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$3.00 down



enameled model







Availabl e in new popular kitchen co lors to match y our r oom decor

Our Best Kenmore 12-spee d Mixer-4 lovely color combinations


One of the newest, brightest ideas in mixer styling ever-kitchen-

matching colors! And only Kenmore gives you full 150 watts power,

choice of 12 speeds, a host of work-saving features, PLUS choice of4 kitchen–

matching color combinations. Here's an appliance that helps prepare

better food faster and easier. "PLUS POWER" speeds the easy jobs, han–

dles the tough ones in stride ... takes the hard work out of all the really

tiring food preparation jobs! Mixes light, fluffy cakes in 6 minutes. Mashes

potatoes creamy smooth in just 2 minutes. Mixes light-as-a-feather batters,

whips frostings, creams butter, etc. And with the attachments below (not

included), this Mixer grinds and chops meats, nuts, etc.; chops, shreds and

grates cheese and vegetables; extracts juices from oranges, lemons, etc.

• 12 speeds from extra-slow for folding in dry ingredients to super-fast for

whipping frostings. Governor-controlled for full power at every speed

• Slide-out speed guide shows correct mixing speed to use for every mixing

job. Thumb-control speed dial gives handy, one-hand speed change

• Two big chrome-plated beaters draw ALL the batter through blades while

bowl revolves at constant, controlled speed. Instant beater ejection •

• Mixing head lifts off for use at stove or sink in any pot, pan .or bowl

• Two white glass bowls (1 and 3-quart), each with pouring spout and han–

dle. Small bowl is ideal for beating eggs, making frostings, dips anil spreads

• Bowl control lever adjusts turntable for use with any size of mixing bowl

• Compactly fashioned in lightweight, die-cast metal. Enameled finish.

Plastic trim. UL approved. Any 110-120-volt AC.

State color


gray and white, yellow and white, pink and white, or green and white

34 N 0827(}-13V2 in. high. With cord, bowls, recipes. Shpg. wt. 18 lbs... . ... .. $33.95

These Acces'sories make your Kenmore 12-speed Mixer more useful!

Meat Chopper with

separate power take-oft'. Extra–

powerful-grinds meat easily .. .

won't stall like low-power built-in

take-offs on many other mixers.

Two blades: coarse and fine. For

use with above Mixer only.

34 N 08269- Shpg. wt. 6 lbs... •$10.95




Grater-Shredder Attochment. Chops,

shreds, grates cheese and vegetables.

Must be used with power take-off on

Grinder-Chopper, 34N08269 at left.

34 N 8278-Shpg. wt. 2 lbs. 8 oz.... .


Slip-an Glass Juice Extractor with

metal strainer and spout.

34 N 8273--Shpg. wt. 2 lbs. 2 oz.. ... $2.89

Far Easy Terms, see page 373

Kenmore 2-speed Blender-choice of


pastel colors or chrome-plated


Big 256-page Mixer-Blender Cook Book, included FREE with each



hundreds of uses for this versatile kitchen helper! Blender refreshens frozen fruit

juices. Makes healthful vitamih drinks from fresh fruits and vegetables. Turns leftovers

into appetizing soups and croquettes. Purees baby foods-saves money! Makes creamy

rich, thick malts and milk shakes. Blends sauces and dressings. Mixes batters. Ices cold

drinks. Even crushes ice cubes ... no need to buy special ice crushers!

• It's the most powerful Blender we've tested! Has not one, but two speeds PLUS

"Turbo-Mix" action. Spiral center-mixer creates a powerful whirlpool that sucks

food into 4 stainless steel cutting blades for fast, thorough blending!



jar of heat-resistant glass is marked for 1, 2 and 3 cups. Has wide

mouth, pouring lip and easy-to-hold handle. Use it as a pitcher for serving. Two–

piece "Add-a-Bit" cover lets you add ingredients while blending without splashing

•Powerful 250-watt motor. UL approved for any 110-120-volt AC or DC. Cord, Cook

Book and recipes included. Lovely compact styling, only 12 in. high. Shpg. wt. 10 lbs.

34 N 8262- With base enameled in choice of 4 pastel colors.

State color

white with gray trim, pink

with block trim, yellow with gray trim, or green with gray trim...........................


34 N 8266- All chrome-plated base; black plastic handles and cover; gold-color trim.. . . . . . . 31.95

Kenmore 3-speed Hand Mixer- 4 lovely e nameled finishes or chrome-plated!


Perfect companion to your big Mixer! Our finest Hand Mixer ever-weighs just

3 lbs., yet it packs a full 85 watts power (not just the usual 65 watts found on most

portable mixers!) Handles most regular mixing jobs with ease! Now in choice of 4 en–

ameled pastel color combinations or gleaming chrome-plated! Use it at tal:>le, stove or

sink-in any pot, pan or bowl. Makes fluffy mashed potatoes in minutes; beats cake and

cookie batters; creams soups, gravies and sauces; whips cream; makes frostings.

• Two full-size chrome-plated beaters- none bigger on any portable mixer!

• Instant beater ejection--remove beaters without getting your fingers messy

• Mixer stands on its heel for draining beaters into any pan or bowl-no table drip!

• Thumb-control, one-hand speed dial gives choice of 3 kitchen-tested speeds

•Sturdy, lightweight, die-cast metal body-(not breakable plastic). Built to last!

•Metal wall bracket (included) holds Mixer always at hand! Screw wall bracket to wall

or attach it with •pedal adhesive supplied. Mixer has comfortable plastic handle

•UL approved. Any 110-120-voltAC. With cord and recipes.

34 N 828(}-State


white with medium gray trim, pastel pink with black trim, pastel yellow with

medium gray trim, or pastel green with medium ·gray trim. Shpg,


4 lbs. .

.•. . ..... .. .. . ...


34 N 8288- All chrome-plated with black plastic handle. Shpg. wt. 4 lbs... . ........• , . . . . . 16.95