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Fine quality paper and binding . . large, easy to read type

This Christmas give young minds the important reading habit

Rosemary Clooney Doll Box

Hours and hours of fun with dolls and clothes to

cut out, and pictures to color. Set comes in at–

tractive portfolio with full color picture of Rose–

mary Clooney on cover . pockets inside hold all

supplies-make it easy for little girls to replace

dolls, sheets, etc., when finished playing. Set con–

tains 12 sheets of dresses printed in 4 colors-sheet

size 1lxl4 in. 2 heavy cardboard statuette dolls;

one 1O'j4 in. and one 12 in. tall. Book of 96 pictures

of Rosemary to color or cut out, plus 2 extra dolls

to punch out and 4 more sheets of dresses. 1 pair

plastic safety scissors. Box of 16 crayons.

All cut-out clothes are different. You can dress

dolls in summer clothes, play clothes, formal wear,

etc. Provides many hours ofentertainment with this

famous TV, radio and movie star. All materials

in set selected to insure maximum quality. and

value. Size of portfolio when open 13x21 in.

3 N 234-Shipping weight 1 lb. 8 oz........... .... 97c

Informative and Story Books .. all illustrated


Set of 3 Animal Books. Ages 6 to 10. Includes Chil-

dren's Book of Birds, Book of Horses, Book of Dogs.

Each has 30 pages illustrated in full color; each measures

7l4xl0l4 inches with stiff cover. Clear and informative.

Book of Birds

contains descriptions of 26 different birds

including robins, swallows, orioles, bluebirds, etc.

Book of Horses

describes 23 varieties: Mustang, Bronco,

Indian Cayuse, Palomino, Percheron, Arabian and others.

Book of Dogs

includes 27 of the most popular breeds, such

as: Cocker Spaniel, Collie, Boxer, St. Bernard, Poodle.

3 N 233-Shipping weight


lb. 8 oz.. .'..

. .. 3 books for $1.69


The Story Princess Stories. Ages 4 to 8.

By Alme Dallon.

7 original stories by the familiar "Story Princess" of

TV and radio: Benjy Bear,


Wiggy and Fred, Jigsaw

(The Pony), The Dangly Wobbly Scarecrow, Becky Ann

Visits Storyland, A Pet for Grandma, and Phil and Burt.

64 pages--each illustrated in full color.

3 N 26()-Cloth cover. Size 9xl2 in. Wt.


lb. 2 oz......... $2.89

Three Well Known Story Books

For Children from ages 3 to 7


The Happy Hour Story Book. Stories are all

peaceful in nature-no frightening ideas; no

weird or eerie figures to disturb a child's sleep.

Children will ask to have them read again and

again. 160 pages. Illustrated in color.

3N 249-Size 8¥exl


in. Wt.




oz.. ... ..... $2.79


Child 's Garden of Verses. 65 fascinating verses

by famous children's author R obert Louis

Stevenson. New and complete edition. 11 full-page

color illustrations .. 65 in black- and white. In–

cludes such favorites as "The Swing," "The Land

ofNod,» many, many others.

3N 219-B5 poges. 7Y2xlO in.




lb.8 oz. .. $1.89

[] Uncle Wiggily


Story Book. A wonderful insight

into the world that children know. Describes

common events in life of every child-pulling first

tooth, first tumble, etc.-in some delightful story

involving Uncle Wiggily. 34 illustrations . . 12 in

color. About 127 pages.

3N 255-9\4x7 in. Shipping weight




oz... .. .. $1.89

Books offer a wealth of knowledge


provide enioyable reading for boys and girls .


help give children the proper start to learning

The "True Book" Series . . Factual Books for children


to 8

A factual, informative series of books especially designed to satisfy the curious

minds of young children. Information in these books is also ideal for any age.

Written by authorities. Represents many hours of research on each subject.

Written in clear, understandable language for the young. Presented in an at–

tractive and interesting manner. Your children


thoroughly enjoy finding

out the interesting C(whys" and "hows" contained in this series. Large type ..

each book 7 l4x8% in. About 48 pages.

State catalog number of each book wanted.


&pecial price for


booJis; see Catalog No. 3Nl313. Wt. each book 10 oz.

3 N 281-Airports ond Airplanes...... $1.79

3 30()-Pebbles and Shells...

. $1.79

3N 282- Circus.................. 1.79

3N 307- Policemen ond firemen ... 1.79

3N 283- Cowboys.......... ...


3N 308-Science Experiments......


3 N 284- 0inosours.... . . . • . . . • • . . . 1.79

3 N 31 0--More Science Experiments. . 1.79

3 N 286-form Animals.. .. ......... 1.79

3 N 309-Tropical fishes.....


3N 291-lndions. . . . . . . . . . . .


3N 1313-Any 6 of above. Stoto titles

3 N 295-lnsecls .

. . . . . . . . . . . . 1.79


Wt. 3 lbs. 12 oz.... $10.25



Book Series .. for boys and girls aged 7 to 12

These books give a beginning knowledge, increase awareness and arouse interest

in further reading on these subjects. Printed in large type, many colorful illus–

trations. Ideal "first" books for boys and girls with alert, inquiring minds. Con–

tain interesting and educational matter presented in a way that makes it eas'y for

children to understand. Subjects selected for their wide appeal to children of

this age group. Good quality cloth binding .. stiff covers. Ideal books for starting

or adding to your child's library.

State catalog no. of


book wanted.

Shpg. wt. each 10 oz. Size 714x8



3N 129- first Book of Bugs.

. $1.89

3N 236-first Book of Boseboll ... . .. $1.89

3N 13()-first Book of Stones..... . . .



3N 238-first Book of Presidents.. . . . 1.89

3 N 128-first Book of Mogic. . ,.... . 1.89

3N 239- first Book of Holidays.. . . .. 1.89


N 342-first Book of Bollet . . .


3 N 245- first Book of Sewing .


3 N 343-First Book of Science

3 N_.339-First Book. of Prehistoric

Experiments .


Animals..... . ..


Build your Christmas order up to $20

or more

and Use




Authentic, Factual "Landmark" Books for children ages 10 to 15



and personalities which have beco1ne turning points in history. They are fact, not

fiction . . present authentic information determi.ned by a team of historians after studying earliest

available information. This series offers adventure, thrill-packed action, interesting bits of American

history, all told in a manner which will hold the young reader spellbound. All books are wholesome

and enjoyable reading . . contain no objectionable matter t0 distress the mind of youth.

Durable cloth bindings, 4-color jackets .. illustrated. Size 5%x8l4 in. Shpg.


each 1 lb.

3 N 248-Stote


Cotolog Number ond T;tfe Number from list below.

. ....... Eoch $1.39.

.3 for $3.98

Pony Express (1)

Story of·F.B.I. (8)

Hudson Bay Company (22)

Prehistoric America (2)

Clara Barton (15)

"D" Day (23)

Custer's Last Stand (3)

West Point Story (19)

Abe Lincoln


Daniel Boone (4)

Wyatt Earp


Kit Carson and the

Wild Bill Hickok (5)

Sequoyah- Leadei> of

Wild Frontier (13)

Betsy Ross (6)

the Cherokees


King Arthur and His

Thirty Seconds over

Roger's Rangers and the

Knights (17)

Tokyo (7)

French-Indian War (25)

Royal Canadian Police