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J.C. HIGGINS Official Football

A gift to please any backfield ball–

handler. Wet or dry, t11e New J.C.

HIGGINS Official Football retains its

"friction feel.,, Gives the tightest, surest

grip we know of. The new type tanning

process used in the manufacture of this

ball allows your hand to make direct

contact with the leather cover instead

of a coating on its surface.

Select top grain leather cover clings

to your hand. This means you'll throw

better, longer passes. You'll execute

more accurate laterals and precision

hand-offs. And commit fewer fumbles.

Gripability in cover does not wear off.

Ne\v reinforced lacing remains


ncnt-controls size and shape of ball

despite game after game of rugged play.

Ball is treated for exceptional water re–

pellency. Natural brown color. 1-piece

rubber bladder. Official size, weight,

shape. Needle included.

6 N 2443-Shipping weight I lb. 10 oz... $9.79

Football Set in Gift Box

Attractive Boxed Outfit includes J.C.

HIGGINS Football made of laminated

multiple layers of rubber. White cover

with black end stripes. Pebble grained

cover performs and feels like leather.

vVaterproof. Official size, shape, weight.

Plastic kicking tee and needle included.

6 N 2460-Shpg. wt. I lb. 8 oz........




Play Ball




andU tilityBall.



inches in

diameter. A

multitude of

uses. Excellent

f9r soccer, vol–

leyball, basketball, or for all-around

playground use. l\fade of molded lam–

inated rubber.


construction. Wa–

terproof. Resistsscuffs, tears, and


es. Dark red color. Order one now for a

Christmas gift that's sure to please.

6 N 1806-Shpg. wt. 2 lbs. 8 oz....







Rubber Covered Footballs


Our Lowest Priced All-rubber Foot-

ball. Official size, weight, shape.

Scuff resistant seamless rubber peb–

ble grain construction. Tan color.

Feels like leather. Needle included.

6 N 2462-Shpg. wt. I lb. 7 oz.....$2.35



HIGGINS Football made of

laminated multiple layers of

white ·rubber. Cover stays white.

Black end stripes. Pebble grained

surface feels like leather, performs

like leather. Official size, weight,

shape. Waterproof. Rubber valve.

Inflating needle included.

6N 2454-Shpg. wt. I lb. 12 oz..... $3.19


Our Best Rubber Covered Football .

Made with extra layers of rubber

impregnated cotton fabric molded

over rubber bladder. Pebble grained

rubber cover vulcanized to carcass.

Cover looks, feels, and performs like

leather. Red-brown football color

with white end stripes. Retains

official size, weight, and shape. Ball

is designed to take rough outdoor

treatment. Rubber valve. Inflating

needle included. Order one now for

Christmas !

6 N 2453-Shpg. wt. I lb. 10 oz....$4.98

Don't let Christmas shopping diiturb your

savings. Use Sears Easy Terms





or more.


Page 373 for


plete details

Tether Ball .. Fast

Moving Fun for All

An exciting game for two! All

the family will enjoy it.


Regulation size boll has

weather-resistant Neo–

prene cover. Seamless con–

struction. Tether ball adapter

is molded right into the ball

to form a lasting anchor for



rope. Handy

needle valve for inflating is

included with the ball. Com–

plete instructions for setting

up the game and rules of play

are included. Wt. 1 lb. 12 oz.



1809-Tether boll. ..... .$4.79


Telescoping Steel Tether Ball

Post. Telescopes for easy

storage and shipment. Com–

plete with ground sleeve. Set

up outdoors. When pole is

extended and assembled it

stands an official 10-ft. above

ground. Instructions included.

6 N 01862-Tether Boll Post. Shpg.

wt. 17 lbs.........

. ...$9.45

Cowhide Footballs



HIGGINS Confer.ence Model Cow–


hide Football.Top gram, pebble gramed

cowhide cover gives firm grip. Double

cotton herringbone twill lining. Linen

seams. Flat, double leather laces. Official

size, weight, shape. Needle included.

6 N 2446-Shpg. wt. I lb. 8 oz....




HIGGINS Top Grain Cowhide Foot–


ball. Cover selected from choice sec–

tions of cowhide. Gives longer wear. Su–

per tough pebble grained .surface gives

firmer grip. This means longer passes, ac–

curate laterals, and fewer fumbles. Triple

cotton t.will lining. Flat, double leather

lace. Seams lock stitched with wax linen

thread. 1-pc. rubber bladder, valve.

Official size, weight, shape. Needle in–

cluded. Order now for Christmas.

6 N 2448-Shpg.


1 lb. 10 oz...........$7.98

Helmet with Plastic Face Mask


Helmel with Protective Face Guard.


Avoids bruised noses and cheeks dur–

ing rugged scrimmages. Tenite plastic

helmet has vinyl foam and foam rubber

padding. 6-point web suspension. Soft

leather lining. Helmet available in 2

color choices.

Stale color:

red with white

stripe, or white with reel stripe. Also



medium (6%' to


large (77§ to



Adjustable face guard is trans–

parent plastic. Won't shatter.

6 N 2458-Shpg. wt. 2 lbs. 6 oz...... . ....$6.98

12-ft. Shuffleboard

Here's a Christmas gift that will give

hours of fun in the




or outside. Can be played by young and

old. Shuffleboard set has 12-foot linole"um

court. Linoleum has felt back. Stenciled

scoring area. Lies flat on any surface. R e–

sists wear. Easy to keep clean. Set comes

complete with four 50-in. wood pushers,

eight 372-in. wood disks-four red, four

green. Court is 12x2 feet. Complete in–

structions arc included. Shuflleboard will

give year around fun and pleasure. Per–

fect for parties, gatherings, entertaining

friends. Order your Shuffleboard set for

Christmas gift giving now !

6 N 02622l-5hpg. wt. 12 lbs............



Shop at Sears and Save



A Sears Exclusive! Foot–

balls aulographed and en·



Doak Walker,

high scoring professional

star, former All-American

Doak Walker Footballs


Doak Walker White Peb.Tex


Rugg ed pebble–

grained imitation leather cover.

White with black end stripes. Peb–

ble graining gives firm grip for

throwing long passes, accurate lat–

erals. Cemented cotton drill lin–

ing. Flat plastic laces. Strongly

stitched seams. Rubber valve,

bladder. Suitable for both day and

night play. May be washed to

preserve color. Official size, shape,

weight. Inflating needle included.

6 N 2452-Shipping weight

I pound 8 ounces ...... . ... ...$2.55

Doak Walker Ton Peb-Tex Football.

(Not shown.) Same quality, con–

struction as ball above, but with

dark red-brown football leather

color cover. Needle included.

6 N 2451-Shpg. wt. I lb. 8 oz... $2.55


Doak Walker Split Cowhide

Football. Select quality split

cowhide cover. Double herring–

bone cotton twill lining. Flat,

double plastic lacing. Pebble–

grainecl cover treated to provide

firm gripping surface. Dark red–

brown football color. White end

stripes. Strongly stitched seams.

Inflating needle included. Official

size, shape, weight.

6 N 2444-Shipping weight

I pound 8 ounces .. ...........$3.98

Game Room Shuffleboard

Roll-up Shuffieboard game with

stencilled 14x3 foot linoleum

court. This near-regulation size

game is perfect for game roo1ns,

your base1nent, churches, and

even outdoors. Game has glossy

linoleum court with figures sten–

cilled on each end. Linoleum has

felt backing. Lies flat on any sur–

face. Set comes complete with four

SO-inch wood pushers, eight 472-

inch wood disks-four green, four

red. Linoleum court is 14 feet Jong

and 36 inches wide. Complete in–

struclions on


out court


rules of play included.

6 N 02623l-Shpg. wt. 19 lbs.... $13.95