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Here' s a gift she'll use 365 days out of every year!

New full-size Kenmore with Radiant Control


It's like magic-the way this Toaster seems to

think for itself! Toasts 1 or 2 slices of any bread–

moist or dry, fresh or even frozen-to same


ness at same setting-and does it



• New radiant control automatically adjusts for dif–

ferent kinds of bread. Even cold toast can be re–

heated without appreciable darkening. Slide-lever

for selecting toast color, "lighter" to "darker"

• Toast pops up, current shuts off automatically

• Hinged crumb tray cleans easily, can't get lost

• One-piece seamless chrome-plated body- no crev–

ices to catch dust. Black plastic trim. 10)4x5Jlix7Jli

in. high. UL approved. 110-120-volt AC

34 N 630()-1050 wotts. With cord. Shpg. wt. 6 lbs... $16.50





Popular Kenmore Space Saver Cut !


One of our most compact Automatic

Toasters ever ! Takes less space on table,

easier to store. Toasts 1 or 2 slices at a time to

exact brownness you dial, "light" to "dark"

or in between. Slice after slice exactly alike.

• Completely silent thermostatic control

• Toast pops up extra-high for easy, safe

removal. Current shuts off automatically

• De luxe-quality chrome-plated 1-piece

seamless steel body-no dust-catching crev–

ices. Brown plastic trim. 8')<1.x5x6!/.i in. high.

Hinged crumb tray can't get lost

• UL approved. 110-120-volt AC. 900 watts

34N 6342- With cord. Shpg. wt. 4 lbs. 6 oz. $13.95

Kenmore Automatic Cooker-Fryers

Cook food, keep it warm and serve it-all

from one appliance! Deep fry chicken,

shrimp, potatoes or croquettes. Cook soups,

stews, pot roasts, casseroles. Roast, braise,

warm food. Automatically hold heat you dial

for perfect results every time. Use same oil

over and over when deep frying . .. there's no

flavor transfer. Durable stamped aluminum

fry baskets. Polished aluminum; black plastic

trim. UL approved. Any 110-120-volt AC.


Big 5-qt. Kenmore. Holds dialed heat,

"simmer" to 425°. Cook-and-fry guide

shows heat and time to use. Signal light shows

when dialed heat is reached. Heavy aluminum

well marked for 3 to 5 pints oil for deep


Measures 12%x9!/ix8!/i in. high over-all.

With cord, cover, basket, recipes.

34 N 6934-1400 watts. Shpg. wt. 9 lbs. . •.•. $16.9


[] Family.size 4-qt. Kenmore. Holds dialed

heat, 160° to 400°. Signal liglit shows

when dialed heat is reached. R ecipe Book

shows correct heat and time to use. Heavy

aluminum well holds 3 pints of oil for deep

frying. 12!4x10%x9)4 in. high over-all.

With cord, fry b,,,;ket, cover and recipes.

34 N 6935-1250 wotts. Shpg. wt. 6 lbs.


oz. $13.95

Price Cut $2.00 on lowest-priced Kenmore!


Imagine--a thermostat-controlled, completely

silent Automatic Toaster for the price of a clock–

type Automatic! Toasts 2 slices at a time to any

shade of brownness, that you dial, "light" to



Toast pops up and current shuts off automatically.

• One of the most compact Automatic Toasters we've

ever offered-it's only 8%x4Ysx6!/.i in. high. Takes

less space on the table and is far easier to store

• Chrome-plated steel body with dark brown plastic

trim. Snap-out crumb tray is easy to clean. Any

110-1 20-volt AC. Uses 850 watts

34 N 631 C>-With cord. Shpg. wt. 4 lbs. 8 oz...



See many of these Kenmore Appliances ot your nearesl

Sig Book

Price Was



Sears Catalog Sol.,


See page 380



Deep-fries most foods in 2 to 7 minutes .. . seals in

flavors and vitatnins. Automatically holds dialed

heat, 150° to 400°. Signal light shows when heat is

right. Cast aluminum well holds 4 pints of oil for

deep frying. Positive-lock drain spout drains oil in

just 1


minutes, won't leak or open accidentally. Or

leave oil in well




over and over. Chrome–

plated body; brown plastic trim. 7%xl 3).'2x8!4 in.

high. UL approved. Any 110-120-volt AC. 1320 watts.

34 N 6937- With cord, cover, recipes. Wt. 10 lbs.. ...$9 .66