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This year make this an extra special Christmas .. give your youngsters













$4.50 down

24-inch Standard Bike with

Coaster Brake-Bright Colors

Here's a way to say Merry Christmas in a big way-big in fun and

value-but moderate in price. Give your youngsters this 24-inch

standard bicycle-all dressed up in bright, sparkling enameled

colors. The boys' model is red, the girls' model is 2-tone blue; both

are trimmed in white and gold-color. Shiny chrome-plated handle–

bars, wheel rims, sprocket and hubs. Bright metal fork crown. .



inch balloon tires. Synthetic rubber tubes. Handlebars are

adjustable and have gray rubber grips. Red reflector on rear for

night time safety. Kick stand. Bike is equipped with coaster brake

for sure, safe stops and effortless coasting. The coil spring saddle

1s covered with tan, water resistant vinyl plastic. Treaded rubber

pedals for slip-resistant footing. The welded and reinforced tubular

steel bicycle frame will give years of service. Chain guard protects

clothes from tangling in chain. Seat to pedal length adjusts from

23).2 to 27\1 inches. Made in West Germany to Sears rigid

' specifications. Shipped freight, express or truck.

6 N M4504-8oys' model. Shipping weight 51 pounds. ........... .. $40.45

6 N M4505-Girls' model. Shipping weight 51 pounds...... ... ..... 40.45







Our Newest Fully Equipped 24-inch Bike .•

for Boys and Girls Ages 7, 8, 9

Fully Equipped

$5Q 95

$5.50 down

24-inch Bike


Exclusive Jet-style head–

light hos extra large lens

and reflector-gives more


for safer



Streamlined tank has smart

two-tone automotive design.

Special chrome-plated trim

adds sparkling beauty

Extra large,sturdystream–

lined luggage carrier-–

plenty of room for strap–




Here is the surest way to add color and excitement to your youngsters'

Christmas-just arrange with Santa to leave one of these bright



HIGGINS 24-inch bikes all shiny in their sparkling flamboyant metallic

colors. The boys' model is bright maroon with white and gold trim and

red grips and pedals; the girls' is 2-tone blue


white and gold tdm

and has white grips and pedals. Extra features mclude the new, exclusive


C. HiccINs 2-cell headlight with jet-plane styling. The extra large lens

and reflector give more light for safer riding. Takes 2 flashlight batteries

(not incl_.). The white coif spring Troxel saddle has matching color trin1.

It's covered with embossed, water-resistant vinyl plastic. Handy kick

stand and red safety reflector are also included. The luggage carrier is

extra sturdy and extra large. Plenty of room to strap down books or

packages. The fenders are heavy gauge steel. Chrome-plated handlebars,

truss rods, sprockets and hubs. The top quality forged fork has extra

resistance to road shock. The handsome tank has a 2-tone design with

chrome-plated trim and streamlined shape. One-piece crank.

Hydrogen-brazed tubular steel frame is reinforced at all points of strain.

Bike is equipped with an air cooled


C. HIGGINS coaster brake. You get

surer stops and easier coasting. 24-inch safety tread white sidewall tires.

The wheel rims are chrome-plated. Seat to pedal length adjusts 23\1 to

27).2 in. Bikes are American made. Shipped freight, express or truck.

6 N M4586-Boys' model. Shipping weight



$5.50 down ............




M45B7-Girls' model. Shipping weight





. . . . . • . . . .




$4.00 down

20-inch Junior Bicycles for Boys and Girls


6, 7




fully equipped 20-inch junior

bicycle. Headlight with break-resistant lens

mounted on front fender. Handy luggage car–

rier. Chain guard. Smart tank with chrome–

plated trim. Tubular steel frame. Wrap–

around fender braces. Water-proof vinyl plas–

tic covered coil spring saddle. Treaded rubber

pedals. Seat to pedal length adjusts from 21

to 24 inches. Bike has training wheels for

small children. Remove after child gains con–

fidence. Bors' model is black and red, white

trim; girls' is two·tone green, \vhite trim.

Chrome-plated handlebars, truss rods, sprock–

et and hubs. Made in West Germany.

Shipped freight, express or truck.

6 N M4510-Boys'. Shipping weight 50 lbs. . . $48.50

6 N M4511-Girls'. Shipping weight 50 lbs.'." 48.50

20-inch standard bicycle with training wheels

and sparkling, enameled colors. Boys" is red,

girls' is blue; both have white and gold color

trim. Chrome-plated handlebars, sprocket,

hubs. 20x2Ys inch balloon tires. Welded tubu–

lar steel frame reinforced at points of strain.

Coaster brakes for safer stops and smooth,

effortless coastinI?. Red safetv reflector on

rear. Tan water 'resistant vinyl covered sad–

dle. Chain guard. Treaded rubber pedals.

Kick stand. Removable training wheels bal–

ance bike while child is learning to ride. Seat

to pedal length adjusts from 21 to 24 inches.

Made in West Germany to Sears rigid specifi–

cations. Shipped freight, express or truck.

6 N M4508-Boys'. Shipping weight 44 lbs... $38.95

6N M4509-Girls'. Shipping weight 44 lbs..



Our Best




Outrigger Training

Wheels. Sturdy steel arms and uprights.

6-inch wheels. Rubber tires. Bronze bearings.

Fit all 16, 20, 24, 26 Balloon tire bikes.

6 N 5233-Shipping weight 6 pounds....... . . .$3.79


Low-priced outrigger wheels. 5'.)4-in. wheels.

Fits 16, 20, 24-inch bikes.

6 N 5363- Shpg. wt. 4 lbs.


oz......... . ....... .$2.1 0