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Fill the air w ith f ascinatin'· r hythms


17-key Ba by Grand Piano. Over an octave of

notes, chromatically tuned with both black

and white keys. Tone rods of precision-ground

carbon steel. Finest quality plywood construc–

tion-blue enameled. Mirrored front over key–

board. Color chart for keys with music book

notes to match


help your child to play a

tune much sooner. 1lx9Y.zx4Ys inches high.

49 N 556-Shipping weight 2 pounds 12 ounces. $3.19


New! "Play-A-Tune Piano." Child can ploy

tune immediately I Player attachment has 3

music sheets with notes in same color as piano

keys. Child inserts music sheet, turns crank and

follows colored dots. Each music sheet plays 2

tunes. Music book with colored notes included.

12 colored plastic keys. Precision-ground tone

rods produce good tone. Made of sturdy ply–

wood with red and black lacquer finish. Mirror

front.13xl 1x5


in. high.Player is easy to attach.

49 N 595-Shipping weight 3 pounds 4 ounces... $5.49


New! B-key Piano. Has 8 vari-colored plas-

tic keys that correspond to colored notes in

song book (included). Wood piano finished in

red and cream enamel. Tone bar of heavy cast

iron fitted with tone wires for real bell-like

tone. 8)4x10Y.zx5J4 in. high.

49 N 508-Shpg. wt. 2 lbs. 10 oz.............. $1.98


NewI 25-key Tobie Model Spinet. Well-

designed replica of spinet piano-hard–

wood finished in simulated walnut. Has 25

plastic keys including sharps and flats. Tone

bar of heavy cast iron fitted with tone wires

to give range of 2 octaves; chromatically

tuned. Furnished with song book and color

key chart. l4Y.zx10Y.zx9J4 in. high.

49 N 618-Shipping weight 7 pounds . ....... $6.19


New! 29-key Spinet. Your youngster can

actually sit at this miniature spinet piano.

29 plastic keys (sharps and flats), 29 tem–

pered steel tone rods chromatically tuned,

positive striker action. Plywood cabjnet with

mahogany finish, turned legs. Music book

included. Size: 19Y.zx11Y.zxl9% in. long.

Matching stool 7%x10x5Y.z in. high.


N 0573L-Shipping weight 18 pounds . . . . •$14.75


30-key Toy Spinet with Bench for child to

sit on while he plays.


2Y.z octaves.

Heavy cast iron tone bar with chromatically–

tuned wires just like on full size pianos. Plas–

tic keys include both sharps and flats. Select

hardwood; walnut finish. 20x13Y.zx22 inches

high. Big song book helps child learn to play

by following color chart and colored notes.

79 N 051 SL-Shipping weight 24 pounds..... $24.95








Our .Best Toy Piano ha s


keys, plays 3


octaves _

A large, realistically detailed replica of a real spinet piano with 48

keys ranging over 3


octaves. It's an easy step to a full size piano

for talented youngsters. Piano is 30% inches long, 12Y.z inches

deep, 26 inches high. Bench. is 1SYs x7%xl 1% in. high. Piano made

of select plywood with hardwood front board, front legs and

music rack. Hardwood bench. Beautiful mahogany finish. High

carbon steeJ tone rods; chromatic tuning; positive striker action.

Full tonal response. Music book included. Buy on Easy Terms.

79N M567-Shpg. wt. 38 lbs. Shipped freight, truck or express ...... $36.95


Toy Piano Key Accordion. 16

tuned reeds produce 8 rich

notes. Numbered plastic keys

really work-play songs by

number. Instructions included.

Plastic body with plastic-coated

bellows. Closed: 7%x7x3Y.z in.

Ideal for beginners.


Full scale Keyboard Ac.

cardion. 13 white and

black keys (sharps and flats).

26 tuned reeds for wide tonal

range. Plastic. Easy action

bellows. Luggage style case.

Closed 8x7lfix4Y.z inches.

Easy for kiddies to play.


De LuxeGolden PionoAccordion.

Foot high, extends nearly 2

feet. Easy-action bellows. Break–

resistant plastic body, gold-color

trim. Piano keys (sharps, flats) on

right side; bass notes, chords for

left hand harmony. 52 tuned reeds.

Music book, case, included.


Italian-imported Piano Accordion. More like a fine instru-

ment than a toy. A real piano accordion made in junior

size for talented young beginning musicians. Has brass reeds,

easy-action bellows with metal bound corners. 8 basses, 13

white keys, 8 black keys. Red plastic body. Measures


lOY.z in. high. Expands to 16Y.z in. Order now for Christmas.

49 N 614-Shipping weight 4 pounds 8 ounces .. . ........ . .... $12


49N 593-Wt. 1lb.8 oz..... $3.19

49 N 504-Shpg. wt. 2 lbs. $3.69

49 N


4-Shipping weight 3 lbs.