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New Remote Control Helicopter Really Flies!

Pilot your own whirly-bird! Crank the hand mecha–

nism, see your helicopter twirl off into the air. Control

its direction and elevation with the 35-inch long metal

cable, see it hover. It's just like those used for important

police cases and rescue work. Two rota blades are

made of soft, flexible plastic for safety. Plastic body is


inches long with pilot in the seat. Rubber wheels

assure smooth landings. An intriguing gift for pilots of

all ages. Order now for Christmas.

49 N 5762-Shippin'Q weight 12 ounces..........•.•.. $2.89

Sears guarantees satisfaction or your money refunded


avoid the crowds, shop from Sears






on land, sea and in the air!


Here comes the fire Truck I Hear its siren scream

as it whizzes to make-believe blazes. Swivel–

mounted aerial ei.."tension ladder extends to 21 inches

for rescues on top floors. Long-running friction motor

is easy for tiniest tots to operate; push forward on

top, then release. All steel with realistic details.

Rubber wheels. 14% inches long.

49 N 5755-Shipping weight l pound 8 ounces........ $1.89


New 201.4-inch long Dick





flash, sirens roar-it's Dick Tracy to the rescue!

This giant looks mighty important as it whizzes down

the playroom boulevard..Transparent plastic wind–

shield. Friction motor. Steel. Batteries not included.

49 N 5780--Shipping weight 3 pounds 8 ounces....... $3.89

34 N 465()--2 Batteries. Shpg. wt. 8 oz. for two.... 2 for 27c



New Space Satellite Station. Launch a satellite!

Turn crank on side of "testing laboratory," stop

suddenly-off whirls satellite into outer space! 1Olfi.–

inch diameter satellites have transparent plastic

domes to show their mysterious workings; safe, soft

plastic rims. 5 plastic space men watch the action.

Lithographed steel station is 11%x9!4 inches at base.

49 N 5754-Shipping weight 2 pounds .............



Shuttling Choo-Choo speeds along crossover track,

shuttles freight car back and forth from depot.

Fast action amuses young railroaders. Colorful land–

scape is printed on the big 20lfi-inch long base.

Made of steel. Long-running clockspring motor.

Priced low for so much fun, order now.

49 N 5758--Shipping weight 2 pounds. . . .....•.. .. . $1 .89

Giant 3-ft. long Aircrcift Carrier. All the excitement of a real flat-top! Flight

deck elevator lowers planes below decks, brings them up again-ready for

the battle. Three Slfi-inch long action planes: one to fire rockets, one to fire

shells, one to drop bombs. Tower equipped with movable dummy radar

screen that scans the skies for the foe. Signal flags relay messages to the rest of

the fleet. All steel, lithographed in bright colors. Rubber wheels roll quietly

across the playroom floor. 10 inches wide, 14 inches high over all. A sure hit

with young sailors. Easy to assemble.



Armored Archie proves that two

heads are better than one. No matter how

hard you push him, or in what direction,

he won't get lost. He zooms off in his tank,

his heads revolving as he patrols the bat–

tlefield, then returns to the spot he started

from. IVlemory (spring),motor can't miss.

Removable spade, gun, hatchet. Poly–

ethylene. Rubber wheels. 9lfi-in. long.

49 N 5748--Shipping weight 12 ounces. .. $1.89



B-29 and submarine attack–

ing ship! When target is hit, deck parts

fly up in explosion pattern. Hidden spring

and target are easy to re-assemble for

more battles. 11 \4-inch long submarine

has spring action release for 2 forpedoes.

13-inch ship. Ship and sub roll on rubber

wheels on land or float in water. 7!4-inch

plastic bomber, 3 bombs.

49 N 5176-Shipping weight 8 pounds...... ............................ . .. $4.69

Pay only




orders of $20 or more, use Easy Terms. See page 373






49 N 508()--Shipping weight l lb. 7 oz... $2.79

Roy Rogers' Chuck Wagon and Jeep

It's round-up time at the Double R Ranch! Here's all the

equipment cowpokes need on the trail. Tail gate of 16-inch

long chuck wagon opens up to form a serving table for

miniature pots, pans and utensils. The whole gang, Roy

Rogers, Dale Evans, Pat Brady and faithful Bullet, is here

for the fun. Jeep is 7 inches long. 2 horses for wagon. All

plastic. A perfect gift for young cowboy fans. Order now

for a very Merry Christmas.

49 N


weight 2 pounds 4 ounces . . .....•.... $5.89