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Story and Educational Books for ages up to 12 years

Sets help children learn and play in a wholesome manner

New for 1956


Our Best Activity Box

20 extra-big books; crayons, water colors, pencil fun

Here is a set that will keep youngsters busy for


on end.

Big, fun-packed books range in size from 8\1x10% in. to

10%x15 in. Includes box of crayons and artist's style paper

palette with water colors attached, painting brush. Books

for coloring, tracing, connecting dots to form interesting

subjects, Mother Goose coloring book, puzzles, animal book,

many others. All subjects that interest children.

All material in this set has been carefully selected to help

children learn while playing . . introduces interesting sub–

jects, new animals, etc. Paper and printing of high quality

to assure maximum enjoyment and longer life of set. Com–

plete set is packed in a sturdy and attractive gift box that

will amuse the children.

Big Surprise Activity Box


20 books

New for 1956. Attractive box has heavy cardboard

statuette toy penguin attached to back. Contains 20

coloring and game books, each 5);2x7Y2 in. Book of

puzzles, mazes, dot-to-dot, cutouts, pictures to color,

hidden .treasure pictures and many other activities.

Each book contains 20 pages with full-color covers.

Box of 16 crayons included. Keeps children busy and

interested with activities that are not only interesting

but educational. A Christmas gift children will enjoy

and spend many happy hours learning.

Low-priced Activity Box

New 1956 set contains 12 activity and

coloring books. Size 8xl 1 inches, contain

20 interesting pages. Books of animals,

children, toys


color; folloiv-the-dots,

paint with water, many others. Many

hours of entertainment for boys and girls.

All editorial material selected and com–

piled to help children to learn while

playing. Activity set in attractive gift box,

size 8l4xl 1l4d inch.

3 N 203-Shipping weight 3 lbs. 8 oz................... .... $



3 N 202-Shipping weight 15 oz..

. ...............


3 N 201-Shipping weight 15 oz..... .. .. . .69c

Story Books, Educational Books to read the year around


complete selection for toddlers to twelve year-olds


Interesting, Educational " Teach-Me"

Books. Designed to educate the young.

Teach Me


Cook. Ages 8 to 12. Simple

cooking instructions with a wealth of color

illustrations. Easy-to-follow recipes. In–

formation on utensils, cooking terms,

safety rules. Size 7%x9l4 in., 128 pages.

3 N 241-Stiff cover. Shpg. wt. I lb....... $1.89

Teach Me Numbers. Ages 5 to 8. Teaches

beginners how to form numbers, count,

add, subtract, divide, multiply. Presented

in game form. 8)4x9Ys in., 128 pages.

3 N 112-Stiff cover. Shpg. wt. I lb... . .. $1.89

Teach Me


Read. Ages 5 to 8. Words are

presented through rhymes, pictures and

association. 117 simple, short lessons can

develop reading vocabulary of 250 basic

words. 8)4x9Ys in., about 128 pages.

3 N 111-Stiff cover. Shpg. wt. I lb.. .... $1.,89



Teach Me Handwriting. Ages 7 to 11 .

Simple method helps teach youngsters

how to improve their handwriting.

Size 8%x9


in., about 128 pages.

3 N 1127-Stiff cover. Shpg. wt. I lb.. $1.89

Teach Me To Spell. Ages 7 to 11. Helps

master English spelling through new

method based on "1>yming words.

Makes spelling fun-a few hours may

help improve your child's ability!

8% x9Ve in., 160 pages. Illustrated.

3 N 235-Stiff cover. Wt. l lb....... $1.89


Baby's First Library. Perfect gift for

little toddler's. Contains



catching books printed on strong linen

for long wear. Titles: "Baby's First

Book," "ABC Book," "1-2-3- Picture

Booki" "Mother Goose Rhymes."

3N 101-6Y2X8 in.


Wt. JO oz.. .. $1.49


Mother Goose Rhymes. New edition

of these time-honored favorites by

Wally Piper. Carefully edited to keep

the charm and wholesomeness always

associated with these rhymes. Con–

tains 272 rhymes and jingles with

colored illustrations on every page.

Such favorites as Peter, Peter Pump–

kin Eater; Little Boy Blue; Humpty


Mistress Mary; and many

others. This Christmas acquaint your

youngsters with these classics.

3 N 1618-Shpg. wt. 2 lbs..... ..... $1.89


One-By-One Counting Book.

Simple and amusing way to teach

the very young to count to 10. Com–

bines pictures and counting beads to

present idea. Printed in full color.

3 N 225-Shpg. wt. 8 oz............ $1. 19


Kewtee Bear. A fascinating new


Christmas story by Alan Reed.

Kewtee Bear is discovered in an un–

usual way by Santa's reindeer, and

proves his usefulness by helping Santa

distribute toys to less fortunate chil–

dren. A story children will remember.

3 N 246--Shpg. wt. 8 oz............ $1.39


Talking Cloth Book. Gift



which is a toy too! "Beeper" in

animal on cover answers baby when

he squeezes it. 8 colored animal pages

printed on soft linen. Washable.

3 N 209-Shpg.


2 oz...... . . ... . $1. 19


Baby's First Books. 2 washable ·

cloth books. 16 colorfully illus–

trated pages. Non-toxic. "Listen toAn–

imals", "Little Pig Went to Market."

3 N 207-Shpg. wt. I oz............ $1.39

Christmas Stocking of Play Books .. Tales for Children Aged 7 to 11


Merry Christmas Stocking. For children ages 3 to

7. 5 Christmas coloring books and 5 story pic–

ture books. Each has 16 pages and full-color pic–

tures on cover. Also 2 bead puzzles 2-in. in dia–

meter, 1 box of 4 crayons and 1 pair 3-in. meta\

safety scissors. An attractive gift that also serves as

a Christmas decoration. Hours of coloring and

storytime leisure for the youngsters.

3 N 200--Shipping weight 8 oz.................... .79c


Nursery Tales Children Love. 8 stories selected

for their widespread appeal to youngsters.

Includes Little Black Sambo; Peter Rabbit; The

3 Little Pigs; 3 Little Kittens; Chicken Little; The

Gingerbread Boy; The Cock, The Mouse and The

Little Red Hen; Little Red Hen and the Grain of

Wheat. Colored illustrations on every page.

3 N 211-Shipping weight I lb. 12 oz..... . ........ $1.89


Stories Children Love. 9 proven favorites: Red

Riding Hood; Peter Pan; Dick Whittington;

Cinderella; Sleeping Beauty; 3 Bears; Puss in

Boots; Tom Thumb; Jack and the Beanstalk.

About 75 colorfully illustrated pages.

3N 214-Shipping weight I lb. 12 oz............ $1 .89


Folk Tales Children Love. 15 of the best folk

tales edited by Wally Piper. Shoemaker and

Elves; Rooster and the Fox; Cap That Mother

Made; Country Mouse and City Mouse; 11

others. Colored pictures on each page.

3 N 215-Shipping weight I lb. 12 oz... . ........ $1.89


Tales From Storylond. 15 stories include The

Ugly Duckling; Hansel and Gretel; The Fox

and the Goat; Pied Piper of Hamlin; many others

children like. 75 pages, colored


3 N 216-Shipping weight I lb. 12 oz.... . .. . .... '$1.89