includes rayon taffeta dress, tie-on straw hat rayon

satin housecoat and pajamas, cotton sunsuit cotton



comb, brush, mirror, curlers, Kleenex,





N 3797-Shipping weight


lbs. 8 oz.........................


New Snow Suit Baby

New Happi-Time Baby. 18

inches tall. Dressed in cotton

flannel snow suit and ear muff

style bonnet. Soft and cuddly,

cotton-stuffed, one-piece latex

skin body and lifelike vinyl

plastic head. She coos and

closes her glassene eyes. Her

rooted Saran curls may be set,

combed, brushed. Comes with


curlers, panties.



N 3203- Wt. 2 lbs. 8 oz. $5.49

17-inch All-Vinyl Doll

It's playtime and she's all

dressed up for a romp in her

cotton dungaree pants and

bright print cotton shirt. Her

sparkling rooted Saran hair


tied neatly in a pony tail ..

you can comb, brush, set it. 1-

piece vinyl plastic skin body is

cotton stuffed. She coos, sits,

closes her glassene eyes. Rayon

socks, vinyl shoe5.


N 3215-Wt. 2 lbs. 2 oz. $3.99





Low-priced Wpiking Doll

New 23-inch Happi-Time

Walker .. with features you'd

seldom find in dolls selling at

this low price. Active as can

be, she walks, bends her knees,

sits, kneels to pray. Sweet,

molded, soft vinyl plastic head.

Fully jointed, molded hard

plastic body. Lustrous rooted

Saran hair set in pony-tail

style to comb, brush, and re–

set. She'll cry and close her

eyes at bedtime. She's richly

dressed in the latest fashion in

her rayon taffeta dress with

plastic buckle-type belt, cotton

undies, rayon socks and vinyl

shoes. The perfect 24 hour

companion for active little

misses who prefer dollies that

play right along with them.


N 03262-Shpg. wt.


lbs. $8.98

Cute Snoozie Doll

A cuddly baby doll little girls

just love to care for. She's in

her flannelette wrapper, dia–

per and blanket ... just like

real babies. Soft rubber skin

body--so easy to wipe clean.

Soft vinyl plastic head that

turns. Take good care of her

or she'll cry in her

little voice when squeezed.

Pretty painted eves. She's 11


inches tall.

49 N 3609- Shpg.


14 oz. $1.89

Walking Bride Doll


As radiant as a real bride

in her lovely gown of

shimmering white rayon satin,

trimmed with lace and net

veil. She walks in beauty,

turning her head as you lead

her along. Her lustrous rooted

Saran hair, that you've set

ready for the occasion, sets off

her demure soft vinyl plastic

face and "glowing" go-to–

sleep glassene eyes. Molded

hard plastic body; jointed soft

vinyl plastic arms. 18 in. tall.

Wears long knit cotton hose,

plastic shoes, bouquet.

49 N 3726-Shpg. wt. 2 lbs. $5.98

Tod-L-Twins for Tots


Two pudgy, squeezy, one-

piece molded vinyl plastic

dolls . . a boy and a girl. So

pert and pretty they'll steal the

heart away from any toddler.

Molded hair, set-in glassene

eyes, lifelike faces, molded

underwear. Soft bodies wipe

clean in a jiffy. Squeak when·

squeezed. Boy wears pretty

cotton playsuit, girl wears

dainty cotton play dress.

49N3669-Shpg. wt. 1 lb. 8 oz.


Walking Doll to Sew for


Now with rooted Saran

hair and soft vinyl head.

Ideal doll for church, school,

club and sewing circles. Comes

with panties, Vinyl plastic

shoes, socks. She walks, her

head turns; she has jointed

arms. Her radiant hair can be

brushed, combed, set. Molded

hard plastic body. Go-to-sleep

glassene eyes. Shipping wts.

1 lb. 8 oz. and 2 lbs.

49N 3401-14Y2-inch .... :. $3.98

49N 3402-19 -inch......




buy 12 or



49 N 3401


49 N 3402

yov may







15-in. Sleepy-Head Doll


There's no more delightful

companion for naptime

hours than this snuggly sweet–

heart. Kitten-soft cotton-back

rayon plush in pastel colors,

stuffed with soft, white cotton.

Rosy face of easy-to-clean

pliable plastic with carefully

painted features. Smooth cot–

ton yarn ringlets frame her

face. 15 inches tall. She's sure

to be baby's favorite.


3527-Shpg. wt. 1 lb.. . $3.29