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Automatically hold dialed heat for perfect results always

Our best Kenmore Automatic Grill-Waffler makes a perfect gift!


Our finest ever-unsurpassed by any other Grill-Waffler, regardless



Automatically holds dialed heat, 150° to 450°, for perfect cooking every time.

• Bakes a giant 9x9-inch, 4-section


... crisp, tempting, browned to taste

• Toasts 4 sandwiches, thick or thin, on both sides at the same time

• Fries bacon, ham, eggs or pancakes for up to 4 people at a time. No waiting!

•Grills steaks and cbops, or makes up to 18 hamburgers at a time. Feeds a crowd!

Automatic heat control lets you dial the waffle color you prefer, from light to

<lark. Signal light shows when to pour batter and exactly when waffle is done.

Two separate sets of cast aluminum grids. Non-stick waffle grids never need greas–

ing, even when new! Separate cooker grids open flat to 190 sq. in. Drain spouts carry

off grease. Expansion hinges for extra-thick foods. Smart, chrome-plated body; dark

brown plastic trim. 13x13x5 jn. high. 110-120-volt, 50


60-cycle AC only.

34N 6668-Ul approved. 1320 watts. With cord, 4-color Recipe Book. Shpg. wt. 13 lbs. $19.95




$3.50 down,


$5.00 a month


$33.95 ....

Automatic Round Waffler


Bakes 7!4-inch diameter waf-

fle, browned to your exact

taste ! Automatic heat control lets

you dial waffle brownness you pre–

fer, light to dark. Signal light shows

when to pour batter and when the

waffle is done. Cast aluminum waf–

fle grids never need regreasing.


grooved to catch batter over–

flow. Chrome-plated body; black

plastic handles and trim. 1Oxl2x4

in. high. 660 watts. UL approved.

Any 110-120-volt AC. With cord.

34 N 6460-Shpg. wt.


lbs.... $9.95

Economy Automatic Grill-Waffler


Bakes big 9\1x5-in. 4-section waffle.

Fries bacon, eggs; grills small steaks;

toasts 2 sandwiches, both sides. Two sets

of interchangeable grids. Cast aluminum

waffle grids never need regreasing. Sepa–

rate stamped cooker grids open flat to

102-sq. in. grill area. Automatic heat con–

trol lets you dial waffle brownness desired.

Signal light shows when to pour batter

and when waffle's done. Chrome-plated

body with batter overflow groove; black

plastic trim. 9x1 Sx4 in. high. 660 watts.

UL approved. Any 110-120-volt AC.

34 N 6618-With cord. Shpg. wt. 10 lbs. $14.95

Save $13 on Best Kenmore 23-qt. Automatic Roaster-Oven

15% to 27% Bigger, Cooks 30% Faster than any other brand!


FIRST and ONLY Roaster with built-in electric clock-timer plus

separate 1-to-60-minute alarm-timer! Clock-timer automatically turns

Roaster on and off. Alarm-timer rings bell to time other kitchen tasks. Huge

23-qt. capacity. Cooks an entire meal for 8- meat, vegetables and dessert–

all at same time with the speed of an electric range! Bakes pies, cakes and

cookies. Stews meats. Roasts a 20 to 30-lb. turkey. Broils steaks and chops,

grills eggs, using Broiler-Griddle attachment sold separately below.


Automatically holds heat you dial, "simmer" to 500°. Has signal light

• Glass-wool insulated all around--sides, bottom and double-walled cover!


Smartwhitecnameledbody; die-castaluminumcontrol panel. Mediumgray

and chrome-plated trim. Black plastic handles. 22Y.,x19Y2x12 Ys in. high

•Uses 1380 watts. UL approved. Any 110-120-volt, 60-cycle AC only

34 N 0641 Ol-With removable




gloss baking set,

aluminum cover, cord


Recipe Book. Shpg.


58 lbs. Mailable.... Reduced to



Lower-priced 23-qt. Roaster. Similar to (D), but without electric clock-

timer, alarm-timer or de luxe-type styling. White enameled body; medi–

umgray plastic trim, handles. 1380watts. ULapproved. Any 110-120-vnltAC.

34 N 0641


x15V>X12Va inches high. Shipping weight 48 lbs. Mailable.....$33.95


Plug-in Electric Timer for (E). Turns Roaster on and off automatically.

34N 6448-Ul approved. 110-120-volt, 60-cycle AC only. Shpg. wt. 2 lbs.... $6.95

Snap-in Broiler-Griddle for


or (E). Attaches across Roaster rack. 7x12Y., in.

34 N 6443-Not shown. UL approved. Any


AC. Shpg. wt.


lbs.. . .. $6.95

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