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Low-priced 4-speed, Automatic Portable Phanos

• Plays 16, 33, 45 and 78-rpm records

• Simulated leather-covered cases are lightweight

•Engineered to produce clear tone and ample volume


Our lowest-priced Meteor Automatic Portable Phono. Big 5-in.

speaker. Crystal cartridge has long life, all grqove needle.

Manual record size selector. Volume and tone controls. 1 tube

plus rectifier. UL listed. Operates on 110-120-volt, 60-cycle AC_.

Brown simulated leather-covered wood case. 16xt7x8



Order 45-rpm spindle below. Shipping weight 23 lbs. ·

57 N 07240L-$5.0,0

dow.n, $5 monthly .

... . ..............





Spindle. For above phonograph and changers

beginning with chassis number 567. Order now!

57 N 5774-Shipping weight 2 pounds.......... '. . ...... . ....... $2.59


Better quality Silvertone 4-speed, Automatic Portable Phono.

Equipped with ceramic cartridge for better tone . .. long life,

all groove needle. Rubber-padded turntable absorbs noise.

45-rpm spindle included. Variable tone control. TWO husky

5-inch speakers diffuse sound evenly around room. Tone bal–

anced amplifier with 2 tubes plus rectifier. Manual record size

selector. UL listed. Operates on 110-120-volt, 60-cycle AC. Coral

and gray simulated leather-covered wood case ... a striking,

modern design instrument that you'll be proud to show at home

or away. Case is 16x18x9!-2 inches. Order now for Christmas.

Shipping weight 25 pounds.

57 N 07242L-$5

down, $5 monthly .. ,

.... . ..............



Silvertone Hi-Fi

4-speed, Automatic

Record Ctlanger




down, $5 month

Use with any radio or TV set with phonograph input jack at–

tachment. (Excellent performance with Silvertone Hi-Fi TV

Consoles.) Shuts off after last record. Intermix records of same

speed. Has hi-Ii ceramic cartridge with dual-point sapphire*

needle. Slip-on 45-rpm spindle included. UL listed. 110-120-volt,

60-cycle AC. Mounted on black steel base. 7Y,.x14x13 inches.

57 N 07259-Shipping weight 10 pounds.



$5 month .


Cash $37.95


Our best 4-speed Hi-Fi Portable Phono. Just

like being at a "live" performance! 4-speed

Silvertone Syntronic high fidelity record chang–

er. Intermix different size records ofsame speed.

Plays 16, 33, 45 and 78-rpm records. Shuts off

after last record. Patented dynamically bal–

anced tone arm. Rubber padded turntable.

Hi-Ii ceramic cartridge with dual-point sap–

phire• needle. Hi-fi dynasonic amplifier with

balanced and tone weighted frequency re–

sponse. Features new printed circuit for better

performance. Heavy feedback fights distortion.

New type variable tone control. UL listed.

110-120-volt, 60-cycle AC. Dual hi-Ii speaker

system has one 6-in. unit and one SY,.-in. unit

that are blended to give natural music balance.

Speakers selected for maximum frequency re–

sponse and effic;iency. 45-rpm slip-on spindle •

included. Highly styled portable cabjnet.

Turquoise and off-white simulated leather–

covered wood case. 16xl 9),2-x8),2 inches high.

Shipping weight 25 lbs.

57 N 07244L-$5

down, $5 monthly......

Cash $68.95


Same as model described at the left except in

luggage-styled case. Brown simulated leath–

er covering with white saddle stitching. Leather

carrying handle and brass-plated luggage-type


57N07245l-Shpg. wt, 25 lbs.

$5 dn.,



Cash $73.95

[][] Our best furniture- styled wood veneer

Table Model Hi-Fi Phonographs. Have all

the quality features of Silvertone Portable Hi–

Fi Phono at left, but in mahogany or limed oak

veneer cabinets.

Special cabinet construction eliminates un–

controlled resonances ... larger cabinet gives

better tonal •balance. Two hi-fi speakers:


heavy-duty 8-in. unit,


oru: 5\4-in. unit.


on 45-rpm spindle inclqded. Cabinet is

18Yzxl 7x10% in. high. Shpg. wt. 32 lbs.


57 N 07246L-Mahogany veneer-$5



$5 month

on Special Easy Terms...... Cash



57 N 07247l-limed oak veneer.

$5 down,


$5 monthly

on Special Easy Terms .... Cash



All sapphire needles are synthetic

Our Best Hi-Fi Console Phonograph

. _

separate cabinets for maximum fidelity




Four-speed record changer plays up to


hours of music an one loading

Give family years of fun and entertainment with this beautiful high fidelity console phono–

graph. One of the finest hi-fi instruments that we know of! Dynasonic full fidelity amplifier

... 10-watt power output at less than 13 distortion-20-watt peak output. 3-position record

compensator switch plus two external inputs for tape recorder or radio tuner.

4-speed record changer. Intermix 7, 10 and 12-inch records of the same speed. Shuts off

automatically after the last record. Dynamically balanced pickup arm. Ribbed rubber turn–

table mat. Ultra response hi-fi ceramic cartridge with dual-point diamond-sapphire* needle.

45-rpm slip-on spindle included. Separate cabinets give maximum performance without com–

promise. Cabinets can be separated up to 50 feet, or you can set them together, side by side

or build them right into the walls. Amplifier-changer cabinet is 28xl 7x12 inches. Speaker

cabinet has 3 big speakers. One big 12-inch unit for lows and two 5-inch units for highs.

Speaker cabinet is 29x18x23),2 in. UL listed. Operates on 110-120-volt, 60-cycle AC. High

fidelity component kit available below. Freight, express or truck. Shpg. wt: 105 lbs.



N M7250--Mohogony veneer.

SS down,



on Special Terms .............. . Cash $189.95

(H) 57 N M7251-limed Oak veneer.



$9.50 monthly

on Special Terms............. Cash 199.95

Our Best Hi-Fi Do-It-Yourself Kit. Complete kit . .. tested and wired, less cabinets. Same out–

standing high fidelity speakers, amplifier and record changer as in the set above. Installation

instructions included. Shipped express from factory near Chicago. Shipping weight 50 lbs.

57 N M7099F-$5




on Special Eosy Terms .................... . ........ Cash $120.00


dn., $9 mo.