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Excit i ng, challeng ing fu n

f o r play-time expl orers, s cholars a nd athletes


GEO .. grophy. Race against time as you peg in

cities, oceans, islands, seas, rivers. Spin dial for

starting letter. First to use up pegs, wins. Peg map

board of world, dial, timer. 2 to 6 players.

49 N 302-Box



in. Shipping weight 2 pounds. $2.35


Pirate Raid


Pirate Captains raid rival ships, trans-

fer treasure to galleons, race to get chests ashore.

Lively action in 3 suspenseful rounds. Pirate with

most loot wins. Game board with spinner, plastic

playing pieces. Box


inches. 2 players.

49 N 311-Shipping weight I pound 8 ounces••••••••..$1.85


Thirteen. Have fun with the multiplication

tables! Play tiles to total highest multiple in se–

lected table. Educator-approved, fun for all the

family. 2 to 4 players. 1472x7Ux1 inches.

49N 182-Shipplng weight 1pound4 ounces.•••••••..$1.85

New! Little Black Sambo Gome

Follow the footsteps of Little Black Sambo through

the jungle ... meet the Tigers . .. win rewards. The

first one home to the pancakes wins game. For 2 to 4

players. Rules are simple but play is imaginative and

exciting. Colorful game board, 4 plastic pawns,

animated full color spinner. Full color box 20x1Ox1


inches. Lots offun for children ofall ages. Priced low,

easy on your budget.

49 N 227- Shipping weight 1 pound 12 ounces•. • • •• . • .$1.85


Spell-It Gome. Helps your child learn to

spell, add, multiply and subtract. Dial

letters to spell anything on bright board or

numbers to solve problems. Pictures of ob–

jects correctly spelled and answers to prob–

lems appear in one of the four magic doors.

Educational and fun. 14 inches square.

49 N 207-Shipping weight 1 lb.


oz.•• • • ..•••95c


Hookey. Favorite game of small-fry fish-

ermen. It's as much fun as a real fish fi:y.

All players fish at same time with magnets.

Each needs a different assortment of fish to


his frying pan. Fish pool, 4 pans, fish,

lines, rods, magnets. 2 to 4 players. In box



49 N 213-Shipping weight 1 lb. 8 oz•• ••••. •


See your team win in Foto-Electric Football .•

1,000 Plays •• a ll the thrills of the real game

From kick-off to the final gun ...


the action, thrills and

color of the real gridiron. Quarterback your team to victory.

Over 1,000 possible plays to pick from. See the ball carrier hit

the line, dodge tacklers, make end runs. Set up defenses to stop

your opponents cold. All the thrills of a touchdown pass or a

goal line stand. Hours of fun for a future all-star and his dad.

Colorful heavy fiberboard gridiron, dice shaker, play sheets

and complete rules for a football game almost as realistic as the

real game-and just as exciting. Playviewer operates on 110 to

120 volt, 60-cycle·AC or DC electrical current. All electrical

parts are UL approved. 14x18x4 inches. Be sure to add this

exciting football game to your list. There's a Cadaco-Ellis

game to please every member of the family.

49 N 201-Shipping weight 4 pounds 8 ounces••••••••••••••••••.$6.-49

Intriguing Woody Woodpecker Game

Bas-Ket thrills sports fans

Fly 'round the world with Woody Woodpecker, mis–

chievous star of cartoons and comic books. Woody's

crazy tricks on the spinner can change your direction in

flight .. you may start for France, land in Japan. First

to mail postcard from 5 different countries, then return

to U.S.A. wins. Board with flight dial, plus markers,

pegs and spinner. 19


Y,-in. box.

Order now for a very merry Christmas.

49 N 275- Shipping weight 1 pound 8 ounces...•. • ••. • • •$1.85

Test your skill in miniature basketball. Aim celluloid

ball from any position, press lever, watch the ball

whizz through for


basket. Steel mechanism,

fiberboard court, rules and scoring instructions. One

to 6 players. 20%x1272x3U-inch box.


ideal gift

for your sports-loving boy.

49 N 202- Shipping weight 3 pounds••••• • ••••••. •. •••$3.75



289 ••