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Electric Pin-Ball Game


Everybody. scores on New Electric Pinball Game

Bell rings, lights flash, score adds up as ball touches various scoring

sections. Excitement grows as replay lever on side flips ball back to

playing surface for additional scoring. Score is automatically regist–

ered on back panel . . turns oack to zero for next player. Litho–

graphed steel; enclosed transparent plastic top. Spring trigger

arrangement shoots balls onto playing surface. Five steel


balls. Four standard flashlight batteries operate lights and bell (bat–

teries not included).


inches high.


N 0126L-Shipping weight 14 pounds..................... . . . ....$10.98

34 N 4650-2 Standard flashlight Batteries. Shpg. wt. for two, 8 oz. .....2 for 27c

Now You Can Try For . • The $64,000 Question!

The exact replica of TV's number one show in the $64,000 Quiz

Game. Thrills galore as you answer the $8,000, Sl 6,000, $32,000

questions. Contains over 600 questions and answers to test and

amuse. Fun for children and adults. Add it to your Easy Terms

order, pay only 10% down on orders of $20 or more.

49N 241-Shipping weight 2 lbs. 4 oz. Box 13V.xl8!12x2 in.............. $2.79

288 ••





New TV Games plus proved



all with high fun ratings



gram you've laughed at so many times.

Fun filled for the entire family. 40 hilarious

party stunts with props for performing

them. A clock for clicking off the time.

Stunts for one or two people, instructions.

49 N 293-Shipping weight 2 lbs. 8 oz.. ...•. $3.69


Newl J"m George Gobel Gome. Let me

tell thee ... here's a game to tickle your

funny bone. Just like lonesome George's

riotous TV show. TV cameramen, deck of

TV cards, 19.J.-2x19.J.-2-inch board.

49 N 163-Shipping weight 2 lbs. 8 oz..•.... $3.69




Flash, The Press Photographer

Game. Thrill-packed; photographers are

assigned to bring back pictures of acci–

dents, robberies, floods, etc. Clearest and

best pictures win. Assignment cards, tele–

phone cards, graded photos, etc. included.

49 N 316-Shipping weight 2 lbs. 4 oz... .. . .$2.79


New! Dollar A Second Game. Exactly

like Jan Murray's popular TV program.

Full set of props for 56 games, stunts,

penalties, and outside events. 4-minute

timing device pays off a "dollar" a second.

For children and adults. Box 13%:x17x2 in.

49 N 128-Shipping weight 2 pounds........ $2.79

New! Get That License

It's fun and educational. The license plate

game. Played on a colorful map of the

United States with auto routes from state

capitol to state capitol. Educational and

it's fun . . learn license plates and state

capitols while piling up a winning score.

Box 21.J.-2x13Mx1% in.

49 N 278-Shipping weight 2 lbs......... ...$1.89




Break The Bank Game. You've

seen it on TV .. . now you can play

it right


your own home. Sure-fire hit

with children and the grown-ups, too.

Everything you need for your quiz

game. For 2 to 12 players.

49N 113-Shipping weight 2 pounds.. . .$2.79


New! Adventures of Lassie Game.

Based on exciting Lassie plots from

television and movies. Lassie markers

which bark, four pawns, four pegs, spin–

ner. 1372x16-in. board.

49 N 279-Shipping weight I lb. 4 oz.... $1.89

[} New! You'll


Get Rich Gome.

Match wits with Sergeant Bilko.

Patterned after the zany antics on Phil

Silvers' award-winning TV show. Full

color playing board, dice, deck of pen–

alty and reward cards. Full instructions.

49 N 298-Shipping weight 3 pounds.. . .$2.79




Electric Disneyland Tours Quiz

Game. Take a fascinating trip through

Fantasyland, Tomorrowland, Frontier–

land and Adventureland on the 4 color–

ful boards. 4 character players, spinner.

Battery included.

49 N 160-Shipping weight 2 pounds....$1.89

Test Your Wits with Dead Pan

NEW! Dead Pan, The Game of Wits.

Novel game that's easy to play-just

drop a marble into the pan and count

up the score. Sounds simple, yet it's a

real challenge to WIN at Dead Pan. 4

durable colored plastic trays, 72 mar–

bles and easy-to-read instructions.

49 N 276 - Shipping weight 2 lbs. 8 oz...$2.79