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A "private office" where your child can

study, write letters and pursue his hobby

The desk set with the future grows right along with

your child from his sixth to his nineteenth birthday.

It's designed to adjust to fit your child as he grows.

It's built of heavy gauge steel to endure years of hard

use. Desk adjusts from 25 to 30 inches high; top is

20x37 inches. Two sliding drawers fit either side; one

has a place for filing


1-inch papers. Top section

has storage compartments plus a safe with a real

combination lock for keeping money and -"secret

documents." Flexible gooseneck lamp adjusts to di–

rect light right where it's needed most. Swivel posture

chair with flexible back and foam rubber cushioned

seat adjusts from 15 to 38 inches high. Lamp is UL

approved for 110-120 volt, 50-60 cycle, AC-DC;

bulb is not included. Set comes in two-tone shades of

green. Easy to assemble. Shipped freight, express or




Easy Terms for


$6.50 down;

for de–

tails see page 373.


N M9107-Shipping wt. 105 lbs.

$6.50 down ....

Cash $61.95

Avoid the crowds,



shopping the

easy way-from Sears




faction is guaranteed or your money refunded.



$3.50 down

New! Modern Hardwood Desk With Chair

Desk reversible for either left or right-handed writers,

just slide drawers in either side. New finish resembles

limed oak. Contrasting mahogany-finish drawer

fronts; brass-plated pulls. 18x32-inch top. 26 inches

high. 2 drawers


inches. Matching chair





inches from floor, 25

·inches hig;h over all. ?8-inch black enameled steel

legs. Easy to asse1nble. Mailable. It's easier for your

child to study when he has a desk of his own.

79 N 09140l- Shipping weight 40 pounds....•....... $31.50




colorful, sturdy; the choice of lollipop set hostesses


NEW! 3-piece Chromed Dinette Set. Plastic top

highly resistant to acid, chips, stains. Vinyl plas–

tic-covered chair seats. Triple chrome-plated, hand

buffed. Table: 18x24-in. shaped top, 20)1 in. from

floor. Chairs: 1lx12:J4-in. seats, 127.( in. from floor;


backs. Reel, gray combination colors-red

seats with gray top or gray seats with red top,

sorry no choice. Easy to assemble.


N 09120l-Shipping weight 30 lbs. Moiloble . . ... $1 8.50


NEW! Monie Carlo .. Our best Children's 3-Piece

Folding Set. 26_lix26_lix21


inches high. 1%'-in.

embossed edging. Cross-braced top covered with

Harmony House Sunshine yellow plastic in linen

effect. Wipes clean with damp cloth. Tubular

steel; brass-plated ferrules on chair, table legs.

Removable padded chair seats match table. Chair

seat is


to floor. Mailable. Easy

to assemble.

79 N 09118L-Dishes rfOt incl. Shpg. wt. 28 pounds. Set $19.95

Extra Matching Chairs for set described above.


N 09119-Shipping weight 8 pounds...... . ..Each $6.39


NEW! Provinciol·Slyle 3.Piece Dinette Set. The

popular round table scaled down to tea party

size. Built of solid maple and birch. Rich, light

natural finish with gay provincial decorated top.

Table is 26 in. in diameter, 21


inches high. Extra

large tub chair seats; 13V.x11 Yzx12%' in. high.

Heavy tapered legs. Easy to assemble. Shipped by

freight, express or truck.

79N M9146-Shipping weight 35 lbs . ..... . . . . .Set.$21.50


3·pc. Block Tubular D!nette .set ... Mode'.·n design

. at a buclo;et price. ;\ew B1rchblencl fimsh hard–

wood resembles rich limed oak. %-inch tubular

steel legs with white plastic tips to protect floors

from scratches. 17x24-inch table,

inches high.

Set includes 2 chairs with


seats, 12

inches from floor. Easv to assemble. Order now!



N 09149-Mailoble.


weight 19 lbs...Set $10.49

[]) 5-Piece Folding Cord Tobie Set. Our biggest set

with a


table and 4 chairs. A

pretty set for the playroom, an ideal set for com–

pany; makes extra room at the big folks' table

when the children eat together. Seats six children

comfortablv with extra chairs. Cross-braced table

top has


covering that wipes clean with a

damp cloth. Rigid non-slip locks hold table steady.

Harmony House Cherry reel top, white steel

frame. Chairs: 11)1x10I.( in., 12%; inches from

the floor. Priced low for such a large set. Order

now. Shipped by freight, express or truck.


N M9170-Shipping weight 38 lbs... .. ..5-pc. Set $18.95

3-Piece Set (not shown). Same as above except:


square table. 2 matching chairs. Mailable.

79 N 09132L-Shpg. wt. 25 lbs.... ...... .3-pc. Set $11.95


N 09133-2 Matching Choirs. Wt. 13 lbs. .... Poir



Rich Maple Finish Dinette Set. Made of selected

hardwood.· 18x24-inch table; 2-inch apron,

metal corner plates hold legs firmly. Two ladder

back straight chairs; padded 13x12-in. seats cov–

ered with soil-resistant green vinyl plastic. Seats are

12 inches from floor; 22 in. high overall. Top is 21

in. from floor. Easy to assemble.

79 N 09165L-Shpg.


26 lbs. Moiloble....3-pc. Set $15.49


Wrought Metal Dinette Set. Buttercup-bright

yellow plastic top. Heat, stain-resistant; wipes

clean. Graceful %-in. black wrought metal legs

with scroll trim. 18x24-in. table, 21}1 in. high.

Two padded chairs with soil-resistant plastic cov–

ered backs; 9xl1-in. seats, 12 in. from floor. Chairs:

22 inches high overall. Easy to assemble.

79N 09158L-Shpg. wt. 32 lbs. Moiloble...3-pc. Set $15.95


Hoppi-Time ·Overstuffed Platform Rocker With

Matching Ottoman. Harmony House Cherry reel

plastic upholstery resists dirt; wipes clean. Modern

platform base with 2 full size coil springs. Hard–

wood frame, blonde lacquer finish. 14x15-in. seat;

24 in. high. Matching ottoman 12x10x7 in. high.

Shipped by freight, express or truck.

79 N M9127-Shipping weight 27 pounds........Set $12.95


Happi-Time Upholstered Rocker. Harmony House

Cherry red plastic upholstery. 3 non-sag springs.

Hardwood frame, blonde lacquer finish on rockers.

Seat 11)1x13)1 in.,


in. from floor. 23 in.

high overall.

79 N 09128L-Shipping weight 16 lbs. Moiloble..... ...$9.95


Musical Rocking Chair. Tinkles a merry tune as

tot rocks. Limed oak. Imported musical move–

ment. Red seat is padded for comfort. 1lxl 2 in.,

11 in. from floor. Over-all height 23 in. Assembled.

Order now for Christmas.


N 09150L-Shipping weight 11 lbs. Moiloble.. .... .$8.49


Toy Pick-Up Wagon. Colorful, ruggedly built of

wood and Masonite Presdwood. 2-in. base–

board keeps small toys from falling out. Toy cut–

out soldiers on sides. Swivel handle. 3-inch hard

rubber wheels.


in. high. Easy to



N 09134-Shipping weight 9 pounds.............$5.49

NEW-The Roy Rogers ''Round-Up"


TV saddle keeps your- tot seated erect as he


rides off to capture " rustlers."


looks like

Roy's own saddle. Real Western style saCldle with

reins, tie strings and "piggin' rope.,, Roy Rogers

studs, conchas, medallion and brand, "bedroll"

and Indian-patterned saddle blanket to add au–

thenticity. Rubber tipped hardwood legs. 13 in.

to saddle seat. Ages 2 to 10. Easy to assemble.

79 N 09110-Shipping weight 4 lbs. Moiloble•........$6.95


Colonial Style Rocking Chair. Golden maple fin–

ish hardwood. Shaped slat seat





inches from floor. 23 in. high overall.


N 09005- Shipping weight 10 lbs. Mailable . . .... $5.29


Pirate Toy Chest. Delight your buccaneer with

a chest of his own. Beautifully colored in red

and black by silk screen process; pirate scenes are

on a natural finished pine chest. Plenty of room

inside to hold all the "treasures" little pirates

hoard. Strong steel hinges. Toys are not included.

30xlSxl3 inches. Order now for Christmas.

79 N 09036L-Shipping weight 30 lbs. Mailable.......$9.95


Musical Rocker. Swiss musical movement for

tuneful to and fro. Solid oak, circus design

back. lOY,xl 1)1-in. seat. 22Y:; in. high overall.

Easy to assemble. Mailable. Order now.

79 N 09114L-Shpg. wt. 10 lbs..

. ...$6.49