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32-incn Vinyl Train with 3

figures. Especially good for

the youngest tots. Flexible

vinyl plastic construction

shows fine detailing . . is

practically· unbreakable ..






mar or scratch furniture. 1-

piece engine and tender, hop–

per car, gondola, caboose.

Pulls easily along ftoor--no

track needed. 3 vinyl railroad

workers. Vinyl couplings.

Brightly colored. 32 in. long.

49 N 5087- Shpg. wt. 2 lbs.. $1.89


Wolkiog Penny Bank

makes saving more fun


it's a toy as well as a bank.

Youngsters willlaugh for hours

as they put their pennies in the

slot .. watch them go ftippety

flop, over and over "walking"

down the 3 staircases. Coins

tumble into container at foot

of stairs. Special slots for other

coins. Gay circus type metal

figure holds transparent plas–

tic stairs. 8


inches high over–

all. A perfect stocking gift.

49 N 4918- ·Shpg. wt. 6 oz .... 89c



Mickey Mouse Pirate Snip

sails in water or rolls on

wheels. Ship is manned by

Disneyland crew. Mickey and

Minnie are ready to sail. Don–

ald Duck's looking through a

telescope. Pluto's "standing–

by" the cannon that shoots

little cannon balls. 4 other

figures. Ship rigged for action.

Has lifeboat, anchor, gang

plank, crow's nest, 2 masts,

vinyl rigging. Colorful plastic.



in. long.

49 N 4803-Wt. l lb. 5 oz...$2.89







Lifelike Marionettes that even a young child can operate. There's

fun for the whole family making them "Dance," "Walk," HTalk,"

and do tricks. Simple hand controls make it easy to make them

move with real lifelike motions. Authentically designed costumes

are made of cotton. Composition heads and body parts. New

stringing method and hand control help prevent tangles. Just ·

follow the easy instructions and you'll soon be an expert in the

fascinating art.

New this year .. Boy and Girl Mouseketeers step out from the

"Mickey Mouse Club Show" to delight youngsters with their

antics. Dressed in authentically styled Mouseketeer outfits.


49 N 5161-Howdy Doody, TV funster.


in. toll. Shpg. wt. l lb... $3.45

[) 49 N 5129-Girl Mouseketeer. 13Y2 in. toll. Shipping wt. 1 lb....... 3.45

[] 49 N 5128-Boy Mouseketeer. 14Y2 in. toll. Shipping wl. 1 lb........ 3.45


Christmas Surprise Packages!

New! Pops and Lolli-Pops

New! Talking Switchboard

New Combination Lock Steel Safe

What's Christmas without a Surprise

tucked under the tree? Just imagine

the delighted cries when they find

this big, bright package waiting to be

opened. They'll


thrilled to discover

it's filled with littl<1 fQlks' favorites,

plus exciting action toys. A large

variety of toys to amuse youngsters

for hours, order now. Shipping weight

2 pounds.

49 N 5318- For boys. . . . . .

. .... $1


49 N 5319- For girls.. . . . • . . . • . . . . 1.79

These crazy characters lose theirs

heads over Christmas

. when

they do everyone screams with

laughter. Press down and comical

head springs 2 feet into the air.

Spiral "zoomerang" neck on

spring falls back instantly, ready

to pop up again. Plastic, each


in. high. Brightly colored, easy to

work- an ideal gift for toddlers.

Priced to please your purse.

49 N 5113- Shpg. wt. 12 oz. Pair $1.89

Turn the crank and hear recorded

voice say: "Operator, number

please, what number are yov call–

ing? Thank you. I'm ringing your

number." All metal switchboard

8x!O in. high. 4 plugs with cords

plug into board to make "connec–

tions," snap back as released.

Clicking, snap-back dial on base

and plastic extension phone. Plas–

tic operator's phone.

49 N 5162- Shpg. wt. I lb. 14 oz. $2.65

Big Bellevue "Super" combination lock safe .. an

exact replica of the Hercules-Merlink office safe.

For treasured souvenirs, stamps, money



of value, this is the perfect place. Secret and secure,

it has double number combination dial lock. Slid–

ing drawer for cash. Electrically welded heavy

gauge steel. 12


x9%x8 inches. An ideal gift for

tot or teen.


N 5104- Shipping weight 7 pounds 13 ounces..... $6.89

49 N 5101- 8


/.x7x6 in. Sofe. Shpg. wt. 2 lbs. 8 oz..