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You'll be amazed

at the brilliant

color photos you

take .. especially

when viewed with

thePan Rom Viewer


Easy to load, too.

Instructions and

diagrams printed

on bottom of cam–

era for quick ref–




For Beginners! It's EASY to take your own beautiful color slides

with this new, complete outfit .. features the TOWER "50" Camera

Hcre,s a big, low-priced miniature camera outfit

designed especially for the beginners in photography

who want to take beautiful color pictures with a

camera that is really easy to use.

The T owER"50" Camera takes thepopular35mm

color transparencies almost as easy as a box camera

takes snapshots. Average exposure settings are

marked right on the camera .. just line up the

easy-to-see marks and you're ready to shoot! No

need to have a lot of photographic knowledge.

The extra-fast f:2.8 lens insures brilliant color

or black and white pictures even in poor light.



you want to stof>: fast action, the high speed

shutter goes down to 1/ 200 sec.

Camera also features double exposure prevention,

simplified loading instructions printed on camera,

tl'sc;;~~i~ta~t~~~l 35~;e~im~ash


Complete ou tfit includes


Camera, flash

unit, batteries, big leather carry-all case, 20-exp.

roll Kodachrome film, 8 No. 5 flash bulbs, plus the


·Pan Ram Viewer for viewing your color

slides in brilliant, breath-taking 3-D effect. See


details of this amazing viewer on page 328.

3 N 08162-Complete Outfit. With items listed above.

Shpg. wt. 6 lbs.... ..

. .$49.95

3N 09879-3-pc. Outfit. Tower "50" Camero, leather

carry.all case, flash unit. Shpg. wt. 4 lbs........ $33.95



Our finest TOWER 35mm Color Outfit .. features

TOWER "51" Camera and TOWER Slide Projector

The outstanding value .. guaranteed to please the photo fan

anxiously waiting to take and show his own color slides .. you just

won't find a better buy at this low price for preci3ion photographic

equipment that ranks with the best.


"51" Camera is precision-made in Germany. Extra-fast

£:2.8 lens and fast 1/300-sec. shutter. Coupled rangefinder makes

focusing easier and more accurate. Combined rangefinder and view–

finder window. Delayed action timer lets photographer get into the

picture. Rapid film advance thumb lever. Double exposure preven–

tion. Automatic exposure counter and shutter cocking. Easy to use

because settings for average exposures are marked on the camera


help beginners. All-metal body with black leather covering and

chromed trim. Uses all standard 35mm film.



300-watt Slide Projector


ideal for showing big, life–

like projection of your new slides. Blower-cooled to protect slides.

Bullt-into its own handsome carrying case. UL approved. 110-120-v,

60-cycle, AC only.

See note below for automatic model.

Complete "taking and showing" outfit includes



Camera, leather carry·all


flash unit, batteries,



projector, one roil 35mm Kodachrome film, 8 No. 5 flash bulbs, plus

30x30-inch glass beaded projection screen.

3 N 08163-Complete Outfit: Shpg. wt. 21 lbs.. . . . . . . . . . .

. $99.50

3 N 09863-Camera, Case, and flash only. Snpg. wt. 4 lbs.. . . . .


3 N 06347-Tower 300-w. Projector and case only. Wt. 13 lbs...


NOTE: For complete details


all Tower Cameras and for Tower Projector with automotic changer see Sears General or Camera Catalogs

Kodak Pony 35mm Outfit

Popular low-priced Kodak Pony 35mm

Camera and Outfit. Easy-to-use camera fea–

turing fast f:3.5 lens. Average exposure

settings marked in red. Shutter speeds from

1 / 25 to 1/ 300 sec. plus time exposures. Big

eye-level optical view-finder. Synchronized

for Hash. Focuses to 3 ft. Simplified loading.

Handsome brown plastic body with chromed

metal front plate and lens tube. Uses all

standard 35mm color or black and white

35mm film. All items postpaid.


3 N 09886T-Outfit. Camero, evereody case,

flash with batteries. IShpg. wt. 3 lbs.I .... $49


3N 06165T-Camera only. IWt.




3 N 9746-Flosh Unit only. With batteries. Uses



bulbs. !Wt.


lb.I .


New Argus


35mm Camera

Newest, finest Argus 35mm Camera .. Argus C-44 ..

new model of the famous C-4 camera but now features

new bayonet snap-in mount for using interchangeable

lenses .. gives more picture-taking versatility, better pic–

tures using telephoto and wide angle lenses.

Camera has Argus f:2 .8 lens. "Colormatic" feature

shows correct lens settings. Coupled rangefinder. Shutter

speeds from 1/10 to 1/300 sec. M-X flash synchroniza–

tion. Uses stand•trd 35mm film.

3 N 08158T-Outfit. (.44 Camero, evereody case, flash unit

with balferies. Postpaid. IShpg. wt. 6 lbs.I.: . . ......



3 N 06 l 39T-C-44 Camero only. Postpaid. IWt. 4 lbs.I


3 N 6142-Flosh Un1t only. Batteries included. Uses No.


bulbs. Postpaid. IShpg. wt. 2 lbs.I . . . .

. . $7.50



for C-44

Camera in


General Catalog or the Big Camero Catalog

Famous Revere Slide Projectors

Revere Semi-automatic Slide Project9rs


all 2x2 slides in brilliant, extra-sharp projection.

Both mJnual and semi-automatic operation. Single

lever advances each slide in magazine tray auto–

matically. Both 300 and 500-watt models.

\Vollensak 5-in. f:3.5 anastigmat lens. Efficient

blower cooling. AH metal construction. Built into its

own handsome carrying case. UL approved. 110-

120-volt, 60-cycle, AC only. See fully automatic

model listed below. All postpaid.

3 N 06303T-300-watt model. !Wt. 14 lbs.I . . . .. .$79 .50

3 N 06326T-500-watt model. !Wt. 14 lbs.I ... ... 89.50

3 N 06302KT-Automotic model. Slides show in sequence

automatically at regular intervals. Similar to above but

many extra features. 300·w. lWt. 22 lbs.I .......



complete details of Revere




Big General or



Complete Argus 35mm Outfit .. Features Argus C-3

Camera and New Argus 35mm Slide Projector

Herc's the famous Argus C-3 Camera in a complete outfit for the

35mm camera fan. One of the best-selling c-ameras of all time, the

C-3 is known for its brilliant picture-taking ability. Top quality

Argus Cintar £:3.5 lens. Coupled rangefinder for fast focusing.

Shutter speeds 1/10 to 1/300 sec. " Colormatic" feature instantly

shows correct exposure settings for average pictures


simplify photo-

taking. Uses standard 35mm film.


New Argus 300-watt slide projector is designed for brighter, clear

projection. New 4-in. wide angle lens for bigger image. Semi-auto–

matic slide changer and magazine. Powerful blower cooling. 300-watt

lamp. Sturdy die-cast metal body .. colorful styling. UL approved.


60-cyclc, AC only.

Complete outfit includes C-3 Camera, flash unit, case, slide pro–

jector and case, roll 35mm color film, 8 No. 5 flash bulbs, plus 40x40-

inch glass-beaded cripod projection screen.

JN 08161T-Outfit. Postpaid. IShpg. wt. 31 lbs.I .............. $139.50

JN 06132T-Camero, case, and flash only. Postpaid. !Wt.




3N 06382T-Slide Projector only. Postpaid. IW!. 17 lbs.I....