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Console Combination: AM-FM Radio, Phono, and Tape Recorder

THE SILVERTON!:: MEDALIST ... the one gift for the family that will never be

forgotten. A long, low, beautifully constructed, lavishly qesigned hi-fi console.

20-watt high fidelity sound system.-Equipped with five speakers: two 12-in.

"woofers" (bass) and two 5-in. "tweeters" (treble), plus tape recorder monitor

speaker. Separate bass and treble tone controls for best tone balance. Visual

graphic tone indicators. High fidelity amplifier for clear tone and extra volume.

Bass notes boom but never linger and distort ... high notes soar but never lose

fidelity. 15 tubes plus


plus tape recorder tubes. UL listed. 110-120-volt,

60-cycle AC. Connections on back of set so that external speakers may be

added if desired.

4-speed autainatic phonograph. Intermix records of same speed. Shuts off auto–

matically after last record. Hi-fi ceramic cartridge with dual-point needle:

one tip sapphire the other DIAMOND. Slip-on 45-rpm spindle included. Record

compensator switch provides properly balanced reproduction by compensating

for recording characteristics used by various record manufacturers.

Super-powered AM-FM radio. Tuned RF stage acts as a built-in booster for

weak signals. Tuning meter for AM-FM. Automatic frequency controls on FM

keeps set tuned to the right frequency. Off-on light in base.

Dual-speed tape recorder .. Records and plays back at 3% or 7Y2-in. per sec–

ond speed. Fully automatic braking system. Has· edit-delete button. Separate

erase and replay heads. Aural monitor lets you hear the quality of the re–

cording while it is being made. Includes mike, tape and take-up reel.

Automatic clock-timer has "memory" switch that will turn the instruments on

and off automatically at any time you set; make recordings while you are away.

Luxurious Cabinet. Modern, functional ,lowboy design. Rich, satin finish ma–

hogany or oak veneer. Spectacular cabinet is 36Y2x52x18 inches in size.

57 N M7065--Mohogony. Shpg. wt. 185 lbs. $JO down,


J.00 month ........ Cash $660.00

57 N M7066-limed Ook. Shpg. wt. 200 lbs. $JO

down, $32.50

month .. ...... Cash 685.00

Preserve Christmas Merriment and Other Important

Ple·asure or Business Events with a Silvertone Tape Recorder

Our lowest-priced



Recorder. Records. at 3% in. per

second long-play speed. Ideal general

purpose instrument. Dual-purpose

erase-record and playback head. Full

AC amplifier and erase circuits. Neon

volume indicator. Record through

mike, replay through 5-in. built-in

speaker. Weighs 20 lbs. Variable tone

control. UL listed. 110-120-volt, 60-

cycle AC. Portable gray simulated

leather-covered wood case is 8'.)4 x

10'.)4xl1 in. With mike, 5-in. reel

tape, take-up reel. Shpg. wt. 22 lbs.

57 N 07070K-$5 dn.,

$5 mo..




$98.95 ....

Better Dual-speed Recorder. Records at

3'!4 in. and


in. per second.


5-in. speakers.


input jack for

recording from mike, radio or phono–



output jack for external

speakers or hi-fi amplifiers. Reel

braking system. Full AC amplifier

with 4-watt peak output. Volume,

tone control. Provision for fOot con·

trol. Weighs 21 lbs. UC listed. 110-

120-volt, 60-cycle AC. Gray simu–

lated leather-covered wood case.

14Y2x12x8 in. Ceramic mike, 5-in.

reel tape, take-up reel. Shpg.


24 lbs.

57 N 07072L-$5 dn.,

$5 mo ...

Cosh $98.95

Recording Tape. Professional quality. Excellent frequency characteristics.

57 N 261-7-inch 1200-ft. reel. Shipping weight 12 oz..

. Each $2.89;


in coso $13.95

57 N 260--5-inch 600-Jt. reel. Shipping weight 8 oz......... Each 1.89;


in case






$57.95 ....


dn., $5 mo.



Automatic Portable Radio-Phono Combination


Make eyes light qp on Christmas morning with this portable radio-phono.

Radto tunes standard AM broadcasts. Powerful built-in Raqionet antenna pulls

in distant stations. 45-rpm automatic changer takes 15 regular or extended play

reco_rds on one load. Ceramic cartridge_ with long-life needle. Two 4-in. speakers.

Variable tone contra.I. 4 tubes plus rectifier. UL listed. 110-120-volt, 60-cycle AC.

Coral and white sunulated leather-covered wood case. 7 l4x11xl3



Mailable. Shipping weight 17 pounds.

57 N 07038-$5

down $5 monthly

on Sears Special Easy Terms............ ... ... Cash


Our lowest-priced Automatic Portable Radio-Phono with 4..speed changer




for someone spedal. Radio


standard A¥ broadcasts. Powerful

Rad10net antenna system is built right m ... you can receive more stations clearly.

4-speed automatic record changer plays 16, 33


45 and 78-rpm records. Crystal



long-life needle. 4-inch speaker. 4 tubes plus rectifier. UL listed.

Operates on 110-120-volt, 60-cycle AC. Brown simulated leather-covered wood

case. Easy to carry ... actual weight only 22 lbs. 8Y2x14%x18 in. Shipping

weight 24 pounds.

57 N 07040K-S5

down, $5 monthly

on Seors Special Eosy Terms ................ Cash


Our best 4-speed Portable Radio-Phono Combination




Add excitement to Christmas and pleasure for years by giving this Silvertone

portable, automatic radio-phonograph. Features two 4-inch speakers for better



Continuously variable tone control. Ceramic cartridge with

dual-polilt sapphire needle. Powerful radio tunes standard AM broadcasts. Highly

sensitive Radionet antenna system . .. built in to give g-reater station selection and

power. Automatic 4-speed record changer. Plays 16, 33


45 and 78-rpm records.

Shuts off automatically after the last record. Lets you intermix 7, 10 and 12-inch

records of the same speed. Has 4 tubes plus rectifier. UL listed. Operates on 110-

120-volt, 60-cycle AC. Handsome turquoise and gray simulated leather-covered

wood case. 8%x15Y2x19Y2-in. size. Shipping weight 26 pounds.

57 N 07041

K-$5 down, $5 monthly

on Seors Special Easy Terms................ Cash $77.95

mahogany veneer

Our Best Dual-speed Tape Recorders .. with many professional. features·


Portab1e Model. Records at 3% or 7Y2-in. per second. Dual hi-fi speakers ... two

6-in. speakers in specially slotted cabinet. Fully automatic braking system.

Edit-delete button. Separate erase head. Separate record-replay head with l4 mil gap.

Professional V.U. recording level meter. Aural monitor lets you hear quality and

content while recording. Low distortion AC transformer powered hi-fi amplifier

with 4-watt maximum output, Dual input and output jacks. UL lis.ted. 110-120-

volt, 60-cycle AC. Portable. wood case is covered with brown simulated leather.

15 l4x17x8!-2 in. With dynamic mike, 7-in. reel tape, take-up reel.

57N 07074K-Shpg. wt. 36 lbs.

$5 down, $7 monthly

on Special Terms........... Cash $154.95


Furniture-styled Wood Veneer Table Model Tope Recorder. As above, except with

3 speakers: one 4-inch and two-6-inch units. 20Y2x14x9Y2 in. Wt.



57 N 07080K-Mohogony veneer.

$5 down, $9 monthly

on Spe;:iol Terms ... '..... Cash $180.00

57N 07081K-limed Ook veneer.

$5 down,



on Special Terms.

. .Cash 185.00

57 N 7089-Foot control. Use with all recorders but 57 N 07070K. Shpg. wt. 3 lbs.. . . . .



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