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New "Battery-powered" Train


Big Value .. now a four-unit "bat–


tery-powered" freight train


structed of steel. Engine has a motor

which operates on two standard

flashlight batteries (not included,

order batteries below). Train runs

forward or backward. Stop-and-go

switch is on top of locomotive. In–

cludes: detailed 13-inch plastic rail–

road station with people, 6 telegraph

poles. Train 28%, in. long. Litho–

graphed metal. tender,


car and

caboose. 6 sections of straight track,

10 curved sections; 1 left-hand and 1

right-hand manually-operated switch.

Makes a double oval track layout ..

138-in. outer oval; 90-in. inner oval.



two-tone metal mouth

whistle to blow


An out–

standing value, order now.

49 N 9512-Wt. 4 lbs. 12 oz....


34 N 4650-Standard batteries.

Shpg. wt. 8 oz. for 2....... .2 for 27c

Lighted Mechanical Freight





be thrilled when he


watches this big, new Allstate me–

chanical freight race around



crossover track.

Bell rings, electric head–

light gleams brightly down the track.

Steel locomotive has long-running clock–

spring motor


built-in speed governor

and brake. Train



inches Jong with

tender, 2 highside gondolas (I red, I

green) and a caboose. 4 sections ofstraight

trar.k, 12 curved and crossover make an

176-inch, figurc-8 track layout .. or you

can make a double oval track layout


ordering manual switch set .from extra

track listings below. Headlight operates

on baby-size 1-inch battery (not includ–

ed, order battery below). A real train

buy for young" train-masters". For extra

fun and realism, order several of our


accessories shown below.

49N 9511-Shpg. wt. 3 lbs. 8 oz....$3.97

34 N 4659- Batteries. Shpg. wt. 4 oz. for 2

2 for 28c.. ... . .. . .. .••.....• 6 for 78c

4-unit Freight


Wotch this 28%-inch train



around its 102-inch

oval track . . harmless sparks

shooting out and


merry little

bell ringing as it rolls along.

Steam-type steel locomotive

has long-running clock-spring



built-inspccd gov–

ernor and brake. Realistically

lithographed metal tender,gon–

dola and caboose. A wonder–

ful little set for "railroaders.,

who are too young for an elec–

tric set. Complete with 10

sections of track . . a thrifty

train.Just the right size for the

young train enthusiast.

49N 9503-Shipplng weight

2 pounds 8 ounces...... $2.98




Pion makes


easier than


to buy on Easy



page 373

Colorful Accessories for young trainmasters .. add realism to trains

29-piece Set of authentically scale-detailed rail–

road accessories. Made of durable plastic. A

perfect, low cost gift for the young railroader

who is receiving a new train set or already has

one. Just the right size for any standard

mech3.nical or electric train. Carefully de·

tailed to please the most particular train lover.

Set includes 12, 7·inch telegralh poles, 12

railroad right-of-Way signs, plus each: sema–

phol'"e, lamp post, crossing gate, grade crossing

sign and grade crossing plate (track not in·

eluded, order below}. A large set"for such a

low, low price. Order now for Christmas.

49N 9750-Shpg. wt. 2 lbs.... . .....Set $2.59


Plastic Water Tower with adjustable spout.




in. diameter, 8


inches high.

49 N 9731- Shipping weight 10 ounces......94c


Metal Tunnel. Watch your train thunder


through the tunnel. Lithographed metal.

Comes apart for storage. 9x7xt0* in. long.

49 N 9729-Shipping weight 1 pound ....... 94c


10 Plastic 3· dimensionol Figures. Includes


engineer, porter, conductor, etc. Soft vinyl

plastic. Up to 1


inches high. Lots of fun for

a low price, adds realism to train sets.

49 N 9762- Shipping weight 10 ounces . .. .. . . 89c

Announce trains, page passengers on

New Loudspeaker-Microphone Set

All aboard for fun! Here's the most sensational train

accessory you've ever seen-it's just like the public

address systems used in real train stations. Now you can

call out stations, track numbers, announce arrivals and

departures and page passengers over a real loudspeaker

system. Speak into the microphone, the powerful 4-inch

Alnico speaker in the tower sends your voice loud and

clear all over the" station." Realistically detailed; made

of high impact molded plastic in true·to·life railroad

colors. Railroad· type microphone has control button,

comrnunicalion wire cable. Operates on 4 flashlight

batteries included. Size overall 5x6x8 in. high.

49N 9878-Shipping weight 1 pound 4 ounces.. .. ... $5.49

Set of 3 Lighted Lamp Posts

Extra Track for Mechanical Trains

Fast-moving Scenic Express with signals that work

Add realism to any train

layout. Bases notched to

attach to electric track.

One post has mail box;

others police call box, fire

alarm box. Wire and track

connectors included. A

thrifty, realistic scl. Order

now for Christmas.

49 N 9737- Shipping

weight 1 pound ...... $1.95



Track. Each 8Ye inches long.

49N 9701-Shpg. wt.


oz.. . ...Set ol 4, 35c


Curved Track. Each piece tOY.i in. Jong.

49 N 9702-Shpg. wt. 6 oz...... Set of 4, 35c


90° Crossover. Each piece 7


in. square.

49 N 9703- Shpg. wt. 8 oz.. . .

. Each 59c






One left–


hand switch, one right· hand switch.

49N 9704- Shipping weight 1 lb.... . .Set $1.79

Here's o

complete railroad

system for younger children. Signals that work

just like the real ones do! Action crossing gate and semaphore work auto–

matically as the 11·inch train whizzes by. AH the thrills and excitement of a

big railroad


Train runs around grooved track in metal base over 20 times

with just one easy winding. Watch it speed through tunnel and station.

Train has long·running clockspring motor. Sturdy steel base, about 21 *x

13 inches, is realistically lithographed with landscape scene. Order early!

Priced low, an ideal first train for your toddler.

49N 9515-Shipping weight 3 pounds... .... . ........... . ........... $2.89


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