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all the comforts of home!

Bathe dolly, put her to bed, keep her clothes tidy




De Luxe 'Doll Bath with Dressing Tabla. Big for

large dolls, yet folds flat to put away. Full

square steel frame construction, ivory color finish.

Lovely blue Masland Duran plastic tub electroni–

cally sealed. Gay decorations. Folding metal tray

for accessories. Plastic hammock, drain hose with

"on-off" clamp, safety belt. Nursing unit has bottle,

nipple, sealing disc, cap. Soap, washcloth, apron.

14\1x27%x30\1 in. high. Doll not included.

79 N 09286L-Shipping weight 15 pounds ..........



New Metal High Cha'ir. Feeding tray moves up

and down. Rubber feet on legs. Sturdy tubular

steel construction, firmly braced. Shaped metal

seat, back. Seat 9\1x8 in. deep. 29 in. high overall.

Easy to assemble.

49 N 9224-Shipping weight 7 pounds..... , ....... $3.89


Our Best Metal Doll Crib. Finished in pastel blue

enamel. Drop side makes it easy for little mothers

to put dolly to bed. Color play beads keep dolly

amused; animal pictures on


panels. Swivel

casters. I 5l4x25 l4x21 \1 .in. high. Mattress, doll

not included.

79N 09240-Shipping weight 14 pounds.... .. ....



Tufted Plastic Mattress wipes clean with damp cloth.

Inflates tot l1 inches thick. Size 14x24 inches.

49N 9242-Shipping weight 8 ounces.......... . . .$1.29


New Doll Bath with dressing table, safety strap.

Wheels on 2 legs. Vinyl tub with hammock;

metal accessory tray; folding tubular steel frame.

Splash guards with pockets; drain hose with clip.

Sponge, comb, soap. 25)12x12\1x20\1 in. high.

Doll not included.


N 09250L-Shipping weight


pounds........... $3.89


Fiber Doll Basket with Hood looks like one used

for babies! Firm woven fiber construction takes

lots of tough wear. Movable hood keeps sun out of

little dolly's eyes. Folding legs lock in place. Rolls

on casters. Enameled white, pastel trim. 26 in. high.

79 N 09255- Basket only, no liner. Shpg. wt.


lbs... $6.39

Pad and Liner. Plastic print liner, Tuffiex • pad.

49N 9253--Shipping weight 7 ounces............. $1.98

[] Newl Wood Drop Side Crib. Beautiful, rugged

birch and beech woods in natural finish. Side

lowers to let dolly's little mother tuck her in easily.

Pastel pink end panels of tough Masonite Presd–

wood. Nursery print at head and foot. Play beads.

Swivel casters. Painted hardboard "mattress".

79 N 09239--24V7X14V2 x20!4 in. high. Wt. 11 lbs... $6.49


New Metal Drop Side Crib: All steel crib with

full end panels. One side lowers to put dolly to

bed. Bright blue enamel finish; gay nursery decora–

tions. Swivel casters. Mattress not incl., see below.

49 N 9225--19¥. xl2xl7 in. high. Shpg. wt. 7 lbs. ... . $4.95

Tufted Plastic Mattress for above. t inch thick.

49 N 9226--lnflates. Shipping weight


ounces..... . . 95c

*Reg. U.S. Pot. Off. !cellulose fiberl


Economy Dall Crib. Wood construction, Maple

finish. Snug dowel joints; removable slat bot–

toms. Mattress not incl. 22\1xl2)12x15\1 in. high.

49 N 9283-Shipping weight 4 pounds . ........... $2.2f

Tufflex• Mattress. Soft; covered



plastic. Brings dolly sweet dreams.

49 N 9251-Shlpping weight



..•.... . . ......98c


Dall Bedding Set has everything you need to keep

dolly comfortable all through the night. Pink

cotton blanket, t 7x24 in.; cotton flannel receiving

blanket, 17x27 in. sheet; embroidery-edged pillow

slip; pillow; clothes pins and safety pins. Fits all beds.

49 N 9275--Shipping weight 8 ounces..•.......... $1.89


Tufflex* Mattress


soft to help dolly sleep better.

Plastic cover wipes clean with damp cloth. Fits

cribs C and F described at left.

49N 9252--Shipping weight 9 ounces.......... ... $1.09


Maple Bunk Bed perfect for big doll families, and

for big dolls, too. Use as a double decker, 27 in.

high; or convert to 2 twin beds, each 14x28 in.

long. Real maple with turned corner posts in

authentic colonial style. Slat bottom. Mattresses

not included (see below). Easy assembly.

• 79N 09272-Shipping weight 15 pounds.......... $11.49

49 N 9279-Mottress for above bunk bed. Shipping weight

12 ounces•.............................. Each $1.49


Four-Drawer Chest, Hardwood finish in maple.

Holds a large wardrobe for your well-dressed

doll. Four big drawers let you neatly stack dresses,

bonnets, underthings. Copied from adult styles in

the popular colonial fashion. 11\4x7xt7 in. high

over all. Drawers are 9'!4 x6x2'l4 inches deep.


49 N 9298--Shipping weight 9 pounds...... ..... .. $4.89


Roomy Maple Finish Wardrobe. A place for

everything dolly wears-hat shelf, hangers for

dresses, drawer for socks,


etc. Gay

animal decals on doors. Colonial style with shaped

gallery top, front apron. Sturdy hardwood con–

struction with Masonite Presdwood back, shelf

drawer bottom. Rod under shelf. 14x7x2t in. high.

79N 09276- Shipping weight 11 pounds... ..... ...$6.59


Hutch Cupboard faithfully copied from adult

styles in colonial maple finish hardwood. Color–

ful wallpaper in a charming provincial pattern

makes a lovely background to show off dolly's

prettiest dishes. Doors open to hold "everyday"

dishes, cooking utensils, accessories. Two grooved

plate shelves. Size 13


x7x20 inches high.

79 N 09299--Shipping weight 7 pounds.... ........$4.89


Maple Highchair like mother used when she was

little. Makes it easier and more fun for little

mamas at dolly's feeding time. Tray swings up to

put dolly in, comes down again to hold her dinner.

Spindle back copied from true colonial styles.

Over all height 26\1 in.; seat 9x9 in.

79N 09291L-Shipping weight 7 pounds. . .. .. . ... . $4.98

10-in. Vinyl Baby to dress


Beautifully molded a ll-vinyl

baby looks and feels real. Pert

pony tail is rooted Saran so you can

comb, brush and set it. Head turns;

jointed arms and iegs. Lashed go–

to-sleep eyes. Dressed in lace–

trimmed panties. Order clothes below.

49 N 3480-Shpg. wt. 1 lb.... . . .. $2.79


Snowsuit Outfit. Cotton flannel

jacket, long pants, hat. Shoes

mounteq on skis, tiny poles.

49 N 3481-Shpg. wt. B oz... . .. $1.79


Coat Outfit. Scotch plaid rayon

coat, hat. Shoes, socks.

49N 3482-Shpg. wt. 8 oz... . . .. $1.79


Street Dress Outfit. Striped

dress with lace and velvet

trim. Shoes and socks.

49N 3483--Shpg. wt. 8 oz...... . ..89c

New 12-inch Walking Doll loves to dress up


A real model, she walks, sits, kneels and poses so

prettily. Made of hard plastic with turning head,

jointed arms, legs,knees. Saran wig to comb and brush.

Go-to-sleep eyes. Dressed in lovely lace undies, high–

heeled plastic shoes and long .sheer hose.

49 N 3476--Shipping weight 14 ounces....... . ...... . $2.89


3-pc. Suit Outfit. Cotton felt with imitation fur.


N 3477-Shipping weight 10 ounces.. .. ........$1.79


Afternoon Dress Outfit. Decorated cotton shantung.

49 N 3478--Strow hat incl. Shpg. wt. 10 oz....... . . $1 .79


Ballerina Outfit. Nylon net tu-tu, rayon bodice.

49 N 3479--Shipping weight 10 ounces. . . ....... $1 .79

Petite 8-in. Walker to dress


Low priced! See her move

her head as she walks, comb

and brush her Dyne! hair. Go-to–

sleep glassene eyes. Hard plastic;

jointed arms, legs. Wears panties,

shoes, socks.


3457-Shpg. wt. 14 oz.. . ..$1 .29


Bridal Outfit. Pretty bridal

gown, veil, bouquet. Panties.

49 N 3473- Shpg. wt. 8 oz..... ... 89c


Majorette Outfit. Rayon dress,

brighttrim. Hat, boots, baton.


N 3474-Shpg. wt. 8 oz....... 89c


Negligee Set. Sheer lace–

trimmed negligee, chemise.

49 N 3475- Shpg. wt. 8 oz....... 89c


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