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New Robot Dog walks, wags his tail, rolls his eyes! ,


Meet "Robo," the most playful pooch on any planet. Pat the

fuzzy button atop his head, see him strut away, flapping his jaw,

wagging his tail and rolling his eyes around and around. Raise and

lower his ears, see his expression change! Give his soft nose a squeeze

and hear him yip, just like a real dog. "Robo"


full of out-of-this–

world tricks! He's a sturdy fellow; molded of plastic with riveted–

effect joints and metal parts. Mottled black and gray finish. "Robo"

is full of pep, he's self-propelled by two flashlight batteries (not

included). 11 inches long, 7)1 inches high. "Robo" is a perfect pet,

he'll never bite, bark or chew Dad's slippers. Order now for a very

merry Christmas. A gift to delight both boys and girls.


N 5787-Shipping weight 3 pounds 8 ounces.....................


34 N 4650-2 •tandard flashlight batteries. Shpg. wt. 8 oz......... 2 for 27C

Communication Center , , works like real switchboard


Now the children can have their own private telephone switch-

board and hold secret, closed-circuit business conferences just

like many companies do. 50-foot cable allows them to make calls

from one room to another. Here's the way it works: you press a but–

ton on your phone extension and the board lights up, a flag drops

and a bell rings until the operator plugs in. It's simple to operate and

packed with hours of good fun. 2, 3, 4 or 5 people can use the switch–

board for calls at one time. To call the extension, phone operator

presses a switch and clear signal is heard at the other end. The set

also has a coder and decoder, siren radar warning signal, message

pad for jotting down notes and an operator's name plate. Switch–

board comes complete with one operator's phone connected to

board and one extension phone and hanger. Additional phone ex–

tensions can also be ordered (board will handle up to 3 extra

phones). 4 batteries are included. Made of high impact plastic to

resist breaking. 9x6x11 inches.


N 5317-Shipping weight 3 pounds.....

. .



N 5316-Extra Extension Phone with cradle for table or wall;


foot coil


jacks. Shipping weight each 1 pound......

. . .. Each $2.98

New! "The Claw" , , Electronic industrial giant of tomorrow lifts objects

up to 10 pounds . . turret revolves .. runs forward, reverse

There's never been a toy like it! Strong battery-powered motors lift and maneuver objects

weighing up to ten pounds. Five electronic controls, two manual controls send "The Claw"

through its paces with precision.

Electronic controls send "The Claw" forward or backward on sure-grip rubber treads;

direct it right or left; revolve turret a full 360 degrees; raise or lower boom; open or close

the powerful claw. Manual controls raise and lower scoop, dump bed and lift or drop bull–

dozer blade. Sturdy steel and heavy-duty thick wall plastic. Overall length is 2 feet!

79 N 05889-Uses 2 standard flashlight batteries, not included. Shipping weight 9 pounds....

. .


34 N 4650--Stondord flashlight Batteries for above. Shipping weight 8 ounces.....



Two for 27C

Buy Christmas toys on Sears Easy Terms .


see page 373 for full information

Phone room-to-room with Walkie-Talkies

You'll find innumerable uses for these adult-size

2-way, Walkie-Talkie phones. Press a button on

your phone and the other buzzes ... then you

talk back and forth loud and clear. Included in

set are 2 phones; 2 wall hangers; coil of double

wire with plug-in jacks; 2 batteries. Phones are '

high-impact plastic, each about 8


inches long.

New Brainy Bug can't be stopped by obstacles

Lightning Brainy Bug, fascinating and mysterious! Put

any obstacle in his path> watch him work his \vay

around it. When antenna touches object he changes

direction-goes left, right, or turns around completely!

Works on battery-powered electric motor. Light

flashes in his nose. Brilliantly colored tough plastic.

2 batteries included. 9)1x14x5 inches high.



Truck with Microphone

Speak into the "mike" in one room, your voice booms

out loud and clear in another. Loudspeaker tilts so you

can direct your voice. Switches on side of truck to

send buzzer and blinker signals, too. 6 rubber wheels.

Searchlight tilts and revolves. 4 batteries included.


N 05265-Plastic. 2 feet long. Shpg. wt. 4 lbs. ....... $8.98


N 5399-Shipping weight 2 pounds . ....... Set $3.95




Shipping weight 1 pound.....

. ..