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The Radio Flyer . . first choice of little "speedsters"

A sturdy·companion for play-filled hours, the Radio Flyer Coaster

Wagon, top quality priced low for Christmas giving. Check the fea–

tures! U-bar braces for axles give extra support, carry big loads, the

strongest construction we know of. Easy-rolling, "Conga" graph–

ite bearings last the life of the wagon. 1%-in. semi-pneumatic rubber

tires. Smooth-rolled body edge. Tubular steel handle with strong

grip. Cadmium-plated hub caps. 34x15!'2x4!'2-in. deep body. 10-

in. double disc steel wheels. Red enamel finish.

79N 08110l-Radio Flye.r Coaster Wagon. Shpg. wt. 33 lbs...... ... ... $9.95


N 08112-Rodio Super lnot shown). 28x13x3¥.i


deep body,



"Congo" graphite bearings. 1


-in. semi-pneumatic tires. Shpg.


18 lbs.. . $5.98








rn speedy, stu rdy al l- stee l W heel Toy s


Our Best Chain Drive Tractor. Massive

hood, "motor,, noise, gear shift, tractor–

tread tires-just like Dad's! Hydrogen-brazed

frame of tubular steel. Bicycle-type chain en–

closed for safety. Ball-bearing wheels, 8-in.

front and 10-in. rear;



rubber tires. Tractor treads on rear wheels.

Steel spring seat, rear platform. Red baked

enamel finish. 38!'2x22x27!'2 inches high.

79N 08916l- Shipping weight 39 pounds...



Budget-priced Steel Coaster Wagon with

ball-bearing wheels, husky 1\4 -in. semi–

pneumatic rubber tractor tread tires. Big

34x15!'2x4-in. deep body. Baked-on maroon

enamel finish, white trim. 8-in. double disc

steel wheels. Cadmium-plated hub caps.

79 N 08130l-Shipping weight 26 pounds . ...



Our lowest Priced Coaster Wagon. 20x10x

3-in. deep steel body. 5-in. double disc


Steel Dump Trac attaches to back of toy

tractor; rider seat in front. Side handle

dumps box, has hinged rear panel. Two 8-in.

double disc ball-bearing wheels, %-in. rub–

ber tires. Red, white trim. 33xl5!'2x14!'2 in.

·steel wheels, !'2-in. solid rubber tires. Plain

bearings. Durable red enamel finish.


N 8052-Shipping weight 7 pounds.

. . $2.29


Radio Rancher Stake Wagon, ideal for play

79 N 08917- Shipping weight 16 pounds...... $ 8.95

and chores. Big steel body is 36xl7x4'1:!

inches deep; 9 inches deep with interlocking

steel panels in place. Holds two I0-gallon


Streamlined Coaster Wagon. Ball-bearing

milk cans. All-weather new "Congo" graph-

wheels; front axle pivots on big circular

ite bearings, guaranteed for life of .wagon.

bearing for easier steering. Enclosed in

Heavy-duty black steel undergear. Husky

streamlined housing. 36x1 7x4!'2-in. deep

!'2-inch round axles. 10-inch double disc


Deep-rolled front rim with safety-

steel wheels with ly.\-inch semi-pneumatic

rolled edges. Zinc-plated hub caps. 10-in.

rubber tires. Rust-resistant red baked-on

wheels; 1%-in. semi-pneumatic rubber tires.

enamel finL'h. . keeps its bright, sparkling

Red baked-on enamel finish.

look for years!

79 N 08170L- Shipping weight 34 pounds. . $15.35

79 N 08179l- Shipping weight 38 pounds . . $14.85

NOTICE: All Sears wheel toys ore shipped partly assembled to save you shipping cost. Easy to set up



Irish Mails, Traffic Signal for Young Drivers


Streamlined "Catalina Racer," tubular steel frame. Oil-

impregnated bronze bearings in pump rod, transmission

and drive shaft. 10-in. wheels; 1J,2-in. semi-pneumatic rub–

ber tires. Bucket seat adjusts. Steer with feet. Body of heavy

gauge steel, safety 'turned edges. Red with white trim.

79 N 08924l- 14xl7Y2X43 in. Shpg. Wt. 26 lbs.. . . . . . . .. . .. . $12.95


Jet-fast I Chain Drive, All Ball-Bearing Irish Moil: 2-to-1

gear ratio gives more speed with less effort. Heavy gauge

steel. 8-in. front wheels, 12-in. larger rear wheels with 114-in.

semi-pneumatic rubber tires. Bucket seat adjusts. Steel

pump rod, smooth wood handle.Baked-on auto enamel finish.

79 N 08921L- 20:Y. in. wide, 35!4 in. long. Shpg. wt. 35 lbs.... $17



New Key-Wind Mechanical Traffic Signal .. . T eaches

child to read traffic signals- Educational and fun. Needs

no batteries or electricity, operates



control \.vith

pull cord or by touching a lever. Bell rings as color changes

from red to oranc;e then green. Sturdy steel and fiberboard

construction, brightly colored. 6x6x30 in. high over all.

79 N 08902- Shpg. wt. 4 lbs.. . . . .

. ...... . .... .....