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Flasher light

flicks on ond off


with ball-bearing drive for carefree outdoor fun




NEW! Hook and ladder Fire Truck.

Light flashes, bell rings, your back–

yard fire chiefspeeds to the blaze. Room

for extra firemen, too. Tough heavy

gauge steel body. 2 removable wood

ladders. Chrome-plated bell. Tubular

handrails, rear step and deck. Ball–

bearing 8-in. double disc wheels; Ya-in.

rubber tires. Rubber pedals. Seat pad.

Bright red enamel finish. 47 in. long,

17 in. wide. Battery not incl.

79N 08941l-Shpg. wt. 38 lbs.. . . ... $24.45

34 N 4702- 6-valt battery. Wt. 1 lb. 6 oz. 79c









late-Model Sports Car. Latest body

styling makes a standout as young

racers speed through tot traffic. Sturdy

heavy gauge steel construction. Quick

turning, easy pedaling to carry off

backyard track records. 8-in. double

disc steel wheels with %-in. solid rubber

tires. Rubber pedals. Fabric seat pad.

Radiator ornament. Body with open

windshield. Handsome two-tone green

baked enamel finish. Aluminum color

grille. 17 inches wide, 37 inches long.

NEW ! Realistic Trotting Pony and Sulky

Give your junior jockey real racing thrills!

Hold the reins, sit behind your prancing pony! Pony's legs move up and down

as child pedals; steers to right or left when he pulls the reins. Body of rugged

pressed steel; mane and tail of realistic molded flexible rubber. Sulky cart is

welded tubular steel, maole like a velocipede for strength. Large comfortable

seat of pressed steel with smooth edges. Nylon bearings on all wheels make

pedaling a pleasure. Big 9l1·-in. rear wheels, 8-in. front wheel; %-in. rubber

tires. Rubber pedals. Baked-on enamel finish. Pony is dappled white, sulky is

bright red. 39 in. long, 18 in. wide, 28 Y2 in. high.

Buy it on Easy Terms for only 10% down. See page 373 for details. Order

early for Christmas.

79 N 08907l-Shpg. wt. 28 lbs.. .. ... $13.95

79 N 08960l-Shipping weight 44 lbs.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . • . . . . . . .

. .... $34.95


Popular-priced Chain Drive Trector. Now with ball-

bearings in all wheels. Rugged tubular steel frame

with enclosed hood. Tractor-type 1 l4-inch semi–

pneumatic rubber tires


rear tires cut deep for more

pulling power. 5-inch double disc front wheel swivels

360°. 10-inch double disc rear wheels. Scoop-shaped

seat adjusts for various leg lengths. Bright red baked

enamel finish, realistic tractor decorations. 37xl 7 Y:?x26

inches high over all.

79 N 08908l- Shipping weight 30 lbs.. .

. ...... $16.45


Trailer Attachment fits tractor. Heavy gauge steel.

Double disc plain bearing wheels; rubber tires.

49N 8937-Box 35x16x9 inches. Shpg. wt. 12 lbs

.... $6.98


Wagon-Cycle. Toddlers tote packages and toys as

they ride. Sturdy tUbular steel frame. Steel wagon

with fenders. 16-in. ball-bearing front wheel with

1%-in. tire; 10-in. sleeve-bearing rear wheels, 1 Y,,-in.

tires. Leatherette-covered steel spring seat adjusts.

Colorful streamers. Red enamel, white trim.

79 N 08559K- Shipping weight 29 pounds.

. .$16.75


2-wheel Pedal Outrigger. Detachable %-in. solid

rubber-tired "trainer" wheels help teach 2-wheeler

riding. Tubular steel frame. 1-inch semi-pneumatic

rubber tires. 10-inch nylon-bearing wheels. Handlebar,

seat adjust. Rubber pedals. Size 35x22 inches high.

79N 08542-Red with white trim. Shpg. wt. 18 lbs... ... .$9.95


Tot's Pedal Bike. Tubular steel frame. R ear step

plate. Double disc steel wheels- 8Y2-in. front, 5-in.

rear. Yi-in. rubber tires. Seat adjusts. Rubber pedals.

49 N 8358- Red with white trim. Shpg. wt. 8 lbs.. .. . ... $4.69


Future Farmer Tractor. Masonite Presdwood, wood,

steel. Really steers. Rubber tires. Steel seat. Gongs

on rear wheels. Moves by foot action.


in. long,

14 in. high; seat 9Y2 in. high.

79 N 08381-Shpg. wt. 7 lbs. Wos $5.49. ... . ..

. .$4.98


Junior Size Wheelbarrow and Shovel. All steel with

5l4-in. rubber-tired wheel. Rubber-tipped handles.

Red with black handles, aluminum color wheels, legs.

Rody 14xl2x5 in.; 29 in. long over all. 24Y2-in. shovel.

79 N08007- Shipping weight


pounds. . . . . . . .



Wheel toys are easy to assemble . .. shipped portly assembled to save on your shipping costs