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W a rmest g ift s o f al l! A utoma tically hole;! the heat y o u dial


Our finest dual-thermostat Kenmore with built-in electric timer that

permits presetting heater to turn on at any time up to 12 hours

ahead! Delivers both radiant and fan-forced heat, a full 5410 BTU's

... perfect for hard-to-heat areas. Operates on same principle as a

forced-all- furnace. Automatically holds heat you dial.

• Push-button heat control. Choice of 3 heat levels: 1000, 1320 or

1650 watts, to give just the degree of heat wanted at all times

• Tip-toe thermostat control. Raise or lower room temperature just

by sliding bottom control with your foot

• Extra-safe, protective grilles front and back. Safety switch turns

heater off


upset. Signal light shows when heater is on

•-"Harmony House .Smoke gray enameled; black plastic and brass–

plated trim. 16Y.ix10Y.zx16 in. high. 110-120-volt, 60:cycle AC

34 N 07229L-UL approved. With cord. Shpg.


15 lbs...... .... ... $33.95


Kenmore Radiant-gloss Panel 1000-wott

Automatic delivers a full 3410 BTU's.

Diffuses heat evenly . . makes you feel

warmer because it gives off penetrating

infrared heat like that of the sun's rays

• Automatically holds heat you dial! Sig–

nal light shows when heater is on

• Powerful heating element permanently

fused to shatter-resistant glass panel

• Styled by one of America's leading de–

signers! Polished aluminum; gold-color

trim. Ball-tip feet. 26x8x20!4 in. high.

UL approved. Any 110-120-volt AC

34 N 07212l-With cord. Wt. 18 lbs.... $27.95






Our best-selling Kenmore-the most beautiful,

most feature-packed Automatic Heater we

know of at this price! Automatically holds dialed

heat over extra-wide range; gives off 5410 BTU's.

• Choice of gentle 1320 or extra-fast 1650-watt

heat. Signal light shows when heater is on

• Safeguard safety switch shuts current off if

heater is accidentally upset. Fan and 2 range–

type rod elements fully grilled for safety

• Sandtone and light beige enameled steel body;

dark brown plastic and chrome-plated trim.



Yiox15Y.i in. high. UL approved for

use on 110-120-volt, 60-cycle AC

34N 07226l-With cord. Shpg. wt. 14 lbs...... . $24.95


Kenmore 3-lb. Automatic Dry Iron


Our best Automatic Dry Iron! Signal

light shows when heat is right.

• Giant fabric-indexed heat d ial, cle_arly

marked for all fabrics. Automatically holds

dialed heat. Improved thermostat gives

added protection a,gainst scorching synthetics

• Powerful 1100-watt element. UL approved


any 110-120-volt AC

•Big 30-sq. in. aluminum alloy sole has bevel–

ed edges, tapered toe, handy button nooks

• Triple chrome-plated body. Slim, hand–

fitting black plastic handle has dual thumb

rests plus cool plastic heat hood. Extra–

stable, all-plastic non-scorch heel rest

34 N 6275-With 7-ft. cord. Wt. 3 lbs. 7 oz.... $8.49

Kenmore 1'14 -lb. Automatic Travel Iron


This lightweight Dry Iron keeps clothes neat-

ly pressed while away 'from home. Folds flat

for packing. Zippered plaid fabric case included.

Automatically holds dialed heat. Big 26-sq. in.

aluminum alloy sole with button nooks. Chrome–

plated body. Black plastic handle; dual thumb

rests. 550 watts. UL approved. 110-120-volt AC.

34N 6264-With cord."Shpg.


2 lbs. 11 oz..





Battery-powered Vacuum Brush. Stationary

brush loosens dust and lint. Motor-driven fan

sucks them into detachable cloth dust bag. Plas–

tic body. "On-off" switch. Uses 2 standard flash–

light batteries (not included). Made in Japan.

34N 8303-Without batteries. Shpg. wt. 12 oz.... $2.98

34 N 4650-8otteries. Shpg.'.wt. for 2, 8 oz..... 2 for 27c

Best Kenmore Automatic Steam and Dry Iron


One of America's best Automatic Steam Irons! Presses many

garments without sprinkling or press cloth ... protects deli–

cate fabrics against scorch. Steams in pnly 2 minutes ... up to

an hour per filling of water. Giant fabric-indexed dial adjusts

steam and heat right for any fabric. Automatically holds dialed

heat. Instant change from steam to dry. Flick ... it's a Steam

Iron! Flick ... it's a lightweight 4-lb. Automatic Dry Iron!

•Big 30-sq. in. aluminum alloy sole has beveled edges, button

nooks and steam channels to distribute steam evenly over sole

• Powerful 1100-watt element. UL app. Any 110-120-volt AC

•Triple chrome-plated body. Cool black plastic handle has dual

thumb rests, plastic heat hood, plus all-plastic heel rest


N 6276-With 7-loot cord. Shpg. wt.


lbs. 5 oz............. $12.50


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