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Fluffy Snow and Stencil Set

with 20 designs ••


Press the button and fluffy snow flutters on your tree, win–

dows, table pieces. Snow won't fall off. One can decorates

small tree. Stencils (8Ysx11 in.) with 20 Christmas designs.

49N 6587-Shipping weight 1pound2 ounces................79c

Sno-Flok Kit


Have the loveliest trees ever .. Sno-Flok makes it easy to give

professional-flocked prettiness to trees, wreaths, most other

decorations. Helps insulate against fire . . . retards needle

shedding. Can decorates tree 4 to 5 feet. Includes: Sno-Flok,

dispenser, box, instructions.

State color

white, pink, light blue.


N6577-Wreath, table piece not incl. Shpg. wt. 1 lb. 2 oz... Kit $1.98

locking screws

keep tree upright

Chrome-plated trim

odds extra beauty




more stability

Sturdy positive-locking Tree Stand


Tighten easy-grip positive-locking screws and tree is up:

right, centered and secure. Chrome-plated locking ring

is raised 1


in. above cylinder for better balance. Chrome–

plated lip on red no-drip well; wide mouth for easy watering.

Steel base. Extra long green legs slip lock into place.

49 N 6501- Shipping weight 3 pounds... .. .. . . .. . . . ... .. .. $2.10

Folding Tree Stand holds extra large trees


Chrome-plated Tree Stand with red cylinder-shaped well

holds trees to 3Y2-in. diameter. Remove well, screw

in place on tree, lift tree and well together and drop into

stand. Sloped cylinder bottom positions tree easily. Wide

4-in. mouth for easy, no-spill watering. Steel stand folds to


in. for storing.


open, leg spread 22 inches. Tree

can be turned


decorate by revolving cylinder.

49 N6505-Shipping weight 3 pounds 8 ounces.. ... . .... . ... $3.19

292 ••







for Santa's coming . .

Winter wonderland settings for y ou r b right est C h r i s tmas


Santo"s Miniature Village. 7 houses, church,

snowman and 2 trees in fairyland colors.

Set under tree or on mantel for a Christmas

scene as pretty as picture. 4-in. high houses.

6-in. long bases. Rear opening for tree bulbs.

Heavy cardboard. Order now.

49N 6802-Shipping weight 2 lbs. 6 oz.. .. .. . .$2.98


22-pc. lighted Musical Nativity Set. Swiss

music box plays charming carols, light casts

a heavenly glow. Plastic figures


in. high.

Christ Child in manger, Joseph, Mary, 3 kings,

2 angels, shepherd, 4 lambs, 2 sheep, cow, don–

key, star. Manger straw. Heavy wood-grained

cardboard stable; thatched roof. 22x1 Sx8 in.

Cord, plug,



49 N6497-Shipping weight 4 pounds 8 ounces.. $9.98

49 N 6498--As above but 18-pc. Set. 3V, -in. figures-

stable 13xl lx4 in. Shpg. wt. 3 lbs.




N 6499-As above but


Set, no

light, no

musical movement. Shpg. wt. 2 lbs. 8 oz.........$1.98


''Coloramo " DripCandles.Fourwhitecandles

that blossom into a cascade of lovely colors

as they burn. Place in holder, top of bottle or

dish to add gay color to any room. 12 in. tall.

49 N 6999--llottle not incl. Shipping weight 1 lb....98c


"lantern-lite" Candle. Dreamy Christmas

scenes glow through colorful windows when

you light candle on inside. All-wax lantern in

black and white does not melt when flame is

alight. Candle 8 inches high,


inches at base.


N 6991-Shipping weight I lb. 8 oz.. . .. . . . .$1 .49


Bright Electric Star. Shines from tree,


or through window (indoors only). Lucite

plastic glows with halo-like effect at edge. Crys–

tal-like coated metal center glimmers red. 9 in.

high. C-71'2 lamp, 2-ft. cord and add-on plug.

49 N6590-Shipping weight I lb......... . . ...



Shining Electric Angel with halo-like glow.

Gleaming silver color plastic, clear wing

tips. Inner 1.ight sparkles right through to wing

tips and full halo to give whole 8-inch tall figure

a heavenly-like radiance. Lamp, cord and plug

included. Order now for Christmas.

49 N6516-Shlpplng


1 pound.......... $1



Metal Fence gives the final touch of neatness

and brightness around tree, Christmas set–

tings, centerpieces. Easily-assembled interlock–

ing sections. Total length 10 feet. Comes in

green or red.



choice of color.

49N 6022- Shipping weight 13 ounces. . ... ... $1.79


Yuletide Pine Cone log Centerpiece. Festive

as the season in cheery Christmas colors ..

snowy log base, trimmed with pine cones, poin–

settia, greens and glass balls. Base about 12

inches long. For mantel or table.

49N 6801-Shipping weight I lb. 10 oz... .. . . .$1 .98


lighted Santa in Sleigh and Reindeer Plaques.

Santa gliding along in his sleigh on a color–

ful vinyl plastic plaque. Plus a plaque with

prancing reindeer. Use together to decorate

wall, fireplace, table or mantel. Hang or stand

with special back.


lamp, cord, plug in–

cluded. Both about 12x13 in. UL approved.

49 N6808-Shipping weight I pound... . .. . . . . $1.98


NEWI "Heirloom" Rotating Electric Musical

Tree Stand. Our best tree stand .. 3-switch

system for lights, music, rotation ... use inde–

pendently or together. Swiss music box plays

"Silent Night," "Jingle Bells." Deep reservoir

holds trees up to 5-in. diameter. Easy-to-use

bolts hold tree firm and centered. Made of

extra-strong steel. Gold color enameled. 19-incb

non-tip base. All electrical parts enclosed. Buy

on Easy Terms for only 10% down.

79N96489-Shipping weight 18 lbs.......... $46.95


Glitterinil Snow-Blanket. Soft white flame-

resistant cotton backing sprinkled like a

fairy carpet with sparkling colored sequins.

Many uses: for tablecloths, mantels, under tree,

wrapping. Easy to shape. Size 32x64 inches.


N 6488-Shpg. wt.


oz.................Roll 85c


Santo Outfit. It's family fun at its best when

Santa arrives in his fine quality red suit of

flame-retarded cotton duvetyn. Matching hood,

black leggings, belt, eyebrows,


beard. All

flame resistant. Size large (42-46 inches).

49 N 6954- Shipping weight 2 lbs. 12 oz....... $7.98


Fireplace for Christmas. Cheery, almost real-

looking blaze shines from rotating reflector

with red


lamp. Cardboard. Chimney

not included, order below.

79 N 06743-Shipping weight


lbs.... . ....... $3.15

Chimney. Attach to above fireplace. 21-in. base.

Height adjusts 38 to 71 inches.


N 06492-Shlpping weight 3 lbs... . .. . .. .. .$1.98


N 06493-Fireplace-chimney combination.

Shipping weight 8 lbs.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4.95


NEW! Luxuriant Flocked Artificial Tree.Close-

ly resembles real Scotch pine flocked tree.

Will add beautiful festive setting to brighten

your room year after year. Heavily flocked

Palmyra fiber, tree trimmed with glitter and

blue glass balls. Strong branches will not shed.

Flame resistant. White -

base. 24 in. high.

79 N 06986-Shipping weight 3 lbs............ $7.49


Decorative Bell and Cone Clusters. 5 brilliant

red and silver color bells in a cluster 24

inches long. 4 pine cones decorated with

princess pine, red berries and sparkling glitter.

24 inches long. Use alone or together.

49 N 6881-Shipping weight 1 lb. 8 oz..... .. . . . .98c


16-in. Wrought Metal Centerpiece with four

10-in. red candles. Red pine cones, green

ruscus, white bells, red berries, red ribbon, glit–

ter. Usable with fruit, ornaments, etc.

49 N 6867- Shipping weight 2 lbs. 8 oz........ .$2.98


9-in. Black Metal Bowl Centerpiece overflow-

ing with colorful Christmas decorations. 3

gold-color candle holders, gold ruscus, green

pine cones, berries, glass ball, bells. Three 10-in.

candles. About 13Y,i-in. diameter over all.

49 N 6866-Shipping weight 3 lbs. 11 oz...... . .$3.98


Ten Illuminated Foney Figure lights. 4 Santas,

3 snowmen, 3 angels to brighten up any

multiple-burning light set. Angels have halo–

like glow when lit. Plastic figures with installed

C-7)1 lamps.

49 N 6490-Shipping weight 1 lb.. . .. . ....... .$1.49

All eleclrical items on lhese 2 pages have UL Approved cords, plugs; operole


110-120 volt 60-cycle


Flood your indoor tree with Colored Light!

UL approved Bulb Holders have 6-ft. cord . . . use

Indoor Floodlight Bulb below (not included).


Black enameled metal Holder. Adjusts up or

down to direct light where you want it.

34N 3609-Shipping weight 2 lbs............... $4.39


low-priced Bulb Holder with rubber-tipped

legs. Set on floor or hang on wall. Tilts up or

down to direct light where needed. Wt. 14 oz.

34N7102-Red Holder $1.79

34N7103-Green $1.79

Westinghouse Indoor Flood Bulb in 3 colors. 110-

120-volt AC or DC.

State tolor

red, blue, green.

34 N 3922-IShpg. wt. 1 lb. 14 ozJ

Postpaid• • • •• •

$2.l 0