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B u ilding w ith S kyline Bricks

t o true architectural scale

A skyscraper for the new city hall, a housing project,

functional office buildings and schools to match the march

of progress . .. all these and more can be built with Skyline

construction sets by Eigo. Young builders of tomorrow's

dream cities can create the loveliest, most graceful structures

of their imaginations. These fascinating units are made to

architectural scale for realistic one-eighth inch to the foot


models to challenge a child's creative initiative. Three

basic construction parts make building easy: floor unit,

side with windows and corner joints. Rigid precision-fit

plastic pieces interlock for endless combination of construc–

tion possibilities. Even younger kiddies build simple struc–

tures. Shiny bright, white building units offer rich contrast

to the terra-cotta brown and white tile effect floors and roofs.

Strong, super high-impact plastic conforms with rugged

playroom building standards.


constructive, intriguing gift

for all ages. Order several sets for more Building fun .. . it's

a hobby gift adults will enjoy, too.

49 N 203()-1,904.piece set. Shipping weight 7 pounds. . .

. $1 3 .49

49 N 2029-1,217-piece set. Shipping weight


lbs. 2 oz.....


49 N 2027- 723-piece set. Shipping weight 2 lbs.





N 2026-- 476-piece set. Shipping weight 1 lb. 8 oz.. . . . . .


Dreams come true I

1,904-pc. Set





larger sets




batting and






Junior Athletic Equipment helps to build an a ll-sta r future for your youngsters


Regulation Size Footba ll of rugged

pebble grain imitation leather.

Valve-type bladder. Inflating needle

included. Thrifty equipment for a

)(Oung gridiron star.

Please state color

white or brown.

49 N 2484-Shipping weight 1 pound. $1.85


Aluminum Air Pump. Fits needle

for all valve-type balls. Wood

handle. Strong piston action. 9 inches

long. Low in cost, but very useful.

49 N 2442-Shipping weight 6·ounces.. .45c


2-piece Baseball Set. He'll be the

proudest young player in the block

with his professional-looking ball and

glove set. Genuine cowhide, junior

size glove. Half leather-lined-strong–

ly stitched seams. Large leather web.

.Preformed pocket-no need to "break–

in." Laced


plastic. Sturdily

constructed lieel and welted fingers.

Regulation-size baseball has washable

cowhide cover ... double stitched with

red thread . Wool felt core is heavy

yarn wound, finished with cotton. A

low priced set for big league fun.

49 N 2454-Shipping weight 1 lb.... $2.89


New! Automatic Pitching Machine.

Major league thrills for minors ..

similar to ones used by professionals!

It's fun, easy to use and it's sure to

improve those batting averages and

catches. Machine operates on





pitches all the practice balls

fed to it at regular quick intervals.

Plastic case, metal mechanism. 4 light–

weight plastic balls, batteries not incl.

S:Vax13)4 in.

49 N 2417-Shipping weight 6 lbs.... $8.95

34N4650- 2 Batteries. Wt. 8 oz... 2 for 27c

[) Touche ! . . New Fencing Set of

sturdy high-impact plastic.

Teaches sportsmanship, poise, coordi–

nation and quick thinking. Set includes

everything needed. Detailed instruc–

tion book explains principle, shows

hov,r to perform famous parries, lunges,

etc. 2 plastic masks 11




in.; 2

flexible foils 24


in. long with rubber

tips, protective hand guards; 2 Jr.

Musketeer fencing badges. Fun and

adventure for all youngsters. An in–

teresting toy.

49 N 2416--Shipping weight 2 lbs... . $1.85


"Tu-Way" Punching Bag . . grows with your

child because of its convertible feature. Use

on floor while child is small-convert to wall

model when he grows. 17-in. diameter base–

room for fancy footwork. New green and white

bag of leatherette .. has smooth, soft surface

that's easv on little hands. Metal frame. Floor

height ad]usts 36 to 46 in. Air needle and pump

included. A gift that helps develop coordination.

79 N 02429-Shipping weight 8 pounds ....·.. . $6.49


Giant " Punch Me' .. 51 in. high! Knock him

down and he bounces right up again with a

great big smile. 3-color clown design. Strong

vinyl plastic, electrically welded seams. Weighted

base. InAates by mouth.

49 N 2428-Shipping weight 4 pounds.... . .... $3.29


Floor P.unching Bag. New blue and white

leatherette bag is extra soft .. gives smooth

punching surface for little hands. Helps young–

sters build a strong body .. develops corodina–

tion, speed. 12-inch bag is 40 inches from floor,

attaches to flexible steel rod . Strong metal base

with blue enamel finish. Bag shipped unin–

Aated. Inflating needle included. For air pump

see 49N2442 above left. Sure to please your

young athlete.

79 N 02425-Shipping weight 6 pounds........ $3 .89