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Adjustable Desk lamp


Bross Lamp for TV, desk,

TV lamps .. give•glare-free indirect light

piano. Raise or lower light.

Adjustable double arm shaft;

weight keeps shade horizon–

tal. 12-in. white rayon shan–

tung on paper shade. 19 in.

tall extended.

21 N 2004-Shpg. wt. 6 lbs. $8.89


Modern Desk Lamp Swivel

shade adjusts. Brass-plated

metal. White enamel inside

13-in. shade. 4-in. metal clip–

on light diffuser. 3-way socket

for30-70-100 watts. 19 in. high.

21N02194l- Shpg. wt. 10 lbs. $13.95


TV Planter. Brass-plated

filigree base, removable

ceramic planter. Planter 5 in.

deep. Over-all 10 in. wide,



in. high. Plants not incl.

State color

black or HH dark

Mint green.

21 N 2020--Shpg. wt. 3 lbs. $4.49


Soil Soot TV Planter. De-

signed with sweepinggrace.

Removable sail boat of med.

green and brown pottery.

Brass-plated filigree base. Abt.

7)12x10)12 in. high. No plants.

21 N 2157-Shpg. wt. 3 lbs. $2.98

[) Rooster TV Planter. He'll

call you to your favorite

program .. let you watch in

soft light. Vari-colored glazed

pottery. Artificial greens in–

cluded. About8!/ix10 in. high.

21 N 215B-Shpg. wt. 4 lbs. $4.49


New I TV Planter. Shiny

glazed pottery in a rain–

bow of brilliant colors skill–

fully blended together. Brass–

plated metal mounting. About

11 in. high, 11 in. wide. Plants

not included.

21 N 2325--Shpg. wt.


lbs. $4.98

Light up her eyes with a Bedroom lamp .. light her room the year around


Milk gloss globes; gold-


New I Bedroom Lamp.



Bedroom . Lamp.

color stars. Clear glass

Matte finish pottery base;

Enameled metal base, in-

chimneys. Brass-plated metal

leaf design. White hand-laced

sert. Brass-color stem. 12-in.

parts. Vanity 10)12 in. high,

fiber glass shade, 11-in. diam.

removable shade skirt of

pin-up 10 in. high. Shipping

About 19 in. high.

State base

flocked nylon net over ace-

wts. 4 lbs., 2 lbs., 6 lbs.


black, HH Spice beige,

tate taffeta. About 17 in. high.

21 N 2795-Vonities.... Pair$ 8.89

HH med. Sage green.

State color

pink or white.

21N2342-Pin-uplomp.. .Each 4.29

21 N 2794-Wt.5


. $4.98

21N2605-Wt.5 lbs... Each$


21 NT2796-3-piece set .... 11.


21 N T2794-Wt. 11 lbs. Pair


Just picture this sparkling glassware raised in

a toast to the New Year. Or imagine a tumbler

filled with lemonade next summer. Low priced

for monogrammed glassware. Heavy sham bot–

toms. Shpg. wts.: 2 lbs. 10 oz.; 4 lbs. 14 oz.;

4 lbs. 7 oz.; 6 lbs. 2 oz. Not available in



U, X, Y.

Print initial.

Ill 21 N 293-4-oz.cocktoil.. ...... .

IVI 21 N 290--S!/2-oz. tumblers...... .

IWI 21 N 292-7-oz. old fashioned.. . .

IXI 21 N 291-12-oz. tumblers..... .

. .8 for $3.50

. ...


for 3.50

.... 8 for 3.50

. .8 for 3.50

21 NT2605-Wt. 10 lbs. Pair 15.50







Gleaming Brass-plated Metal Bullet lamps

Bright brass-plated finish


spark your room with color,

yet blend with every color scheme. Floor and desk lamps have

flexible gooseneck arms. Pin-up lamps adjust on swivel.

Double bullet lamps have 3-way switch; single bullets 1-way.

Desk lamps are 21


inches high extended; have 4)1ix6!/i-inch

bullets. Floor lamps are 64 inches high extended; have 4)1ix6!/i–

inch bullets. Pin-up lamps have 5-inch bases; 7x5-inch bullets.

Desk and pin-up lamps are mailable.

Floor lamps shipped freight, express or truck.

IKI 21 N 7763-Single Bullet Desk lamp. Shipping wt. 6 lbs . ... .

$ 5.95

ILI 21 N 7764-Double Bullet Desk lamp. Shipping wt. 8 lbs.


IMI 21 N M7041-Single Bullet Floor lamp. Shipping wt. 12 lbs. .. .. 9.59

INI 21 N M7043-Double Bullet Floor lamp. Shipping wt. 14 lbs.....

IP I 21 N B226-Single Bullet Pin-up lamp. Shipping wt. 2 lbs..

IRI 21 N 20B2-0ouble Bullet Pin-up lamp. Shipping wt. 4 lbs..... ,


Lamps ore for 110-120-volt, 50-60-

cycle AC-DC, unless stated. Cords incl. No bulbs

unless stated. UL Approved. Lamps hove 1-woy

sockets unless noted.


means Harmony House

Pretty Provincial Style lamps





Footed Bose. Hand washable cotton over ny-

lon net shade. Med. Salem maple finish wood

base; brass-plated trim. 9)12-in. clear glass chim–


Stale shade color

black with pink, or brown

with white print. Shipping wt. 5 lbs.

21 N 2196-About 18 in. high, 12-in. shade . .... . .$12.45


Pitcher and Bowl Lamp. Whi_te crackle glazed

pottery. Removable white cotton shade, cot–

ton ribbon trim.

State HH trim color

Cherry red

or med. Mint !(reen. Shipping weight 6 lbs.

21 N 2694-About 16 in. high, 12-in. shade...... $8.95


Coffee Grinder Planter. Hand-decorated

black enameled wood base. Removable

cotton print over. cotton buckram shade. Alu–

minum planter.

State shade background color


green or red. Shipping weight 5 pounds.

21N2177-About16 in. high, 11-in. shade. ...... $8.79