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Jiere's What the New Silvertone

Printed Circuit Means To You

Mo d e rn De si gn Si lvertonelO..b&


G ive a wo rl d of e ntertainment this Christmas

1. lower Prices introduced in our Big Foll Book.

Production methods hove been simplified. Savings

passed on to you


this year our best "extra"

radio sells at $19.95 (brown). last year the com.

parable model sold al $22.95.

2. Improved Performance. Because production

is more uniform, better quality is consta ntly a s.


3. lower Shipping Charges. We have been

able to ma ke a more compact, lighter weight

chassis to save you more money.

! .-. ,.....-.-• •.•• ,-·-..-·-










.. , '<

>' ..•





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·-·.-.··.-...... -;-












lowest-priced "Extra" Radio we've seen

Perfect companion for dens, cottages, bed–

rooms, etc. Clearly marked one-finger dial

is easy to read. Tunes standard AM. 4-in.

PM dynamic speaker. 3 tubes plus recti–

fier. Built-on an tenna. UL listed. 110-120-

volt, 25-60-cycle AC or DC. Compact chas–

sis with printed wire circuit (see above) .

Brown plastic cabinet is 9Y:;x5.Ysx4%:-in.


Rccommmdtd for local reception on!JI.

Our Better "Extra " Radio ... choice of two colors

A gift that is sure to please. Equipped with one more tube

than the set at left to give more powerful reception.

4 tubes plus rectifier. Powerful built-in Radionet antenna

pulls in distant stations clearly and easily ... Direct

tuning dial is easy to see and use. Tunes standard AM

broadcasts. Big 4-inch speaker provides full, rich tone

and ample volume. Featuring the new printed wire cir–

cuit as described at left above. UL listed. Operates on

110-120-volt, 25-60-cycle AC or DC.

Our Best "Extra" Radio ... choice of 3 colors

The ideal Christmas gift for the discriminating person

on your list.

Sensitive ratio tuning with clearly marked dial. Tunes

standard AM broadcasts. Built-in Radionet antenna

system pulls in distant stations easily. Large, mellow

voiced 5-in. spea,ker produces a rich, full tone with

volume to spare. Powerful chassis . . . featuring the new

printed wire circuit shown at left above. 4 tubes plus

rectifier. UL listed. Operates on 110-120,volt, 25-60-

cycle AC or DC. New, exciting, modern design plastic

cabinet is 137.'i:x6Y:ix5Y2 in. Shpg. wt. 6 lbs.

Compact, smart styling. Plastic cabinet comes in two

gleaming colors that blend well with any furnishings.

Cabinet is 10%;x5Ysx57.'1: inches.

57 N 7006-Brown ........................ .. ........$19.95

57 N 7003-Brown. Shipping weight 4 lbs.... . ...........$13 .50


N 7007-lvory.



$5 month ..


Cash 21.95

57 N 7008- Harmony House Aquamarine.

$2.50 dn., $5

mo. Cash 21.95

57 N 7001 -Shipping weight 4 lbs.. .. . . . . .. $10.95

57 N 7004-lvory. Shipping weight 4 lbs. ................ . 15.50

long-distance AM Table Radio with twin 4-in. spea kers

Every ciay will be a holiday when you give this handsome Silvertone table radio.

The twin 4-inch speakers give you a new sound and full.

Sensitive tuner: precision slide rule dial tunes standard AM broadcasts. Dial is

lighted to make tuning easier. Powerful built-in Radionet antenna system ... pulls

distant stations right into your home for more listening pleasure.

Twin 4-in. speakers with continuously variable tone control. Automatic bass

compensation maintains tonal balance at all volume levels. Phonograph input jack

located in rear of set ... lets you add a record changer to take advantage of the

twin speakers. Powerful chassis gives good reception. Equipped with 4 tubes plus

rectifier. UL listed. Operates on 110-120-volt, 25-60-cycle AC or DC. Features

the printed circuit described at top left to bring you more value for your money.

Handsome, modern design cabinet of gleaming plastic ... cleans easily and blends

with all furnishings. Choice of 3 colors. 14x6%xSY2 in. Shpg. wt. 7 lbs.

57 N 7010-Brown.



$5 monthly

on Special Terms. . .. . ............. . .. Cash $25.95

57 N 7011-lvory.



$5 monthly

on Speciol Terms ........ . . . ............. Cash 27.95

57 N 7012--Harmony House Malibu coral.

$3 down, $5 monthly ... .. ...... . .......

. Cash 27.95

4 02





Do your Christmas shopping early

and use Sears Special Easy Terms

Our Best long-distance AM Table Radio with dual hi-fl speakers

Give thrilling high fidelity sound and long-distance radio reception this year.

Long-distance tuner with tuned RF stage that acts as a built-in booster for

weak signals. 3-gang tuning helps filter out bothersome interference. Micro–

accurate slide rule dial is lighted to make tuning easier. Tunes standard AM

broadcasts. Highly sensitive built-in Radionet antenna system for long-distance

reception even in remote areas. Continuously variable tone control with visi–

ble tone indicator ... exact tonal balance from the dual hi-fi speakers. Dual

hi-fi speakers diffuse sound evenly around room. Both are 5-inch size. Pho–

nograph input jack in rear to let you take advantage of the hi-fi speakers



record changer.

Super powered chassis featuring the printed wire circuit. 5 tubes plus recti–

fier. UL listed. 110-120-volt, 25-60-cycle AC or DC. Modern, highly styled

plastic cabinet. Attractive,


grillwork adds a distinctive finishing

touch. Brass-plated metal trim enhances the beauty of the cabinet. Rich,

lustrous finish in brown or ivory. Cabinet is 1SY:ix8,Ysx6 inches high. Order

now for a Merrier Christmas. Shipping weight 11 lbs.'

57 N 7013-Brown.

$3.50 down, $5 monthly

on Speciol Easy Terms. . ...... .. .. Cosh


57 N 7014-lvory.




$5 monthly

on Special Easy Terms....... . ..... Cosh 35.95