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$6 .98

New! Radar Rocket Cannon spots planes on radar scope . .

launches flying rocket plane .. sends codes and messages




"Beep ... beep ... beep!" Suddenly you spot the enemy on your illuminateo radar

identification screen. .You identify the silhouette, aim the giant electronic cannon and

launch the rocket interceptor plane! Aircraft spotter keeps radio contact with you while

you maintain central control and telegraph long-distance warnings in code. Large radar

antenna rotates and gives regular " beeps." Colorful high-impact plastic construction.

1 pair of earphones, 1 microphone, extra-long cable and batteries included.

79N 05181- 20Y>X4\f2'.inch base. Shipping weight 3 pounds........... .. ...... ...

. .. $6.98

"Radio Station" with 2-way phones

You're the "brain center" for your men

in the field with this amazingly adapt–

able radio transmitting station. 2-way

phones let you speak person-to-person

or, for strict security, you can telegraph

by clicks or buzzer in code. For contact

in the dark, a revolving searchlight on

top of the station flashes your code mes–

sage to waiting receivers. Large center

dial registers transmitted electrical im–

pulses. Automatic Morse code selector

dial. Batteries and special code log are

included. Made


sturdy plastic; 12x10

inches wide. Extremely easy for young–

sters to operate.

49 N 5076- Shipping weight 3 pounds..







Learn to fly "on the beam" with Instrument Controls


Know the new thrills and excitement made possible by

moder.n instrument techniques. You climb, dive, turn and

bank, land and zoom along in 9 realistic flight patterns. You

do it all from this realistic plastic instrument panel with con–

trols for throttle, mixture, propeller pitch, brakes, landing

gear and flaps. Control stick for banking and climbing. Light

flashes off panel when you're on the beam. Training manual,

batteries included.



49 N 5088-Shipping weight 3 pounds 8 ounces..... . . . .. .. .. ..



At your command .. Rob;rt, the walking, talking robot


Robert the Robot is your obedient servant. Command

him and he obeys ... his every move is directed by remote

control from a crank and trigger mechanism you hold. With

flashing eyes he rumbles forward, left, right, backwards–

whichever way


direct him. Robert walks and talks! M ade

of tough, heavy plastic, Robert is detailed to look just like

riveted metal. 14 inches high. Battery included.

49 N 5067-Shipping weight 3 pounds.... . ..... . ... . ... . .. . .


Radar Defense Center .. spots


sends code


J ust like Air Defense Command centers . . . you keep watch

on the radar scope. and send out the warnings to bring

defensive units into action. Raise antenna, press scope and

planes zoom on to lighted screen. Sight plane in crosshairs.

Dial 18 different images, on identification screen, then press

friend-foe lever. Green light is friend, red is foe. City finder

lever locates plane. Then you plot position with pegs on U.S.

map. Telegraph key. Buzzer alarm. Manual. Wall map. Plas–

tic. 13Y2x6Y2x14Y2 in. Batteries not included.

49 N 5086--0rder 3 batteries below. Shpg. wt. 4 lbs.. . .........


34 N 4650-Stondard floshlight bolleries. Shpg. wt.


oz.. ..... 3 for 40c


Dick Tracy Two-way Wrist Radio Set $3.79

Be a close-working team in all your sleuthing activities and

keep in contact


your partner with a Dick Tracy wrist

radio set. Either partner can transmit or receive; and voices

come in loud and clear. Or, for super-secrecy, use the code

buzzer signal system for sending messages in Morse code.

Powered by regular flashlight battery (included with two

plastic wrist radios). 25 feet of wire.

49 N 5099- Eoch radio measures

4 V2

x3V. x2 in. Shpg.


set l lb. Set $3.79