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1956 Fall General














The gift that thousands of women want most this year!

i'he "CAPRI".. Sears low price cut $6.00 more!


We checked prices in 14 cities. Nowhere could we find a


anywhere near

our $38.88 price for the "Capri." It's

Roto-Broil's biggest and best chrome-plated rotisserie with

extra-fast, water-sealed infrared rod element, pushbutton

function control, 2-hour timer, signal light and timer-con–

trolled outlet for other appliances. Timer shuts power off,

rings bell when done. 'Wide-range, dial-controlled thermostat

automatically holds heat you dial for perfect cooking always!

• King-size! Holds an 18-lb. turkey or 20-lb. roast. Broils,

barbecues, roasts or warms food inside big


in. cooking chamber. 5 broiling positions. Grills and fries

on big 19x9)4-in. grill-top tray with deep gravy well

• Adjustable combination skewer-grill spit revolves slowly

• Slide-0-Matic spatter shield of heat-resistant glass. Body

triple chrome-plated with black plastic handles. Measures


inches high. Mailable. Shpg. wt. 27 lbs.

34 N 06925l-1500 watts. With cord, 256-page Cook Book .... $38.88

Low-priced "Custom" with timer



11.07 on King-Size "Riviera"


Priced low, yet packed with quality features!


Our sensational .Midfall Sale price repeated!

Holds 8-lb. fowl or 12-lb. roast. Big 14Y8x

Save a whopping 24% from our Spring Big

8%xl0)1-in. cooking chamber. 4 broiling posi-

Book price (cut to S37.88 in our Midspring Book).

tions. Two 8x6%-in. grill-top trays for frying two


Same fast infrared rod element, same com-

foods at sai;pe time without flavors intermingling.

bination skewer-grill spit, same · heavy-duty

• Pushbutton choice of 3 heats (1400-1000-385

rotisserie motor, same extra-wide range auto-

watts). Built-in 4-hour timer shuts it off, rings

matic heat control, same Slide-0-Matic glass

bell when done. Timer also controls extra ap-

spatter shield, same big capacity as "Capri"

pliance outlet for timing other appliances

• Holds 18-lb. turkey or 20-lb. roast. Barbecues,

• Signal light shows when rotisserie is on

broils, roasts or warms food inside big 15\4 x

• Adjustable combination skewer and grill spit

1Ox!0-in. cooking chamber. Grills and fries on

revolves slowly to baste meat in its own juices.

its huge grill-top tray. 5 broiling positions

Uses 1400 watts. Heavy-duty rotisserie motor

• Automatically holds dialed heat. Built-in 4-

• Slide-0-Matic glass spatter shield. Body triple

hour timer shuts power off, rings bell when done

chrome-plated; black plastic handles. 22x11 %x

• Triple chrome-plated; black plastic handles.

12\4 in. high. Mailable. Shpg. wt. 25 lbs.

21x11x13% in. high. Mailable. Shpg. wt. 24lbs.

34 N 06928l-With cord, 256-page Cook Book.. $29.88

34 N 0692•l-With cord, 256-page Cook Book . . $33.88

Rotisseries (A), (B) and (C) are UL approved for 110-120-volt, 50-60-cycle AC

Rota-Broil "Sun Valley" Stainless Steel Rotisserie


Americ11's newest, smartest, biggest, most advanced Rotisserie. Former–

ly nationally advertised at $139.95-yours at Sears for only $94.88.

• All stainless steel, inside and out, for longer service, easier cle!'ning.

Won't rust, peel or discolor. Fully insulated with Fiberglas

• Giant 21x13x15-in. cooking chamber--biggest portable rotisserie made!

Has 2 large spits with 3 spit positions.


center position, single spit holds

up to a 25-lb. turkey. Or, use 2 spits at same time to broil 4 small chickens

(2 on each spit). Can also be used as giant-capacity regular



wire grill rack and drip tray. Two shelf positions

• Famous Roto-Broil water-sealed " Roto-Ray" tubular heating element–

one of the highest intensity infrared heating units ever made. Easy to clean

• Automatically holds dialed heat for perfect cooking every time. Auto–

matic thermostat-type dial heat control has extra-wide, infinitely variable

choice of heats. A twist of the.dial gives exactly the amount of heat called

for in recipe.Just 2 controls to set: motor switch and heat dial! Powerful,

fan-cooled motor. UL approved. Any 110-120-volt AC. 1600 watts

• Double-door spatter shield of heat-resistant glass lets you watch cooking.

Hinged to swing out of way when open. Cool hardwood base and door

handles. Plastic carrying handles. Measures 26x18xl 8 inches high over–

all. Shipped by freight, express or truck only.

34 N M6923-With cord, 256-poge Rota-Broil Cook Book. Shpg. wt. 52 lbs... ... $94.88


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