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32-inch Tow Truck for moppet mechanics to ride a nd steer


looks just like the big tow truck at the service station-works like it, too.

Raise and lower the heavy chain, attach other toys and tow them away for

repairs. Boom has hand-operated winch with locking device to keep chain in

position. St<>ering controlled at a finger touch as rider scoots along. Sturdy

steel seat 9 in. from floor, easy to get on and off. Made of extra heavy gauge

automobile steel; reinforced to give super-support. Baked enamel finish. Rub–

ber-tired metal wheels protect floors. Shiny grille, hub caps, just-pretend head–

lights. 3-tone color combination. 32 in. long, 9 in. wide and 15 in. high overall.

Fun to ride indoors and outdoors. A perfect rider toy for toddlers.

79 N 05545-Shipping weight 12 pounds. ........... . ... . .. ............... .. . $6.89


w ith C ars 'n ' T r ucks from Santa's g arage


New Auto Transport carries 3 brand

newsedans toyour tqy-towndealer.

Attach ratrip to upper or lower deck

and let the cars roll down. Many a

trip will be made with this double- ·

deck trailer. Transport is made of

heavy gauge steel with bright, baked–

on enamel finish; 8 rubber wheels. 3

sedans each 5


inches long. Cab and

trailer are 22!'2 inches long.

49 N 5565--Shpg. wt. 3 lbs. 6 oz..... $1 .89


New Wrecker Truck. Everything to

keep young mechanics occupied.

Wheels can be removed from axles,

tires fr01n

\-vheels. A



tire iron, scfew driver, hammer and

tire wrench reallv work. Two covered

boxes inside the 'truck hold the tools.

Two spare tires and wheels are on the

truck. Crank-operated chain hoist

will tow wrecks to his garage. Truck

of heavy gauge steel. 15 inches long.

49 N 5659-Shpg. wt. 3 lbs......... $2.85




Cattle Transport. Western

cowhands can bring this transport

right up to the corral and load the

cattle for market. Floating tandems.

Made of heavy gauge, reinforced steel.

Colorful 2-tone baked enamel finish.

Rubber wheels ·have shiny hub

caps. Two retractable dolly wheels

on trailer. Cab and trailer are 21




49 N 5561-Shpg. wt.


lbs. 4 oz... . . $3.79


New Roy Rogers Hauler and Trailer.

Roy Rogers and his crew take this

hauler to help with the big round–

up. All-steel trailer with side, rear

gate ramps for livestock. R oy R ogers

and Dale Evans have their dog Bullet

along, Pat Brady has his famous jeep

"Nellybelle." T"'"o horses have 3 sep–

arate sets of saddles and bridles.

Figures are 3-dimensional flexible

plastic. H auler, trailer 15Y2 in. long.

49N 5557-Shpg. wt. 2 lbs... ...... $1.98


New! Tractor, Hauler and Road Grader Set

Ideal for toddling "road-builders." Made ofnon-scratch vinyl

plastic.Tractor attaches to 10!'2-in. earth mover for important

"jobs." 10


road grader and 4 construction men complete

the set. Rubber wheels on tractor, road grader, earth mover.

49 N 5183-Shipping weight 1 pound 14 ounces.

. ..... $1 .79

10-piece Vinyl Fire Engine Set

Fire-fighting crew ready for any emergency. Red

and silver engine, pumper race to the scene behind

red fire chief's car, motorcycle policeman. 3 fire–

men, 3 policemen. Safe, sanitary ... made of non–

scratch vinyl plastic. Fire engine 7% in long.

8 Cars .. All with Moving Parts

Hear the "Clang! Clang!" of the Fire Chief's

car, the"rat-at-tat-tat" of the guns on the squad

car. Taxi meter goes round; windshield wipers

really work on one car. Windows open, close

on passenger cars. Metal. 4 in. long.

49N 5186-Shipping weight 1 lb.............. Set $1.89

49 N 5702-Shpg. wl. l lb. 2 oz... . .. . . ..Set $1.85


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Build your toy order to $20 or


and pay only 10% down!

See page

373 for details of Sears Easy Payments