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a game the whole family can

4- Racket Set

Our Lowest Priced 4-racket

Bad minion Set. Rackets

have laminated wood

frames. Water-repellent

nylon strings. Rubber

handle grip. Made inja–

pan. 20x2-ft. tape bound

net. Two outdoor feath–

ered shuttlecocks. Ropes,

poles, stakes, rule book

incl. Shpg. wt. 6 lbs.

6 N

01331. ... .... ..


6 N 01322-2-rocket set, simi–

lar lo above, except has 18x

1-ft. net. Ropes, poles, stokes.

Shpg. wt.


lbs...... .


6N 1320-Junior 2-racket

set. laminated ash rockets.


taped cotton

mesh net. 2 plastic shuttle–

cocks. Rules. Wt. 2 lbs.



Fine Quality Ash Racket Set

J.C. HIGGINS 4.Racket Badminton Set.

5-ply laminated ash racket frames re–

tain shape, liveliness season after sea–

son. Reinforced shoulders and throat.

Hand strung with waterproof, resilient

DuPont Nylon. Spiral wound imita–

tion leather handle grips. 20x2-foot

tapebound net. Chemically treated to

prevent shrinkage. Three Timpe out–

door feathered shuttlecocks; long play–

ing stitchless sponge rubber base. Set

includes all the ropes, poles and stakes.

Instructions and rule book.

6 N

01334-Shpg. wt. 7 lbs........ $18.45

2-Racket Set (not shown). Rackets

same quality as above. Two Timpe

shuttlecocks, 20x2-foot tape bound

net. Ropes, poles, stakes included. -

6 N

01333-Shpg. wt.


lbs.. . ..... $11.45

NEW I Bing Crosby Return-A-Putt Set for

practice putting. Plastic "green" with

regulation size cup hooks on to a


foot tray that rolls ball back to you

each time you putt. Five 15-inch

pieces make up the tray. "Green" is

12 inches wide. Teaches correct dis–

tance too.


you putt too hard or too

easy, ball will not sink, but will return.

Johnny Bulla Profes.

sianal model golf

balls. Fluid cushion

center. Electronical–

ly wo'und. Perfectly

balanced. Attractive

gift box.

State quantity.

6 N

905-Box of


Shpg. wt.


lb.. . $4.98

2 boxes. (121 .... · 9.50

6 N

937-Shipping weight 2 tbs.. .... $4.59

Give the Golfer a Metal Folding Cart


NEWI J. C. HIGGINS Golf Cart with Finger-touch


Folding action. Guaranteed for one year to be free

from defects


workmanship and materials. Extra

large 12-inch wheels roll smoothly, have. ball bear–

ings, rubber tires. Folds to a compact 14 mch width,

opens and closes in just


seconds. Positively locks

in position. Handle adjusts to that feel of perfect

balance. Bag brackets are adjustable in height and

width to hold all golf bags. Shpg. wt. 18 lbs.

6 N 0930L-Rubber handle grip. Shiny ploting.... . ...




Automatic Opening Golf Cart. Made of strong steel

tubing. Shiny metal finish. 10-inch wheels,

molded rubber tires. Folds easily and compactly.

Wheels and bag brackets unattached, are easily


6 N 0928-Shipping weight 13 lbs... . ............... $9 .50


Automatic Folding Golf Cart. Just lower the han-

dle to fold it up. Rolls easily when folded. All

steel construction with zinc-plated finish. Adjustable

bag brackets fit all bags. 10-inch rubber-tired wheels.

6 N 0932-Shipping weight 17 lbs................. $13.95

Aluminum 4-Racket Badminton Set

Top quality Badminton Set. Rackets are

made of durable, lightweight aluminum ..

resist breaking. Strings are of high test

twisted nylon. Moisture resistant with high

tensile strength. Holes are countersunk in

frame to prevent strings from rubbing and

to keep them taut and true. Firmly bound

at neck and shoulders. Decorative white

plastic sheath on shaft. Two rackets trim–

med in red, 2 trimmed in blue. Non-slip

tubular rubber grip. Whip action for snappy,

accurate hits. 20x2-ft. net is tarred to make

it weather resistant. You can leave it up all

summer. Two T impe shuttlecocks. Three–

piece galvanized metal badminton posts

... Set includes all the necessary ropes,

poles and stakes for setting up ... Handy

rule book included .. . explains singles and

doubles play.

6 N

01343-Shipping weight 7 lbs........ $19





Center Golf Balls .

Tough cover, thin

side-wall and liquid

center. Twelve balls

packed in travel kit.

Wt. of doz.1 lb.12 oz.

State quantity.

6 N



3 bolls. Wt. 8 oz.. 1.49

Gia-balls. A high qual–

ity liquid center golf

ball specially treated

so it can be found


State quantity.

6 N

903-Box of 12.

Shpg. wt.




oz. $6.45 -




Shpg. wt. 12 oz. . . . 3.29

3 bolls. Wt. 6 oz. . . 1.69

Timely Christmas Value





Buy this set for

lt.e family's gift



Special 4-Racket Badminton Set

Compare! Excellent value, with features

seldom found at this low price. Four lami–

nated rackets have easy-to-handle leather

grips. Bound at shoulders and throat with

attractive plastic bindings. Strings are made

of durable, moisture-resistant nylon. Holes

are countersunk in racket frame to hold

strings taut and true, yet keep them from

taking unnecessary wear. Tliree-piece galva–

nized metal pole has ferrules in the eyelets.

Two plastic shuttlecocks. 20x2-ft. tape bound

net is treated for water repellency, will last

you for many seasons. All ropes, poles and

stakes needed for setting up the net and court

are included. Handy rule book explains singles

and doubles play. Rackets made in Pakistan.

Give hours of fresh-air fun for Christmas.

Order your badminton set today.

6 N

01336-Shipping weight 7 lbs.... . .... $11.50

A Complete Starter Set, Clubs

and Bag, for Golf Beginners

Seven clubs and a smart looking bag

make up this value-priced outfit, an

excellent Ch1·istmas gift for an eager beginner.

Balanced clubs have stepped shafts ofchrome–

plated steel. Composition grip. Two woods, a

driver and No. 3 (Spoon), have persimmon

heads with a fiber insert in face. Heads have

scored hitting surface (U .S.G.A. approved).

Deep mahogany finish. Metal sole plate.

Five irons, Nos. 2, 5, 7, 9 and Putter, have

chrome-plated heads, sand blasted and scored

faces (U.S.G.A. approved) .

Bag is made of drill cloth, rubber backed

for extra protection. Steel wire frame supports

bag, helps it to hold shape. Molded rubber

bottom. Stitched shoulder straps. Zippered

pocket for balls and tees. Red and black plaid

with tan plastic trim.

6 N 0852L-Shipping weight 13 lbs... .. .. .. .



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