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A Gift with Room for a Whole


of Backyard Campers


Our Best Selling Play Tent. Large size umbrella tent is 7x7 feet square at

base, S feet high at peak. Wire frame around eaves-2),2 ft. square-adds

rigid support. Frame ties to eave corners. Tent is made of high count cotton

tent sheeting. Light green color. Looks just like a real camping tent.

Wide awning extension ties down over door. Tent is sewed with strong

thread and bar-tacked at all points of strain. Stakes to ground through beckets

to steel wire stakes. Includes all necessary stakes, ropes,


wooden awning exten–

sion poles, jointed wood center pole. Here's a play tent with plenty of room for

all. Order one for your youngster for Christmas.

6N 07758-Shipping weight 9 pounds. Tent is mailable.. ...... ... .....

. .. $7.98


Indian-head Play Tent. Triangular

shaped. Bright yellow cotton tent

fabric. Red Indian head painted on 2

sides. Set up indoors witb rubber

suction cups that attach beckets to

smooth floors. Set up outdoors with

steel wire stakes. Tent is 5 ft. 4 in. on

sides; 3


9 in. high. Awning ties

down. Awning extension poles, center

pole, suction cups, stakes, ropes in–

cluded. Shipping weight 4 pounds.


N 07749-Moilable..............



Indian-picture Play Tent. Can be

set up indoors with rubber sucdon

cups that attach beckets to Aoor; out–

doors with wooden stakes. Big, bright

4-color Indian pictures on natural

color cotton fabric. 5-sided shape.

Tent is 3 ft. 9 in. high; 4 ft. 8 in. across

in diameter inside tent. Wood center

pole, 5 rubber suction cups, 5 wooden

poles included. Mailable. Order now

for Christmas.

6 N 07773-Shpg. wt. 4 lbs........ . $2.98

Davy Crockett Umbrella Tent •. Roomy, Lightweight,



Huge Play Tent with the popular Davy Crockett figure painted on both sides.

7x7 feet square at base, 5 ft. high in center. Desert tan color. Wire frame around

eaves--2),2 feet square-gives rigid support. Frame ties to corners for added

strength. Made of high count cotton tent sheeting. Wide awning extension can be

tied down over door. Tent is staked to ground through beckets to steel wire stakes.


looks just like a real camping tent and has enough room for all the young

"frontiersmen" in the neighborhood. Order one for your youngster's Christmas.

He'll be the envy of the "coonskin cap" crowd as he brings the wild frontier right

into your backyard.Guy ropes, center pole, 2 wood awning poles, steel wire stakes incl.


N 07753-Shipping weight 9 pounds. Mailable............... ..... ..... . .... . ... $8.98


Davy Crockett Tepee Tent. Our

largest tepee-style tent. 5 ft. 2 in. sq.

at base. 4 ft. 9 in. high at peak. Cotton

tent sheeting is bright yellow with red,

black and green Davy Crockett figure

painted on two sides. vVide awning ex–

tension can be lowered and tied down.

Awning extension poles, jointed wood

center pole, ropes, stakes included.

Tent is lightweight, easy to handle.

Children can set it up. Mailable.


N 07754-Shpg. wt.


lbs........... $6.25


Lone Ranger Tepee-style Tent. Has

colorful red, black, and green figure

of the Lone Ranger painted on 3 sides.

Made of tan color cotton tent material.

4)1 ft. square at base and 4 ft. 9 in. high

at center peak. Awning extension can

be tied down over door. Wood center

pole extends to peak. Awning poles, cen–

ter pole, stakes, ropes incl. Mailable.


N 07755-Shipping weight




NOTE: Play tents are nat water

repellent treated

Aim to be a "200" Bowler

New! Exciting bowling game. Ten large 12-

m. Rock Maple pins. Bright red collar

stripes on white enamel finish. Two 4-in.

Rock Maple balls. Wood grained felt base

linoleum spotter mat is 24x24 in. You set

pins on spots marked on top. Backstop has

Masonite presdwood sides. Steel rod back

support helps contain pins. Pad of score

sheets and instructions included.

6N 02567K- Shpg.


23 lbs....... . .Set $12.50

JOKARl- A fascinating Game for All

Jokari- the rage of the French Riviera. Ac–

tion-packed fun that requires no special

court, no nets or markers. Very little space

is required. Can be played in the basement,

yard, almost anywhere. Players use paddles

and a ball which is secured to the Jokari

control box on a long rubber cable. Each

Jokari set comes complete with center control

box (which also serves as carrying box},

sponge rubber ball, 2 plywood paddles and

I0 feet of rubber cable.

For Underwater Swimmers




3-piece Swimming

Set. Swim faster, see better,

breathe beneath the water's sur–

face. Soft rubber mask has 5-in.

triangular-shaped plastic window.

Adjustable strap. Snorkel tube has

rubber mouthpiece, ball float valve

that closes underwater. Molded

rubber swim flippers have adjust–

able strap.

State size

medium (foot

sizes 3),2 to 7), or large


to 12).

Adolph Kiefer Swim Set

Adolph Kiefer 3-piece Swimming

Set. Blue rubber mask has vacuum

lip edge. Won't pinch skin. Non–

shatter amber plastic lens. Snorkel

tube has rubber mouthpiece, ball

float valve. Molded rubber flippers

have adjustable strap.

Stale siw

medium (foot sizes 4-8), or large

(8-13). Here's a perfect gift for

the swimmer who enjoys studying

marine life. Shpg. wt. 3 lbs.

360 •.



6 N 2521- Shpg. wt. 4 lbs.. .. . . ........... $3.98

6 N 2573- Shpg.


3 lbs..... . . $3.29


N 2587- State flipper size..... $7.50