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New Register with Secret Drawer

Press a key on Happi-Time cash register, correct

amount or "No Sale" shows in window. Hit

push lever, drawer pops open as bell rings! Secret

drawer for important papers. Nine keys show

values from le to


All metal. 6)6x7Y.!x8% in.

49 N 5078-Ploy money incl. Shpg. wt. 4 lbs... . .. $2.95






Children's Flash Cameras ..

Take 12 pictures on every roll of film-day or night, in–

doors or out! Detachable flash unit has automatic "hot

bulb" ejector. Takes black and white or color film. Roll

of 620 film, 2 batteries, bulbs, instructions included ..


Imperial Debonair Travel-Kit--our best children's

photo set! Handsome, sturdy carrying case. Camera

case is black ebony bakelite. Six flash bulbs included.

49N 4883-Shipping weight 3 pounds 6 ounces.......




Reflex Camera. See exact size photo you'll get as

you snap it! High-impact plastic case. 2 bulbs incl.

49 N 4882-Shipping weight 1 pound 2 ounces....... .. $6.49


Mark XII

Camera. Plastic case. 2 bulbs.

49 N 4881- Shipping weight I pound..... ..... . . . $3.99

Children View 3-D Pictures in Col9r


3-Dimensional Viewer. Famous scenes, favorite char-

acters stand out in rich color and true-to-life detail–

you feel a part of the scene! Big convex winqows let in

plenty of light for a true view. Sturdy plastic. 6)6 inches

long. Fun for all ages, easy to operate, low-priced. Order

color cards below for a complete gift.

49N 5261-Shipping weight 8 ounces.................. $1.49

3-D Color Albums. 3 cards to each album.

Be sure to

state the title of album wanted.


Roy Rogers Album

Howdy Doody Album

Robin Hood Album

Disney Album

Wild Bill Hickok AlbuIJ)

Western Album

Lone Ranger Album

Robinson Crusoe Album

Christmas Stories Album. Performing Anilllals Album

49 N 5263-Stote




4 oz. . . ..... .Each Album 85c

Robin Hood on White Horse

Robin is...armed with detach–

able sword and bow1 He stands

alone. Robin, saddle and reins

are removable. 9)6 in. high.


49 N 4974-Shpg. wt. 12 oz. $3.69

Roy Rogers and Trigger

Roy can dismount from his

horse Trigger. High-impact

plastic. Removable soft vinyl

saddle, gun and holster,

rifle, lariat, hat. 9


in. high.

49N 4808-Wt. 12 oz.. .. $1.79

39-piece American Frontier Set

Demountable rider and 6 fighting frontiersmen

battle redskins, wild animals! Indian figures: 1

demountable rider, 2 horses. 20 North American

wild animals-buffalo, bear, etc. 3 tepees 6 in. '

high. Figures about 3-in. high sturdy plastic.

49 N 5288-All pieces in proportion. Wt. 1 lb.. . .. $1 .69

New! The "Blue" and the "Gray" 25-piece Plastic Cavalry Sets

Put company through maneuvers ... buy both, let "Blue'' and "Gray" fight it out!

Each has buckboard, covered wagon, movable cannon, caisson, 5 horses, 5 demount–

able riders, 5 saddles, 3 teams of horses, 3 drivers. Horses 2


in. high.

49N 5289- "'81ue." Shpg. wt. 1lb.4 oz.. $1.89

49N 5287- "Groy.'' Wt. I lb. 4 oz.. $1.89