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Wear hood on either


up or down to




worn in



of pants-drawcord

waist keeps snow out



warm and sty


ish, for the Skier's Ch ristmas


lightweight Pull-Over Parka. For ski

slope smartness plus weatherproof

protection. 1003 nylon taffeta wind

resistant fabric. Zelan water repellent

treated. Drawcorded hood rolls



collar. Long parka stays down worn in

or out of pants. Large pouch pocket

with button-down flap. 2-inch side

vents at bottom of parka on each side.

Action-cut sleeves. Slidin.o; zipper at

neck. Elastic sleeve cuffs fit snugly at

mitt tops.

State Jize

small (36-38),

med. (40-42),large (44-46). Dry clean.

6N 8511- Black. Shpg.


1 lb..... $10.95

6N 8512-Navyblue.




lb. 10.95


Worsted Gabardine Ski Panis. 403

wool, 603 rayon. Water repellent

Cravanette finish. Full cut knee. Elas–

tic arch bands stitched to bottoms.

Pleated front. Elastic Snugtex waist

band. Tunnel belt loops. Two front

pockets, 2 in back. Zipper fly, snap

.fastener at top. Treated to resist shrink–

ing. Navy blue.

State waist J"i<.<:

30, 32,

34, 36.

State length

regular (31-inch)

or long ((33-inch). T>ry clean only.

6N 8531-Snpg. wt. 2 lbs......... $12.75



HIGGINS Sleeping Bogs .. Gifts for the Comping family

Our Best







C. HIGGINS "Alosko Spe.

ciol." Our finest sleeping bag

filled with 5 lbs. of all new

duck down (not mixtures).

Full overlap tube construc–

tion. 38x84-inch finished

size. 4Sx51-inch head flap.

Lined with downproof tick–

ing. Water repellent 8-oz.

Army duck outer cover. You


Feather-light. Zipper Front Jacket

conceals hood in down position.

1003 nylon, tightly woven and warm.

Zelan treated for water repellency.

No shoulder binding, ever. Full length

zipper front. Inside drawstring at

waist. Wear in or out of pants, with

hood up or down. Two zippered pock–

ets. Adjustable cuffs. Dry clean only.



36, 38, 40, 42, 44. Wt. 1 lb.

6N 8516-Groy. .

. .. $12.75

6N 8515-Navy blue.. .. ........ 1,2.75

Youth's Ski Jacket (not shown). Zelan

treated combed cotton. Similar style

to above.

State size

10, 12, 14, 16, 18.

6 N 8504-Navy blue. Shpg. wt.





100% Wool Gabardine Ski Penis.

Water repellent, wind resistant

fabric. Action cut knee. Elastic arch

anchor bands. Elastic waist band. Zip–

per fly and pockets, double snap fas–

tener. Tunnel belt loops. Treated to

resist shrinkage. Dry clean only.


waist Jize

30, 32, 34, 36.

State length:

regular (31 -inch), long (33-inch).

6N 8541-Black. Snpg. wt. 2 lbs...



6N.8542-Navy blue. Snpg. wt. 2 lbs. 15.95


Worsted Gabardine Boys' Ski Pants. 403 new

wool, 603 rayon wind resistant fabric. Simi–

.Jar in style to D at left. Navy blue color. Dry

clean only.

State waiJt size

25, 26, 27, 28.

6N 8544-Shipping weight 2 lbs.. ........... . .. $9.95

Boys' All Wool Melton Ski Pants (not shown).

Similar in style to boys' pants listed above. Pants

in waist sizes 23, 24, 25, 26 have knee patches;

sizes 27, 28 without.

State waist si<:e.

6N 8545-Snipping weight 2 lbs............... .



Junior Ski Mitts. Made of water repellent cotton

poplin. Scarlet color.

Please state size:


(3 to 4), medium (5 to 6), large (7 to 8).

6 N 8580-Shipping weight


oz.......... . ..... $2.39


Water repellent 100% Nylon Ski Mitts. Elastic

bands at wrist and gauntlet. Goatskin faced

palm and thumb, trim back.




(8-8l/i), medium


large (10-lOl/i).

6N 8578-Scarlet.

Snipping weight 6 oz..... .$2.79

6 N 8579-Navy blue. Snipping weight 6 oz.. . . . . 2.79

100% Wool Knit Liner for Ski Mitts (not shown).

Tight fitting knit cuff. One size fits all hands.

33 N 6252-Shpg. wt. pr. 2 oz. Pair 69c; 3 for $2.00


Cotton Poplin Ski Capwithquilted rayon lining.

Outside tie flap style. Water repellent treated

State Ji:::e


7, 7)18, 7\4, 7%. Navy blue.

6N 8564-Shipping weight


oz.............. .. $1.98

can zip 2 bags together to


make one double bag. Dou-

ble full length air mattress

pockets. Detachable pyra–

mid insulated head hood.

13x17-inch kapok-filled pil–

low. Olive drab. Canopy

frame, stakes not incl.








6 N 07434L-Wt. 15 lbs.


Down filled J. C. HIGGINS

Sleeping Bag.3 lbs. of all new

genuine duck down (no

mixtures). 36x80-inch fin–

ished size. Water repellent

heavy duty (8 oz. per sq.

yd.) Army duck outer cover.

Lined with down-proof ray–

on taffeta ticking. 100-inch

separating type zipper lets

you zip two bags together to

form one double bag. 39x43-

inch head flap. Detachable

pyramid head hood filled

with Dacron. Double full

length air mattress pockets.

Canopy frame, stakes not

included. Olive drab color.

6 N 07433L- Wt. 12 lbs.



$3.50 down

Our BestJ.C. HIGGINS Doc.

ron• Filled Sleeping Bog.

Extra large 42x84-inch

size. Filled with 4 lbs. of

1003 Virgin Dacron. Wa–

ter repellent heavy


Army duck outer cover.

Olive drab. Detachable

pyramid head hood. Full

108-inch separating type

zipperletsyou makedouble

bagoutoftwosingles. Pad–

ded interior weather flap.

45x40-inch)>ead flap. Bag

has red and black plaid

woven flannelette lining.

Double full length air mat–

tress pockets. Canopy

frame, stakes not incl.

6N 07431 L-Wt. 12 lbs. $33..50


$3.00 down

Dacron*filledJ. C. HIGGINS

Sleeping Bag with 3 pounds

of 1003 Virgin Dacron, the

miracle fiber that's highly ef–

ficient as an insulating mate–

rial. 36x80-inch finished size.

Water repellent Army duck

outer cover. Red and black

plaid flannelette lining. Tie

tapes for fastening a liner.

100-inch separating type

zipper with double pull tabs

lets you open two bags face–

to-face and zip them togeth–

er to form double bag. Dou–

ble air mattress pockets. 36x

40-inch head flap. Frame,

stakes not incl. Olive drab.

Shpg. wt. 11 lbs.

6 N 07430...... . ......



$2.50 down

J. C. HIGGINS Sleeping Bag

filled with 2l/i lbs. of1003

pure Virgin Dacron•. 34x

78-inch finished size. Out–

er cover is rugged cotton

poplin. Water repellent.

Iridescent rayon twill lin–

ing with satin like finish.

100-inch separating type

zipper for attaching two

single bags together to

form large double bag.

Padded interior weather

flap. Double full length air

mattress pockets. Tie tapes

for fastening a liner. 36x

40-inch head flap. Frame,

stakes not incl. Olive drab.

6 N 07.429- Wt. 9 lbs. $21.9.5

•Rec. TM, DuPont polyester fiber